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My Daily Blogging Routine: Successful 7-Figure Blogger Schedule

Want to take an insider’s look at my daily blogging routine as a full-time content creator?

If you need help getting into a good work-from-home routine, this article is for you. Today I’ll share my daily blogging routine and blogging schedule to help you refine your days and stay productive.

When you have made the smart decision to become a blogger, and you’ve followed our step-by-step free guide to starting a money-making blog, it’s time for the next step.

And that is, how to actually maintain and monetize it successfully, for years to come.

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I’ve created this daily routine for bloggers and a resource kit as a straightforward guide to help new bloggers. And you can get it for free today!

Because there is so much to learn when starting a blog, it can feel overwhelming pretty quick, if you don’t have a plan.

Ultimate Blogging Tips PDF And Daily Blogger Routine

In addition, I’ve also included in this post some time management resources for creating a daily blogging schedule.

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Time Blocking A Daily Blogging Routine That Will Actually Grow Your Blog

Last year, my blog earned over $690,000.

But before I was earning as a stay-at-home blogger, I worked in marketing for over a decade – so that definitely helps!

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The point is that my marketing background helps you too, as you can use my strategies to grow your blog, without getting a degree yourself.

It was in my marketing strategist days that I picked up a few tips and tricks that helped grow my blog into a successful business from the start.

Nowadays I share all of these strategies with you here, so that you can skip the awkward trial-and-error phase of becoming a blogger.

This daily blogging schedule aims to keep you focused on what matters while making the best use of your time.

Notably, one of the biggest challenges for bloggers is time management.

Yes, you have a ton of tasks to manage, yet no one but yourself giving you a deadline or keeping you on track.

With no boss hovering over you barking orders and expecting deadlines to be met, you must figure out a way to manage yourself effectively if you have hopes of being a successful blogger.

My morning routine as a full-time content creator
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What Are The Most Important Blogging Priorities?

I think we all agree, it’s far too easy to get distracted while doing research online.

How many times have you started off researching a blog topic, only to find yourself two hours later watching a non-related Youtube video?

With multiple blogs to maintain, it is essential for me to schedule my daily blogging tasks. Otherwise, I’m far less productive.

For me, a day in the life of a blogger entails much more than just writing blog posts.

Allotting time to research, write, edit and post an article is really just one aspect of maintaining a blog.

Other important tasks include:

  • Answering emails
  • Dealing with advertisers, making sponsorship and brand partnerships
  • Engaging in social media and scheduling content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing tasks and maintenance
  • Creating courses, ebooks and products
  • Maintaining website technical issues
  • Creating pins and graphics
  • …and so much more!

Day In The Life Of A Successful Blogger – A Daily Blogging Routine

Make no mistake, blogging for a living is a lot of work, but it’s well worth the effort and certainly much more rewarding than trying to please an annoying boss.

Yet, you must have enough discipline to stay on task, especially if you work at home with countless other distractions.

Time management is a never-ending challenge, but particularly when you’re new to setting your own schedule.

Although I am earning a 7 figure living as a blogger these days, I work just as hard each day on my blog as I did when I was starting out. It’s just that the types of tasks I do now are less active, and more chill!

In the beginning, I would spend 9, 10 sometimes 12+ hours blogging, 7 days a week.

Nowadays I spend only a couple of hours a week working on my blog, it’s fairly passive now, thanks to having a team now, as well as all the hard work I put in in the beginning.

But still, it has never once felt like work, because I enjoy it so much.

After many years without a boss, my daily blogging schedule has become somewhat refined.

However, life inevitably happens and things get thrown off track sometimes.

So, it’s best to prioritize your tasks and to be flexible.

That’s why having a blogging routine, and making use of time blocking is so important.

What Is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is a type of scheduling system for yourself. It’s when you tackle certain tasks one at a time.

Instead of working around the clock, you set a specific time block for a certain task to be done, and you don’t focus on any other tasks until you’ve completed the one at hand.

Use this blogging routine to help you plan out your time blocking strategy.

Priorities For Content Creators

To really be a successful blogger, you do need to prioritize. There are literally thousands of things you need to do to keep a blog afloat each day, and only so many hours.

This is especially true if you have young children at home like I do. Efficiently managing your time makes all the difference!

If I have a day where things are out of whack and I only have a few hours to work, there are a few things that still must be done.

Although creating new content should be every blogger’s primary focus, it is not the priority when you have limited time.

My priorities on days like these are:

  • Promoting content I already have published
  • Refining my offers
  • Answering important emails

In my opinion, these are crucial things that must be done daily, in order to maintain my blog.

But let’s get right into my daily blogging routine so you can get a feel for the play-by-play of how I spend my days.

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Time Blocking For Bloggers Example: My Daily Routine And Daily Blogging Schedule As A Fulltime Creator

Time blocking has helped me stay productive. My days are set up in blocks of time that are allotted for certain duties.

But I always allow for plans to change, and I don’t get upset if I miss a workout or miss publishing a blog post here and there.

