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12 Clever Ways To Promote Your Blog

Wondering how to promote your blog and drive traffic to your website? Struggling to figure out how to get your blog noticed?

The answer to this lies heavily on what it is that you do after you hit publish.

Get comfortable, sister. For I have 12 clever blog promotion tips on how to promote your blog effectively and efficiently!

How To Promote Your Blog – Blog Marketing Strategy

Earlier this week, I asked members of our Facebook group: “What is your biggest struggle with blogging right now?”

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An overwhelming number of responses were “How to drive traffic! Getting people to actually visit and read my blog posts!”

I started chatting with a few bloggers who are struggling to get page views, and I asked them point blank:

“Ok, how do you drive traffic to your website?

How do you promote your blog?

What is your marketing strategy after you hit publish?”

…and most of them didn’t have a marketing strategy at all!

Well, that’s why no one is reading your blog posts. You aren’t showing it to them!

Honestly, how to get your blog noticed has A LOT to do with how well you actively and quite literally put it in front of the right people.

This reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a newbie blogger named Keira.

She had been blogging for a few months, and was creating epic blog posts with awesome content.

Yet Keira could barely get 100 page views a day to her site.

I asked her what she does after she publishes a new blog post. How does she promote her blog?

She told me that once she hits ‘publish’ she waits.

….And waits. And waits.

And no one comes.

Well, obviously no one comes!

After you publish a blog post, you can’t just do nothing!

I had to be quite frank with her and say:

Do you think that by clicking the ‘publish’ button, you are somehow signaling to the magic blogging goddesses that it’s time for them to magically make a thousand people suddenly discover your blog…?

She burst out laughing. She hadn’t really thought about it before….so, yes.

After You Hit Publish, It’s Time To Promote Your Blog Like A Pro

When you publish a new blog post, usually all it means is that your blog post is live.

12 clever ways to promote your blog after you hit publish

That’s it! No one knows about it yet!

Even if you have crafted your blog post with near-perfect keyword research and SEO, to get your blog noticed you still need to promote it.

And not just once.

You really do need to actively promote that blog post consistently if you want it to be discovered.

This is especially necessary if you are a new blogger with a small following.

So, today I want to share with you my step by step process of everything that I do after I hit publish on a blog post.

This is what works for me for how to drive traffic to my website.

If you are struggling to get traffic to your blog, read up on how to promote your blog posts, below!

12 ways to drive traffic to your blog after you hit publish

How to promote your blog and drive traffic to your website step-by-step.


As soon as you publish a new blog post, pin it to your most relevant board on Pinterest right away.

Make sure that you add lots of strong keywords to the pin’s alt tag and description too.

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to a blog, so don’t skip on promoting your blog posts here!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to edit your pin images’ alt tag.

Pinterest Group Boards

Pin your blog post to all of your relevant Pinterest Group boards, too.

I like to manually pin a bit each day from my activity feed, and I create fresh pins daily.

But to fill in the gaps, I Tailwind to auto-pin a couple more pins a day, as well as promote my blog posts in Tailwind Tribes.

This ensures that my content gets seen by as many people as possible, without me having to spend any time on it.

This ensures that my content gets seen by as many people as possible, without me having to spend any time on it.

Here’s how I use Tailwind to send thousands of people to my blog every day on auto-pilot. <- That’s a must-read!

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Email Blast

If you are wondering how to get people to read your blog, take a moment to consider how well you nurture your email list.

It’s important to keep your email subscribers happy and ‘fed’ with frequent valuable, helpful updates.

When you take care of your subscribers they will become committed to consistently opening your newsletters, clicking and visiting your blog.

Always work your latest blog posts into the weekly newsletter that you send.

I use ConvertKit to manage my email marketing, and it’s the absolute best email service provider there is.

ConvertKit makes it super easy to add tags and track what people click on, so I can understand what my subscribers like.

To learn all about email marketing and list building, enroll in my email marketing course!


Once you publish a new post, be sure to add it to your SmarterQueue, so that the app can share and re-share it to Facebook and Twitter over and over again for all eternity.

