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Last updated on July 31st, 2018

Exposure is Everything! How To Increase Blog Traffic

Running a blog can be a creative outlet, a means of venting your opinions or talking about your passions, and it can also be a lucrative career.

A blog with that gets a steady stream of traffic earns more money, such as making higher advertising revenue, more affiliate sales, and getting higher-paying sponsorships.

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Whether you are blogging as a hobby or blogging as a business, you want to ensure that you get plenty of traffic running through your site.

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More Traffic = More $

But how do you increase your traffic? How do you get people to your blog in the first place? In a sea of millions of blogs, how do you ensure that yours is discoverable?

Here are a few simple ways to get more traffic to your blog.



SEO is short for search engine optimization. Search engines are a crucial tool in getting people to your blog to browse your posts.

Think about it: When you’re looking for something in particular online, or want a question answered, where do you go?

A search engine, of course!

Once you’ve put your search terms in, which site on the list do you generally go for? There are usually thousands of results, but generally speaking, you’ll go for something at the very top of the list. Very few people will go further than the first page of results.

So, you want your blog to be right up there. Search engine optimization is a process that ensures that you use the right keywords in your posts and titles in order to get as close to the top of results pages – where your target audience is looking!

And never underestimate the power of Pinterest. Pinterest is a big-time traffic-generator. Make sure your pins are rich in SEO keywords.


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Bluehost start a blog


PPC Marketing


PPC stands for pay-per-click. Essentially, it is an effective way to drive relevant traffic to your website or, in this case, your blog.

You pay set sum for each person who clicks on an advert or link that sends the individual to your website. If this sounds good to you, collaborate with a PPC agency who can directly target people who fall into your target audience, sending them along to your page where they are likely to keep returning time and time again having read a post or two.

Opt for an agency who use a bespoke management strategy, as this will prove a whole lot more beneficial for you. Your blog is going to be completely unique, so you need to work with someone who recognizes and understands this and can use your quirks to your benefit.




Social Media

Millions of people around the world use social media every single day. So use this to your advantage!

Set up a social media page for your blog. You can use your feed to alert people to new posts, communicate with readers to get feedback and suggestions of things to post about, and generally raise exposure!

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter tend to be the most popular options, so start setting up pages today.


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The Social Media Content Scheduling Apps I Use

Best social media content scheduler better than buffer cheaper than meet edgar smarterqueue Tools And Resouces - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote | www.herpaperroute.comI use SmarterQueue for Facebook and Twitter, and it is THE BEST tool for putting your social media marketing on auto-pilot. Known as the app that is “better than Buffer and better and cheaper than MeetEdgar,” SmarterQueue allows you to set up posts for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram that can be scheduled and then re-posted on autopilot. So you don’t have to re-create posts for your evergreen content, which was something that annoyed me with Buffer. If you want to grow your network and business following its essential that you be posting content to social media consistently, and this app makes this possible.

> Try SmarterQueue free on a DOUBLE trial here

> Check out my guide on how to use SmarterQueue here


planoly instagram scheduler plan instagram feed shopable instagram sell on instagram make money on insytagram herpaperroute social media guide grow traffic blog tips

I use Planoly to schedule plan, and style my Instagram feed. The free account allows you to design and track your Instagram posts and the premium accounts allow you to do even more – including the ability to have a shoppable Instagram account so you can sell items right from your page!


Tools And Resouces - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote |

I also use Tailwind’s hashtag finder to find and use the best Instagram hashtags. There are many banned hashtags on Instagram that will cause your account to be blocked if you use them, so this app ensures that you never use a bad hashtag.






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