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I'm Chelsea. I run HerPaperRoute as a resource for new, aspiring and blossoming bloggers to create a profitable blog and business. I have been a professional Marketing Strategist and blogger for over 10 years. I will help you develop your website and blog, help you grow your online presence and most excitingly, help you make money blogging!
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Some Facts About Me..

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I didn’t grow up with money, but I discovered clever ways to make it from a young age...

When I was 8 I used my life savings of $15 to buy the last plate of cookies at my school bake sale, and then I re-sold them across the playground to other kids, for double the price.


That’s the day I became an entrepreneur.


As a kid and teen, I loved writing and illustrating and would ‘self-publish’ my stories constantly, by hand as we didn’t have a computer.


When my high school got rid of its vending machine, I stocked up on chocolate bars at Cosco and sold them for profit in front of the cafeteria.


As a teen in the 00s I worked each Summer, and every weekend washing dishes at a restaurant. I became obsessed with managing my money.


I remember when I bought my first pair of Osiris skate shoes (the really fat ones with the huge tongue), they cost $120 and I was so proud that I had worked to earn them.


I grew up in a single-parent family, money was limited. I knew there was no “college fund” like my friends had waiting for them at graduation.


What I did have was a Mom with the balls-to-the-walls perseverance to kick my butt and make me write to every scholarship fund in my Province.


Because of her determination, I learned how to write for my life, and ended up earning 5 scholarships to University, a combination based on financial need and artistic merit.

In order to attend University for digital media & marketing,, I needed to rent an apartment in the city. And this city happened to be one of the most expensive in Canada...

…The scholarships ran out in the second year, so I took out a student loan for the remainder and worked part-time at a bar.


During this time, I started my first ecommerce business selling clothing online.


I graduated, and then paid off my student loans in full two months after graduation, thanks to hustling really hard as a bartender and generating buzz with my online clothing biz, which I was now running as a dropshipping model.


Then around that time, I started a Tumblr blog, just ‘for fun,’ which was mostly just trippy graphics, skateboarding fails and pictures of Paris and Nicole.

At 24 I felt California calling me. So I sold all of my furniture on Craigslist, quit my job, bought a plane ticket to USA and landed in Hollywood with a couple hundred dollars and no plan....

…I put out an ad on Craigslist in search of a place to live offering housekeeping or babysitting services in exchange for a couch to crash on.


After sifting through a bunch of replies from creeps, a nice Korean woman reached out.


She asked if I wanted to have her spare room, and live with her, her husband and two kids, in exchange for watching their womens clothing store on Melrose Avenue a few hours a week.


Um yes!


I lived with the Korean family for several months in Hollywood, helped them with their store, shadowed them, learning how they started their business and how they grew it with a small investment.


I tagged along on their fashion-picking trips to Santee Alley each weekend.


When it was time to head back to Canada after 6 months, I felt a sense of determination to grow my business. Although I wasn’t sure what my business was exactly, just yet.


And I wouldn’t figure it out for several more years. I continued to run the drop shipping store and blog for fun in the meantime.


I was back in Vancouver, facing expensive rent. Bills were adding up. The California dream was over.


Throughout this time, I was continuing to post to my blog, but I hadn’t monetized it (it was still on Tumblr-gah!), and I was making a few ecommerce sales here and there.


But I wasn’t using my marketing savvy to promote either the blog nor shop very well.


I found myself feeling ‘stuck’ in all areas of my life, and not sure what to do next.

I landed a job as a marketing manager, which excited me at first, but soon felt soul-crushing...

…I worked that office job by day, I bartended at night, with neither environment boding well for my aspirations of running my own business.


I lost sight of my goals for a while.


But even though times were tough then, I grew thick skin, and I was scrappy as hell, and I pushed on through.


At 28 I suddenly became obsessed with goal-reaching and money-making. I wanted to get out of where I was stuck at, and it was time to get serious. I wrote up an income plan.


I set very specific goals on how much I wanted to make each month, and set a clear plan for how I was going to make it.


I saved every penny. I cut my expenses down to almost nothing, finding strategic ways to simplify my life.


I even rented an office, and then secretly lived in it to save on rent for a while!


Within a year, I had $40,000 saved.


I still hadn’t yet monetized my blog.


In 2015 I met my husband, and the next day we go on our first date. He tells me he had looked me up after meeting me, and found my Tumblr blog, and that he thinks I’m hilarious.


We got engaged just one week later. Then we secretly got married by Elvis in Las Vegas one month after that, exchanges matching tattoos, and cut a Starbucks cake pop as a wedding cake in the Planet Hollywood Starbucks.


We told our friends and family afterward.


The next year, we decide to start a family. I’mwas  still working a fulltime corporate marketing job by day, and a fulltime bartending job by night on top of running the ecommerce shop.


So there I am, I’m 6 months pregnant, serving drinks in a loud, busy live punk rock bar and I’m just like “I can’t keep this up.”


It was time to get serious about my blog.

Getting into business: I needed to change up my situation, and figure out how to earn a living online, now that baby was on the way...

So, (long rant is almost over, thank you for sticking around) now is when I FINALLY got serious about my blog.


I scrapped the Tumblr blog, and started a proper self-hosted WordPress blog, about cruelty-free beauty products.


I monetized it the same day, and used my marketing experience to promote it heavily. I had my first affiliate sale within the first week, and made $1200 by the first month’s end.


I was in business.


I quit all of my jobs and side hustles, and made my blog my full-time job, growing it to a profitable business from the ground up, while my new born baby snuggled in my lap.


Fast forward to one year later, I’ve sold the beauty blog<– See how!


I now run HerPaperRoute, a resource for women to learn blogging, affiliate marketing and online business development, as well as a blog school where I share all of my marketing strategies.


And here you are. I want to help you reach your online business goals, and get you ‘unstuck’. So let me know, how can I help you today? Send me a message, I may just have what you need.


x Chelsea

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