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The “Write Way” To Blog: Little Tools That Make A Big Difference

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Working in the blogging industry requires a lot of discipline. First of all, you are working at home, where there are, arguably, more distractions than in a typical working environment.

As lots of writers will attest, before they get round to doing any actual writing, they will have done the laundry, ironing, and generally pottered around the house for a good few hours before they’ve even attempted to sit down at their computer to type!

And while the task of blogging is about throwing your all into it, are there some tools that you need that doesn’t just make the task of blogging easier, but also helps to speed up the process?

Let’s have a look at three tools that you would definitely benefit from.

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Grammar Check


Voice Typing

The one thing about the act of blogging itself is that it’s you, a computer, and that’s it! You need to get your thoughts from your brain to the computer via your fingers. But even though every writing book begins with the adage, don’t get it right, get it written, you will have self-edited yourself so many times before your fingers have touched the keyboard that you may have easily talked yourself out of dozens of excellent ideas. This is where voice typing is an excellent idea.


The act of self-censorship is something that every writer struggles with, but the idea of spilling words out onto a page without thinking about it is so much easier if you don’t use the typical act of sitting down at a computer typing.

By speaking about the ideas that come into your head as soon as they land, you can get them onto the page quickly, rather than waiting for your fingers to catch up, which usually means you have already dismissed the idea before it’s gained any sense of traction.

And, the other benefit of voice typing is that you can get so much more done in a shorter space of time. If you only type 40 words per minute, it’s going to take you a long time to get a 1500 word blog done. Instead, by speaking at your normal rate, or at the speed in which the ideas come into your mind, you’ve got a bigger blog in less time! It’s win-win!



Grammar Tools

The natural follow-on from spilling words out onto a page is that you need to edit your ideas down into a cohesive and linear narrative. Whether it is a blog, a novel, or even your shopping list, it needs to be readable, and understandable.

So this is where grammar tools are excellent, you have tools like the Hemingway App online that you can use for free, but there are tools like Grammarly, which is a very popular tool right now. Read my review of it here: Grammarly: This Free App Will Make You A Better Writer!

It can be very easy to be complacent with your work and send it off without reading it, which is why a grammar tool is doubly useful. It can point out glaring errors in your work. But this doesn’t mean that you should use it as it a crutch, you need to read over your work.


grammarly writing tools free app


A Dictionary

Sometimes the best tool isn’t online, although, granted you can go on A dictionary or a thesaurus to hand is always going to make your writing sizzle, pop, or any other onomatopoeic words that you can think of.

There are times we know that, even though a blog has had plenty of shares and retweets, we may feel that our writing has started to lose that veritable spark.


So what can you do about this?

Look for new ways to say what is burning inside you. Sometimes we need a new perspective on things, which is why you should make it a rule to “research” as much as possible, in other words, read other writers. And, it doesn’t have to be other bloggers; it can be novelists, interviews that inspire you, anything that gets that fire started again.


Robin Williams said that when he was feeling uninspired or dry, he watched a movie, read a book, did anything just to get more information fed back into him. This is something that you should do on a regular basis. Especially if you are writing for a living.




Blogging as a full-time career is definitely more feasible now, but, when it becomes a career, not just a passion, you need to think of different ways to make it work for you so it doesn’t become a task you need to complete.

You can run the risk of it turning into a job. So, if you are at this point, you need to start thinking about ways in which you can work smarter, not just harder, which is where these tools will come in handy.

For a list of all of the tools, apps, resources, and tech that I use to run my blog, make money, and stay productive, have a look at this ultimate list!





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