Here’s more detail about what a day in the life of a blogger looks like for me!

1. 5am Wake Up & Time Blocking Work Early Hours

blogger morning routine - wake up early

The first few hours of my day are dedicated to creative writing.

Not having an alarm clock is one of the best things about being a full-time blogger.

Since you can wake up when you want to in the morning, your schedule is not clock-sensitive.

Even so, I like to wake up at 5am, before everyone else is up in my house so I can have some quiet time to myself.

I drink a big water, head downstairs and open my laptop. My dog and two cats follow me downstairs each morning, and I really love getting quiet time with them in the mornings cuddling up on the couch while I get my day started.

2. Daily Trailer & Gratitude List

female blogger keeping a gratitude journal which helps her stay productive - blogger morning routine

Do you keep a gratitude list? Reminding yourself of what you are grateful for is a wonderful way to raise your vibtration each morning.

Download these awesome FREE gratitude list prompts to help you get started.

I spend 3 minutes writing a few notes in my gratitude list, as well as my dream journal and daily trailer.

The Daily Trailer is what I’ve coined my list of intentions for the day.

Just like a movie trailer gives you a preview of what a movie is going to be like, I do it for my day ahead.

I jot down any things I want to accomplish, my intentions for how I want the day to go, (business, personal, interpersonal, self-care, whatever) and cross off what I accomplished the day before.

Then, I’ll make a reishi cacao espresso latte.

No dairy! Organic almond milk only. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll blend it all up in my Vitamix with a frozen banana.

hand pouring a glass of coffee - blogger morning routine tips

3. Creative Writing Sprint

morning routine for content creators spending the first part of the morning on creative writing

From 5:30-7:30am I just let myself write, without editing.

Any kind of creative writing is good. It could be writing a blog post, my newsletter, video scripting or a course lesson.

For me, the morning is my most productive time to be creative. I use this time to write something original everyday and I’ll typically spend a couple of hours writing in the morning.

It may be to complete an article I already started or to work on a new one, but I always have something in the works.

Sometimes there may be several articles in draft that need to be completed but it helps to focus on one at a time.

This year I have challenged myself to publish 1000 articles on one of my sites. I like to publish in the morning, before the rest of the day pulls me away from my computer.

It is March and I have published 402 articles, so it’s going well!

Tip: You do not have to write articles from scratch! I am able to publish so much content because I buy established websites in niches that I already have sites in, and just move the articles over. When you buy a website, you buy the copyright to the blog posts. So I move the content from the purchased site to my site, and 301 redirect the domain. My time is spent editing the content now, rather than writing from scratch.

Once a week I will also use this early morning block to write my newsletter.

Writing out my weekly insider email is one of my favorite things. It’s where I share exclusive content and bonuses with my more than 25,000 subscribers.

Around 7:30 my son wakes up, so I get him ready for school. I’ll usually make breakfast, and my husband usually makes our son’s lunch and takes him to school.

Side note: My husband is a Youtuber/creator too so once he’s back from school dropoff, he spends his day recording videos.

4. Workout & Habit Stacking

woman on treadmill listening to audiobook - habit stacking tips to improve your morning routine

At 8:15am I’ll jog on my treadmill for 20 or 30 minutes. During this time, I’ll habit stack, by listening to an audiobook on personal finance, personal development, habits, business strategy, and the like.

Sometimes I’ll use this jogging time to skim emails, catch up on Voxer messages from my team or flip through TikTok to get ideas for content.

Treadmill time is also a good time to reply to comments. Although, replying to comments for multiple blogs can easily consume an hour, and social media can range from minutes to hours depending on the level of engagement.

I try to get these types of engagement tasks tackled while on the treadmill.

Some days I’ll feel like going hard, so I’ll put on rap music, and attempt to perform the lyrics out loud while running.

It’s like double the workout when you try to belt out Drake lyrics while on a treadmill. Trust.

After that, I’ll jump in the shower. If its a recording day I will put on makeup. If it’s not a recording day, I will skip the makeup and just do skincare and throw my hair into a braid.

Either way, 99% of the time I won’t change into proper clothes. Some people feel they need to get dressed in normal workwear in order to get into a productive vibe while working from home. I could not disagree more!

I prefer to work in comfortably. lose and chic loungewear. I will change out of my pjs and into some silky, comfortable lounge set.

Organic bamboo, cotton, or vegan silk material is a must.

5. Production Block: Morning Time Blocking Hours

From about 9:30am-12pm I will work on production work.

The type of production work is usually different day by day. It can include anything from:

  • hosting a webinar
  • being a guest on a podcast
  • recording Youtube content, Reels or TikTok videos
  • hosting a call in my group coaching program
  • Tweaking my funnels or any current promotions or projects that I am working on
  • Planning growth strategy and coming up with creative ideas to grow my company
  • Checking in with my team
  • Put finishing touches on today’s jobs and plot out the plan for tomorrow
  • Plan for any affiliate promotions my affiliate partners have coming up, create content and draft up marketing emails in prep for it
  • Checking in with my Facebook Group for bloggers and other social media
  • Creating new pins and scheduling my Tailwind feed for the week
  • Scheduling content in SmarterQueue
  • Replying to emails

Since I own several blogs, and a blogs-for-sale brokerage, these tasks are multiplied but it is rare that I work more than 5 hours per day. I have most things automated, or I pay my team to manage things, so that I can focus my attention on strategy and creative.

