Monetizing Multiple Platforms As An Entrepreneur

Monetizing Multiple Platforms As A Do-It-All Entrepreneur

Are you a busy business owner, monetizing multiple platforms and once, and need some money clarity?

On this episode of the HerPaperRoute Podcast, wealth and mindset coach Tess Wicks shares advice for how entrepreneurs can improve the relationship they have with money and prioritize their time, to better benefit their businesses.

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Tackling common and destructive money blocks that are often ingrained from childhood! We also discuss tips on how to ‘do all the things’ and show up for our audiences on multiple platforms, monetizing the many facets of our business, effectively.

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I have a feeling that Tess’s advice is going to hit home with you today.

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Monetizing Multiple Platforms As An Entrepreneur

We cover a lot of topics in this episode. In a nutshell: 

  • What Tess knows now about money, that she wishes she knew at 22 
  • Why we may feel intimidated or ashamed to ask money questions
  • Everyone else doesn’t have it all figured out, even if it feels like they do
  • Productivity tips that have worked for Tess
  • Avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur
  • What connections we subconsciously make about money, that either help or sabotage our money goals
  • Monetizing multiple platforms and showing up for your audience across multiple platforms
  • Pushing yourself into ‘scary’ things that can catapult your business
  • How you can change your life by improving your client’s lives

Tess’s top recommended, must-read personal finance books

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Connect With Tess

Find Tess at WanderWealthy, and on Instagram @Tess_Wicks

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Monetizing Multiple Platforms As An Entrepreneur Money Podcast

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