This is called evergreen recycling and it is the #1 best way to keep eyes on your blog posts.

I use this app for every blog post, promotion, affiliate link and offer that I have and it sends thousands of daily visitors my way while taking zero of my time.

With this handy app, you will never again let a blog post die out, as it allows your posts to be kept in constant promotion on auto-pilot.

Try SmarterQueue on a special DOUBLE free trial

Twitter Mining

Twitter mining is when you search for people tweeting about the thing you sell/blog about, and respond to their tweets with your link.

How to promote your blog with Twitter mining:

Jump over to Twitter and type a keyword into the search bar that relates to what your blog post is about.

You will find a list of people talking about and asking about exactly what you have on offer.

This is a goldmine!

Reply to their tweets with a genuine comment and answer to their comment, and include the link to your blog post.

This Twitter mining technique helps solve people’s questions while being a clever way to secure new readers and clients for yourself.

While you’re on Twitter, come say hi to me @HerpaperRoute!

Facebook Groups

Every time you publish on a new blog post, pay a visit to all of your Facebook groups.

Promote your blog post by participating in the day’s promo threads in each group, as well as promoting on the wall in groups that allow it.

You should also seek and join 10+ new Facebook groups that relate to the specific thing your blog post is about every time you publish a new blog post.

Discover where your ideal reader hangs out, and then put your content in front of them.

For example, let’s say you wrote a blog post about a designer vegan leather handbag.

After you hit publish, you will need to figure out how to promote your blog post to your ideal readers for this specific post.

So, go and search out several Facebook Groups full of people who appreciate cruelty-free fashion, vegan fashion, faux leather, green living, or just style in general.

There are hundreds of thousands of groups like this – so get all up in that facebook search bar and join them!

By the way, HerPaperRoute has a Facebook Group for new blogger ladies to learn about blogging + online business – come join!

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How to promote your blog post on Quora:

  • Search for questions related to your blog post’s content
  • Answer them with a genuine, thoughtful, more-than-one paragraph reply
  • End your answer with a link to your blog post where readers can learn more (Formerly StumpleUpon)

I am really mourning the death of StumbleUpon.

It used to be such a great tool for boosting page views!

StumbleUpon became ‘MIX’ in early 2018, and with the change it lost it’s auto-traffic ‘stumble’ feature.

Although it’s worth it to share your new blog posts on the new platform, it isn’t as good for traffic as StumbleUpon was.

But, you may as well promote your blog post there anyway.

Mix is a new platform, so you never know, it may take off and become a better traffic source in the future.

Update Old Posts

How to promote your blog post on your own website is as simple as updating old blog posts to include the new link.

Edit your old blog posts that relate to your new one, by adding a link to the new post within the older article.

It’s wise to update your old blog posts with new ‘related’ post links regularly.

Here’s an example of what that might look like:

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Run A Google Ad To Your Blog Post

Running a Google Ad campaign for your blog post will allow you to “skip the line” and jump right to the top of Google search results.

This is a pay-per-click tool that will get you some new website visitors.

With a Google Ad you pay each time someone clicks your ad after they searched what your content is about in Google search.

This is a great way to get people to your blog who normally wouldn’t have known about your blog otherwise.

Just be sure that the page your ad leads to (the page that these visitors land on) has an enticing opt-in freebie incentive so that you can get them on your mail list.

That way you can connect with them again via your newsletter, and send them to your next blog posts for free.


How to promote on Instagram successfully comes down to a combination of the following:

  • Use high quality attractive well-lit photographs/graphics
  • Write an interesting caption that has a catchy call-to-action
  • You can even add a clickable link to your Instagram image right on top of your image now, too
  • Engage with other Instagrammers, like and comment on their images consistently
  • Use relevant hashtags (this is a big factor in how to promote on Instagram and get discovered outside your own network of followers)
  • Get a free copy of my Haute Hashtags ebook featuring over 1000 niche specific hashtags, by signing up to the HerPaperRoute Profitable Blog Toolkit.
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