Tailwind Tribes Is The Secret All Top Bloggers Use


Are you using Tailwind Tribes to grow your blog yet?

Tailwind Tribes: the previously invite-only app feature that is the secret ingredient of bloggers and influencers to majorly boost blog and Pinterest traffic, engagement and social reach, is now available to the public.

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Secret Society Of Top Bloggers, Tailwind Tribes Now Open To The Public

If you have been a reader of this blog for a while then you already know how I am a huge supporter of Tailwind Tribes!

You may even be in the HerPaperRoute Tailwind Tribe, which has helped hundreds of bloggers like you bring in major amounts of traffic from Pinterest.

Tailwind Tribes has helped my traffic grow to over a million monthly Pinterest page views in less than two months!


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Tailwind Tribes: The Ultimate Pinterest Tool For Bloggers Is Now Available To The Public

Today the feature is available to the public for the first time, Tailwind has announced. And the best part? You can start using Tailwind Tribes, even on the free plan!

What Are Tailwind Tribes?

Basically, Tailwind Tribes are formed by groups of trusted peers, sharing one another’s pins to Pinterest.

From Tailwind’s Press Release:

As Tribemates add great content to their Tribe, a feed is created for easy review and sharing. By collaborating in this way, everyone in the Tribe has a continuous stream of hand-curated content from people they trust, saving them time and improving their content quality. And, when someone shares their content from the Tribe, they also get exposure to a highly-relevant audience.

There are thousands of Tailwind Tribes spanning a wide variety of niches. Chances are, if you’re blogging about a topic there’s a Tribe for it.

Until today, Tailwind Tribes has been available by invitation only, but now, with the public launch of Tailwind Tribes, anyone can use it.


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You are welcome to join my Tailwind Tribe, it is open to all niches!



How to use Tailwind - How to use Tailwind tribes pinterest Join My Tailwind Tribe - Creating Your Social Media Game-Plan - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote | www.herpaperroute.com


Along with making Tailwind Tribes publicly available, today is also the launch of a new Find a Tribe feature that lets you search for Tailwind Tribes to join by keyword or by category.

Before you join, you’ll be able to preview a Tribe’s content to see if it’s a good fit.

You’ll also see how many Tribemates it contains and how active the Tribe is.

Find a Tribe is a potential gamechanger, especially for new marketers or bloggers who need help kickstarting their networking efforts.


>>Join the HerPaperRoute Tribe Here!



Joining open public Tribes is easy and now, for the first time, anyone can find and request to join private Tribes as well. And, of course, you can also create your own brand-new Tribe for others to join.


How To Use Tailwind Tribes

For a step by step guide to using Tailwind Tribes, and how I use Tailwind Tribes to reach over 1 million monthly Pinterest page views, read this: How To Explode Your Traffic With Tailwind Tribes


How much does Tailwind Tribes Cost?

It is free to get started with Tailwind Tribes!

The free plan of Tailwind Tribes allows access to 5 Tribes and the submission of 30 pieces of content a month.

Members who want more than the free plan offers can add Tailwind Tribes PowerUps starting at just $5 per month. Find your Tribe today!

> More about Tailwind here



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