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How To Become A Content Creator And Influencer In 2024

Are you thinking about entering the creator economy and wondering how to become a content creator and/or influencer?

If yes, wonder no more because I’m spilling the beans on everything you need to know and do to make it happen in 2024.

Hi, I’m Chelsea Clarke, I’ve been a content creator since quitting my corporate career in 2016, and I’ve since built a 7 figure creator business and grown a following of thousands on social media. All while helping thousands of other creative entrepreneurs launch and monetize their brands in the creator economy.

We all know how TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and other platforms allow you to start posting content with ease. But hold your horses, cowgirl, because if you want to enter the rodeo that is the creator economy and actually make money at it, you need some direction and a plan, first.

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You’re in the right place here at HerPaperRoute, to learn how to become a high-paid and in-demand content creator. Let’s get into it!

How to become a content creator or influencer this year in 6 months or less

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Content Creator and Social Media Influencer?

Becoming an influencer can be very beneficial for both your career and personal life. Here are just a few benefits:

  • You will be able to promote your brand by using your own platform.
  • You will be able to improve your skills in public speaking, writing, video production, editing and communication.
  • Your online presence will help you land more jobs/clients, speaking opportunities and press.
  • You will increase your chances of getting hired (if you want a job).
  • You can produce content that you enjoy.
  • You will learn a ton of income-producing skills.
  • You can get paid to try products and services.
  • You will make a name for yourself and may even be seen as a thought leader in your niche.
  • You’ll grow a platform that you can leverage to sell your own products.

These numerous advantages are why more and more people are becoming content creators and influencers in this day and age.

Influencers are individuals who have many followers on their social media accounts.

Brands will pay the influencer more for product mentions, the more followers they have.

Influencers might have millions of followers across multiple platforms.

Often times influencers are considered celebrities because they influence other people through their posts.

What’s The Difference Between A Content Creator and An Influencer?

Typically ‘content creator’ and ‘influencer’ mean the same thing. It is an individual who creates a brand for themselves online, and publishes video content to their social channels and blog.

Someone can be both an influencer and a content creator, but each can be its own without being the other, also. (Confused yet?)

Allow me to explain.

Francesca Farago from The Perfect Match is both a social media influencer and a content creator. Because she creates personal content about her life via her vlogs outside of her reality television career. She has grown a following of millions of TikTok followers who love the transparent, up-close and personal lens she shares about her life and family.

Emma Stone is an influencer because she is a popular actress. But she isn’t considered a content creator because she doesn’t make her own content. However, when she wears something in a magazine or on the red carpet, people want to know who designed it and are influenced to want it for themselves after seeing it on her.

Hailey Beiber Baldwin is also an influencer without being a content creator. Much of what Hailey wears on her Instagram inspires her fans to buy, but it’s her persona as the influencer that sells it, not the value of her content itself. She isn’t spending days scripting, filming or marketing the content she posts, she just shows up wearing something cool.

Many bloggers are content creators because they publish content on their websites, but some aren’t considered an influencer because their personal lifestyle isn’t one that is a factor in their business. Usually, you wouldn’t be considered an influencer if you post blog content that isn’t about you personally.

How Do Content Creators And Influencers Make Money?

Some platforms offer a ‘creator fund’ where the platform pays a creator for their posts.

But most creators and influencers earn from brand deals and affiliate links.

However, the smartest creators also sell their own digital products in addition to earning from brand deals and affiliate commissions.

Because when you sell your own product you get to keep 100% of the profits.

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How To Become A Content Creator or Influencer

There are several ways to become a content creator and/or an influencer nowadays.

Here’s what you should focus on first:

1 . Create Your Identity And Brand

Before you start building your following, it is important that you first create your identity and brand.

What do you want to be known for? Why should someone follow you? Think about what makes you unique from others.

You can also use this time to think about what your content will look like. Do you want to post videos? Post photos? Write blog posts?

Spend time researching what other influencers are posting about, and take note of what you resonate with.

2. Focus On Your Experience, Expertise and Special Interests

To ensure that your content is relevant, you may want to center it around your personal experience

Write out all of your accomplishments, interests, quirks and skills and see what draws you in most. The things that feel exciting are the things you should explore through your content!

