Avoid The Instagram Shadowban With This Trick


Are you a victim of the Instagram Shadowban? Some say it isn’t real. But for anyone whose posts have been mysteriously blocked from appearing in search results on IG, you know that the Instagram Shadowban is very much real, and frustrating as hell.

There are a few ways to avoid the Instagram Shadowban, and one way is to make sure that you never use a banned hashtag.

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Avoid The Instagram Shadowban With This Trick

But even if you memorize the list of banned Instagram hashtags, it would still be easy to accidentally use one at some point.

Thankfully Tailwind came up with a feature to help you find the best hashtags for your posts, without ever using a banned hashtag again!

Read on for all the details!

How I Rock My Instagram

My favorite app, Tailwind has a pretty amazing Instagram feature!

It’s called the Instagram Hashtag Finder. It makes it possible to reach potential followers and customers on Instagram, without the risk of being Shadowbanned for the wrong hashtag.

This makes Tailwind the first Instagram scheduler that can suggest the best hashtags for posts.

No longer will you risk the chance of accidentally using a hashtag that is on Instagram’s banned hashtags list.


Hashtags Made Easy

It is essential to use hashtags when posting content to Instagram, in order for people to find and follow you.

It can be difficult to know what hashtags to use in order to best attract potential followers and customers.

Thankfully Tailwind has solved that problem, as the Hashtag Finder will find and recommend the best hashtags for you.

Just type a hashtag into a draft post and the Tailwind Hashtag Finder will suggest other related hashtags to add.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about hashtag abuse causing some Instagram accounts to be Shadowbanned.

Check out this post for more information about the Instagram Shadowban and how to avoid it.

This new Hashtag Finder feature from Tailwind will not only help you discover and use the best hashtags, but it will also help you avoid being shadowbanned completely.

Tailwind for Instagram members already grow their likes per post five time faster than non-members


This new Hashtag Finder feature is sure to increase that number even more.

This new Hashtag Finder includes the ability to make hashtag lists for easy copy and paste later.

Another feature that I love is the color guide, which will direct you to use “Good” and “Best” hashtags to make your post more competitive, as well as an alert for hashtags that are less competitive and more likely to get buried.



What Is The Instagram Shadowban?

The Instagram Shadowban is when Instagram hides your account from everyone who isn’t already following you.

Your account and images don’t appear in any search results, and the hashtags that you use in your posts don’t lead to any hashtag search results pages.

Therefore, no one can see or find your account, making it impossible to grow your Instagram following.

If you are a victim of the Instagram Shadowban, you may not even know it.

A known cause for being shadowbanned is using the same hashtag too many times or using a banned hashtag.

The Tailwind Hashtag Finder finds and suggests the best hashtags for your posts, eliminating the possibility of using a banned or broken hashtag which could get you shadowbanned. To see the complete list of banned hashtags click here.


Try Tailwind For Instagram Free

Try Tailwind for Instagram Free. If you love it as much as I do, you can choose to sign up after the trial ends (but there is no obligation.)

Tailwind for Instagram costs $9.99 per month if paid annually, $15 per month otherwise.

Tailwind for Instagram is considered a separate product from Tailwind for Pinterest and incurs a separate charge.

The free trial of Tailwind for Instagram is available for existing members of Tailwind for Pinterest as well as non-Tailwind members.

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Instagram Members every year.

You can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.


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