This is a collection of free marketing tools, courses, and ebooks to help you grow your brand and business online. This list includes resources for Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, email marketing, and blog/website traffic growth!

Instagram Growth

boost instagram engagement challenge free

Includes a digital planner with 30 days of content ideas for what to post on Instagram.

instagram story prompts_free tools for creators

Because no one wants to bore their IG followers. Make your Instagram stories more engaging with these prompts.

Blog/Website Traffic Growth

Launch Your
Website In
A Weekend_free marketing tools for creators and business owners

Let’s plan, create and launch a website/blog for your business this very weekend!

This is a step-by-step course, available for free today!

Free Marketing Tools For Creators and Business owners 1

Discover a number of organic marketing strategies to grow your website traffic without spending a dime.

Email List Growth

how to start an email list book_free marketing resources

The fundamentals of how to start an email list, showing you how to launch a newsletter to grow your brand authority.

100 lead magnet ideas_free marketing tools

No one signs up for email lists unless they get something in return. Here are 100 Lead Magnet Ideas your audience actually wants

Pinterest Growth

But Did You Pin It_ Pinterest SEO explained

Discover how to tap into Pinterest SEO, to use Pinterest as a free organic traffic tool for your business.

Benefits of Using Free Marketing Tools as a New Creator and Business Owner

Are you new to making money online and want free marketing tools, courses and training to see what it’s all about? Or are you a new blogger or entrepreneur wanting to know how to boost your brand and get more leads and sales?

Either way, the resources on this page will give you a complete library of awesome marketing, Pinterest marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing training to choose from that are absolutely FREE.

Big List of Free Marketing Resources For Business Owners To Grow Their Brand

When you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to get training from successful business owners and experts who have trod the path before you.

While you may think you won’t get as much value with free training, I can tell you that each of these free ebooks and courses mentioned provides a ton of value for getting started.

The hard part of starting an online business is actually following through with the information you get given.

There always seems so much to do, right?! Many people fall flat from getting anywhere, just because they don’t put information into ACTION.

This is where paid courses do have their extra worth – because when you have money in the game, you’re a lot more likely to work hard so you don’t waste that money.

But I understand, when you’re starting out, having the funds for courses can be an issue (I’ve been there!)

This is why I wanted to put this roundup post together to give you a options to go and learn for FREE.

These free digital, social and marketing courses are ideal for new/intermediate affiliate marketers, bloggers and anyone who runs an online business wanting to make more money online and boost their brand.

Take notes of the different strategies that resonate with you and start to implement what you learn.

List of helpful Free Marketing Tools For Small Business Owners