This will give you ideas for videos, blog posts and even digital products you can sell.

lus, it means that you will be making content about something that you know a lot about, and enjoy.

3 . Be Yourself

If you try to imitate another person, then you won’t stand out and it will never really feel right for you. Instead, focus on being authentic and genuine.

This will help you connect better with your followers. It will also make them feel more comfortable sharing their opinions with you.

People are more likely to be influenced by your actions if they trust in you and your personality.

However, this is not to say that you can’t create a character and have fun with it, if acting up is more your thing. You totally can!

Bobbi Althoff from The Really Good Podcast is hilarious with her deadpan acting and intimidating interview style that makes her guests feel awkward and her viewers cry from laughing so much.

Just figure out what “be yourself” means for your brand.

4 . Choose Your Social Media Platforms

You must decide which social media platform(s) you will use to promote your content.

There are many options available to you: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Each has its pros and cons.

You can also use YouTube if you are dedicated to producing video-based content.

You may need to develop a large following on one social media site before expanding to the others.

Be sure to post consistently on whichever platform(s) you are focused on.

5. Post Consistantly

Don’t expect to go viral after one post.

To become a successful content creator you will need to post regularily. And to become an influential creator you will need to post content that makes people excited to buy from your recommendations.

So consistency is key.

6. Build A Following Over Time

Unless you are lucky, you will not immediately start with a massive audience. Instead, you must cultivate it slowly.

One way to grow your following is to engage with your followers.

Ask questions, respond to comments, and share information. Try not to spam your followers.

You can also ask them to share your content with their networks. This will increase the reach of your content.

Another way to grow your following over time is to invite influential people to join your network. They may already have thousands of followers.

You can offer to interview them, or feature them in your content so that you can both benefit from each other.

7. Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are very useful when using different social media sites.

Your hashtags should match your content perfectly so that it tells the platform’s algorithm what your content is about.

This is because it will expand your search results, thus expanding your audience.

8. Post on TikTok As well As Instagram

When it comes to building an audience, TikTok is your BFF. Your chances of going viral on TikTok are much higher, than it happening on Instagram.

But you should still post on Instagram as well.

I know what you are thinking…Instagram is a bore, no one is still using it, and the IG video editing tool is terrible.

Yes, those things are mostly true.

But hear me out! Do you know who still uses Instagram? BRANDS do.

If you want to be seen as an influencer, you need to build relationships with brands and most of the DMing with brands happens via Instagram.

So it’s worth it to post a photo and a reel once in a while on IG.

You can just repost your TikTok content there – no need to create something totally new.

9. Monetize now

Don’t wait until you go viral to have your income funnel set up!

10. It’s Not About Working Around Your Busy Life, It’s About Making Your Busy Life Your Content

I know you are busy. If you want to become an influencer, you must work around this.

But that doesn’t mean you need to invent new hours of the day to produce content.

Instead, take your viewers along with you throughout your busy day and include them in the process. Your day-to-day life can actually be your content.

Your daily tasks may seem mundane to you but when viewed through a lens it becomes interesting to other people.

So just start recording!

My best piece of advice is to film everything you do. Don’t worry about whether you will use it or not. Just record everything and edit/make cuts later.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become A Content Creator And Influencer

How Do I Get Started?

Start by choosing a topic that interests you. Then, find a community where you can discuss it.

Next, create content about your topic. Finally, post regularly on your social media account(s).

Then, apply to influencer networks.

I often work with brands who are looking for more creators to work with – fill out the form below and I’ll connect you if I have brands that fit your profile:

What Should I Post About?

Posting about anything related to your chosen topic will be fine. However, remember to keep things simple.

Think about something that you enjoy or are passionate about. Look at your daily life and create content around it.

It doesn’t have to be big or exciting – in fact, the more simple the better.

Some of the most successful creators on TikTok are people who simply film themselves cleaning their homes, unboxing Amazon orders, and cooking meals.

How To Become A Content Creator And Influencer This Year – Conclusion

Ultimately, there are no guaranteed answers to how to become an influencer, as every situation is different.

But, if you follow this formula for success, your chances of breaking out increases.

Furthermore, anyone can become an influencer if they dedicate some time to building their brand and publishing content that resonates with viewers.

I hope that these tips and tricks will help you get started. I wish you success in your journey!

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