The Product Creation Masterclass


The Product Creation Masterclass – Earn Your First Sale In 30 Days.  Note: This masterclass has ended. Get on the list to be notified when the next one opens:


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The Product Creation Masterclass

This past Spring I was in the beginning stages of creating my blogging school. Although I have been making money as a blogger, and teaching others how to do it too for over 15 years, this was the first time that I had launched an actual school for it.

At the same time, ConvertKit was offering a free masterclass on how to successfully create and launch content. The timing was perfect, and so was the price ($0!) so I enrolled in the 4 week class and HOLY was it ever useful!

There was so much valuable information in ConvertKit’s class, it majorly helped me in the successful (and profitable!) launch of my Blog School. It was just a shame that they only offered this masterclass for a month.

But, good news,ConvertKit is offering a brand new masterclass! And again, It is 100% free!!!


The Product Creation Masterclass Free Convertkit free convertkit masterclass |


Product Creation Masterclass – Free From ConvertKit

The Product Creation Masterclass is a 30-day course that will take you step-by-step through every box you need to check on your way to launching your own, sustainable online business.

Class starts January 15, 2018, registration is free and includes a free month of ConvertKit as well!! Enroll here!

Join us as we walk through every step it takes to create a successful product from scratch all the way through your first launch. Product Creation Masterclass is a four week long project-based online course made up of lessons sent straight to your inbox, Monday through Friday. That’s 20 lessons full of impactful case studies, live trainings, and instructional how-tos to help you create your first product and earn your first dollar.

ConvertKit is the best premium email platform for professional bloggers to handle/grow subscriber lists with opt-in forms and landing pages, as well as what we use to send newsletters. The fact that you get it for free with this already free course is spectacular!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and start earning a living online, you will love this!.

Enroll in the Masterclass here


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What You Will Learn In Class




Product Planning

  • Narrowing Your Niche and Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Type of Product to Create
  • Validating Your Product Idea Before the Creation Process
  • Intentional Goal Setting for Your First Product and Clarifying Its Purpose
  • Creating an Ideal Timeline for All Product Tasks


Product Creation

  • Creating a Content Outline
  • How Much Content Do I Need to Create?
  • Planning a Sustainable Creation Process to Consistently Get Work Done
  • Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List with Subscribers Already Interested in Your Product
  • Building a Product-Driven Wait-List and Select Beta Testers


Product Testing

  • Send Survey to Beta Testers for Quality Feedback
  • Edit Existing Content Based on Beta Tester Survey
  • Finding the Right Price for Your Ideal Customers
  • How to Position Your Product
  • Discovering Existing Communities to Bring Your Product Into



Product Launch

  • Building Confidence in Talking About Your Product
  • Creating an Irresistible Sales Funnel for Your Product
  • Writing a Launch Email Sequence that Converts
  • Creating Urgency with Your Product Launch
  • Increasing Product Sales Through Webinars, Affiliates, and Other Marketing Tactics




What’s This Going To Cost Me?

Zero. Ziltch. Nada! It’s completely free!

I highly recommend you enroll in this free masterclass, and take advantage of your free month of ConvertKit!

Enroll in the Masterclass here


The Product Creation Masterclass Free Convertkit free convertkit masterclass |

By the way, if you are interested in checking out my blog school, you can visit that here >> HerPaperRoute Blog School

The platform I use to run my school on is called Teachable, which you can use to run and sell your own courses >> Get started with Teachable here


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