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Last updated on July 25th, 2018

Your Blog Has Gone Viral…Now What?!

There can be quite a transition from running your blog as if it is just something that you and a few of your followers tune into, and when you transform it into a business, one that makes money, and provides a livelihood for you.

You never know when a post or a few of your posts will go viral, until it happens.

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This can be quite a shock to the system, because your one simple blog that you started doing for fun, has now turned into something that not only makes money, but it’s something that you rely on to earn you a living.

So, if you are getting to that point where your blog is earning revenue, or you are getting swarms of traffic all of a sudden, there are some important things to consider now.


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Getting Marketing Savvy

Now that your blog is blowing up, your income will be too. This could be ad revenue, affiliate sales, or the simple fact that your new level of influence is attracting more brands who want to pay you to blog about them.

While lots of bloggers have adverts on their site, and this helps to pay for the upkeep of the webpage, there are more ways to monetize your traffic than that.

You also need to think about how to promote your blog to more and more people, as the more traffic you get to your site, the more revenue you will generate.

This means you need to think very carefully about your blog’s image, who it is designed for, and really nail down your target market.

When you know who your ideal reader/customer is, you know what she likes and therefore you know how to sell to her.

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Hiring Writers

There will come a time where you are not able to do it all by yourself, and you will need extra help.

By hiring additional writers and contributors, either through agencies or through industry contacts you have picked up along the way, you need the best quality writers that can help to make content that is easily accessible and in line with your blog and what it stands for.



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Protecting Your Company

If you have a blog that is getting millions of hits per week, you are going to need a far more sophisticated system of protecting this blog.

Are you doing everything by the book, and keeping track of your blog income for tax season?

Now would be a good time to consult with your accountant or pop over to the to make sure you have everything in order.

For your website, many web hosting companies have various tools at their disposal to help you cope with data breaches, cyber-attacks, and the like.

Here are the top 8 web hosting companies worth looking into.

You also need to back up your data as regularly as possible because if you are attacked, and everything disappears, or your webpage has a virus, this doesn’t just mean you losing revenue, it also means you will lose followers.

If you aren’t already using MalCare to secure your site and routinely check for malware, you should start!

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Stay The Course

The one thing that bloggers struggle with when they make the transition from blogger to entrepreneur, is keeping the original ethos of the blog intact.

And this is where something like a business plan can come in handy.

The upscaling process of seeing your blog flourish is an exciting one, sure to come with its ups and downs.

I’ve coached many bloggers at all levels and it is always thrilling to see your hard work pay off!

No matter what stage you are at in the blogging game, I’m here to help you slay your goals and reach the NEXT level. Contact me for one on one blog & biz mentoring, let’s see just how far you can take this thing!




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