Answering emails is necessary, although not creatively inspiring. So I try to get emails out of the way as soon as possible.

Many emails can affect how the rest of your day plays out, therefore I recommend getting to them early and determine which ones need immediate action.

For instance, there may be a new advertiser that needs a placement, or a time-sensitive guest post submission that needs formatting, or a Zoom call that needs to be made to partners or to freelancers.

Morning Time Blocking — Posting and Automation

Since the morning hours seem to be the most opportune time to post and share new content, I usually spend some time or so on this.

I have automated most of my social media responsibilities. Automation is the biggest time saver for a blogger and business owner.

Setting up automation funnels for everything in your business is so important!

I have SmarterQueue auto-posting content to my Twitter accounts, Facebook Groups, and Facebook pages.

While Tailwind is pinning pins across my Pinterest Group boards, and my new email subscribers are getting a steady flow of informative emails on auto-pilot, thanks to ConvertKit.

So having all of that under control, this time block could also be spent:

  • Replying to comments on social media
  • Doing a bit of manual pinning
  • Doing a bit of manual social media marketing, such as answering questions on Quora, finding leads in Facebook Groups and Twitter mining

Morning Time Blocking – SEO

The mornings are also I also a good time to do keyword research for new articles. You can check up on my backlinks and ranking profile too.

You might want to spend some time:

  • link building, pitching journalists, and reaching out to other bloggers to pitch collaborations
  • check Google analytics and Pinterest analytics to see what yesterday’s traffic was like
  • Make updates to your website, check for broken links, improve meta data

Related: How to see what keywords your blog ranks for on Google – for free!

6. Lunch & Meditation

woman meditating as part of her daily blogger routine

At noon, I will make a healthy lunch. I’m vegetarian, so it’s always quick and easy to eat healthy.

Then I will take 20 minutes to meditate.

7. Afternoon – Open Time Block

After meditation, I will leave the rest of the day open to how I’m feeling. And I never work past 2pm.

I’ll make an afternoon coffee that often helps bring about a second wind, and if so, I might polish and prepare any articles or reels that will be posted the following day.

Most will just need a final proofread, some formatting, or an image added.

If I finish this quickly, I will return to other articles or videos that are in draft and continue to research those topics.

If it’s a month where I’m having some sort of special promotion or launch, I’ll use the afternoon block to focus on that.

But most afternoons, I’ll do whatever I feel creatively called to.

As my day in the life of a blogger winds down, the last few hours of the day’s time blocks are spent finishing up any projects and planning for the next day.

I’ll use my afternoons to:

  • Get my hair or nails done
  • Plan a sale or promotion for the next quarter
  • Go out with my husband/kid or a friend
  • Catch up on a project
  • Just chill before my kiddo comes home from school

As you can see, it’s a relatively uncomplicated schedule.

I get things done, while scheduling time in for self-care and mindfulness so I don’t get burned out. And, I make sure to sprinkle in some somewhat boujee plaisirs de la vie such as lattes, skincare, and silky loungewear to keep my mood happy.

Leveraging Your Time As A Content Creator

I don’t know a single successful blogger that does everything alone.

Hiring out certain tasks to freelancers and virtual assistants can be a lifesaver.

You’ll quickly learn your limitations as your blog grows and it’s important to learn to leverage your time.

Whether it’s simply hiring a freelancer to design your logo or to write articles for your blog, or taking on a partner to hiring full-time help; learning to delegate certain tasks will allow you more time to focus on the areas where you excel.

It’s helpful to learn enough about each necessary task (which you’ll naturally do while building up your blog) to be able to properly delegate it to others.

It will save you money to be as organized as possible in what you require of them.

Make sure any money you invest to free up your time is used to grow your blog further, otherwise you may be just trading some of your income for more free time.

I would highly recommend that you set up a monthly CEO day for yourself, to help you stay on track for quarterly profit planning, accounting, and long-term growth.

Ultimate Daily Blogging Routine, Successful Blogger Schedule – Conclusion

Ultimately, bloggers can work as little or as much as they want, but your income will be directly determined by how hard and how smart you work.

When you begin to make some money from your blog you’ll quickly begin to sense this correlation of effort in versus income out.

It is a very motivating feeling which may lead you to work longer hours.

But if you are organized with a schedule, you can be productive enough to be a full-time blogger without overwhelming yourself.

Download your free blogging toolkit here:

blogging tips pdf - daily routine of a successful blogger

Blogging StartUp Kit

Now, if you haven’t already, sign up for your free Blog StartUp Kit, that will walk you through each step you need in order to successfully start a blog. And more importantly, be able to monetize and maintain it for the long run!

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