My Strategic 40k Launch Funnel Plan

My Strategic 40k Launch Funnel Plan

Do you have a good launch funnel plan? I’ve been crafting my own launch plans and funnel formulas over the years, and it’s helped me reach $40,000 months with my blog. Actually, I’ve even had months where I’ve earned over $70,000!

Launching new things in your business is such an important key in the grand scheme. And they are a good way to boost your sales throughout the year. This is what I want to share with you today.

Note: This blog post touches on 3 launch plan marketing elements, but if you tune into the podcast episode below, you will get to learn about all 6! Listen here:

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Scoop My 40k Launch Funnel Plan

Let’s talk about launches. Does the thought of launching something new in your business make you excited or totally freak you out?

I know..I know… there is A LOT that has to be considered when taking on a launch. So much so that it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed.

Tell me, are you wanting to launch something new this year?

  • Maybe its a new digital product like a book or an online course…
  • Or maybe you want to launch a new website…
  • Or to finally release that coaching program you have been wanting to share with the world forever…
  • Or maybe you have been thinking of running a sale for a product you already have out…

Whatever it is, this is a really really good time to start planning how you will release it.

With so many people being stuck at home right now, scrolling on the Internet, with new-found time on their hands to learn new skills and try new products, now is your time.

Your audience is there.

You just need a proper launch plan to attract them, and a solid funnel plan to make them fall in love with you, trust you and then buy what you are offering.

Sounds like a tall order, right? Well…achieving all of this doesn’t have to be difficult!

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In my many years of launching and having 40,000 months and even 70,000 months…I have realized a few very basic yet crucial elements to what makes a good launch.

If you are thinking that you have something you’d like to launch this year, here are some foundations you should have in place.

#1: The only marketing strategy plan you go by, should look like this:







By making it your priority to give value, you are giving as many resources and helpful content as you can to your audience. You are showing them that you are the go-to person in your niche.

You are helping them solve problems and achieve wins left and right.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give your time or products away for free all of the time, either.

Sure, you should give away free content on your blog and give away free lead magnets here and there.

But you can also provide value to your audience while selling too.

If you are promoting a product that helps your reader solve their pain points – that is valuable too.

Pin this:

Launch funnel plan - Your Marketing Plan: Value Value Value

#2: You need to have a sales page that triggers readers to take action and buy

I can not tell you how many times I have been slapped in the face by a bad sales page.

  • Colors and fonts that are crazy.
  • Images that make no sense.
  • ‘Buy now’ buttons in the wrong place.
  • Copy that drags on and on forever that says NOTHING to make me want to buy.

There is truly so much psychology that goes into crafting a good sales page.

Using the right trigger words to convey emotion and urgency, without sounding lame is a precarious dance.

Saying enough but not too much. Explaining what your product offers, without explaining the boring parts of what your product is.

And if you don’t know the right sales lingo that you are supposed to say (and when it is supposed to be said) or say the wrong things, you risk turning away potential buyers faster than you can say bye, Felicia.

#3: You need a sales email funnel that does the work for you

Not every customer will buy what you are selling immediately after landing on your sales page.

Most cold leads will still need to be warmed up to you and your product before they consider buying from you.

And that’s OK! It’s not personal.

It’s just that most people are scared to open their wallets to someone they are unfamiliar with.

Even if your sales page is the bomb.

This is where your sales funnel email series comes into play. And it is so important that you have one!

I have been able to have consistent $40,000 months in my business, simply because I take my sales funnel emails seriously.

You can have my sales email funnel!

Over the years I have fine-tuned my pitch, my 11-step email sales funnel copy, and my sales page formula down to a science.

I realized that this would be something that would really, really help someone else. So I packaged my launch plan into one big, awesome, resource, and I give it to everyone who is a member of my program, the Creator Society.

launch vault sm

Inside my Launch Funnel Plan, you will get:

Complete, done-for-you sales emails – these are complete scripts (300+ words each!) to send your subscribers for every step of your launch.


  • Pre-launch lead magnet welcome email
  • Follow up lead magnet email
  • Coming soon…hint engagement email
  • Announcement cart open sales email
  • Bonus announcement / expiring sales email
  • Value stack sales email
  • FAQ & objections sales email
  • Cart closing email
  • Follow up thank you email
  • Down sell email
  • Next step upgrade email

These are NOT skimpy emails that say nothing, or have no value. And, these are NOT email templates where you need to fill in most of the content yourself.

==> These are actual, 300+ word each emails with stories, personal elements, and descriptions that dance on your customer’s emotions and FOMO, and makes them want to throw down their wallet and buy all of your expensive guac.

Simply add in your product name and send it. For your ENTIRE sales launch funnel!

But I wanted to go even deeper and give you more. Because, remember lesson #1, above? VALUE baby.

So, when you move fast, you will also get:

  • 7 website templates for your tripwire page, sales pages and opt-in pages that you can just import right into your website.
  • A tripwire workshop showing you how to set up a sales tripwire on your opt-in forms so you make sales whenever someone signs up to your freebie.
  • My 6 figure sales page blueprint – Unlock the psychology behind a sales page that slays. In this guide, you will understand WHAT to say on your sales page and precisely WHEN to say it that makes your readers buy.
  • A complete launch plan from start to finish.
  • Tech toolbox and launch productivity ClickUp stack.
  • 23+ graphic templates for your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ads to hype your launch.

How To Get This Launch Funnel Plan

I actually give my clients my exact Launch Plan, including all of my swipe files, templates and done-for-you resources.

Simply go here and enroll in the Creator Society!

I look forward to helping you with your next launch, every step of the way.

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