Getting Unstuck: When To Hire A Business Mentor


Getting unstuck: Have you ever felt totally anchored in the wrong stage in life and in your business? Knowing that you are meant to be successful on your own terms, but feeling completely in the dark about how to make it happen?

When you are in the muck of it, getting unstuck can feel impossible. Especially if you have been there for a while.

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You are doing the same things, getting the same results, and just not progressing how you know you should be by now.


I Know The Feeling. Getting Unstuck On Your Own Isn’t Easy.


Getting Unstuck: When To Hire A Business Mentor

When I was in my early twenties I was all over the place.

I had a million business ideas, zero cash, and absolutely no direction or plan. I was waiting tables to put myself through University, spending all my tips on rent, school, and of course, cheap wine.

I was treading water and getting nowhere, knowing I wanted to build a better life, I wanted to work for myself, but having no idea how to do it, and feeling all sorts of lost.

Wah wah, cry me a river. I know. We’ve probably all been there.


Getting Unstuck When To Hire A Business Mentor



Getting Unstuck: When To Hire A Business Mentor

In the Summer, all the ‘rich people’ would come up from the States and park their yachts (referred to as ‘mooring their yachts, if you speak boat), at the Marina beside the pub I worked at.

I would spend 60+ hours a week serving them the ‘good wine’ which I personally couldn’t afford, and watch in awe at these clean-cut well dressed happy and calm looking people as they lounged on the patio laughing and generally enjoying life.

I wondered how they were able to live their life with such pleasure and wealth, while I struggled just to find a pair of leggings to wear that didn’t have holes!


One night as I was shutting down the pub for the evening, turning down the AC/DC on the jukebox and announcing ‘last call’ to the last few people sitting at the bar, a woman who had been sitting by herself lifted her head from her $30 glass of Riesling and blurted out “Why are you doing this?”

“It’s past midnight, we close in twenty minutes, sorry” I responded politely.

“No, this. Why are you doing this? This job?”


Ok, first, that is a pretty rude thing to say to someone in the hospitality industry. Right?

Like, it is so not her business why her waitress is her waitress.

But I was tired, so instead of getting offended, I shrugged “I need the money and I’m not sure how else to get it.” Which was the sad truth.

“Well, what do you enjoy doing?” She persisted. I noticed how pretty her manicure was, and immediately placed my non-manicured hands behind my back.

“Um…” I stuttered for what felt like hours. (Note, always have your elevator pitch ready for these exact situations.) “…I like building websites. I’m in school for it.”

“Well then, if you like building websites, tell everyone you meet that you build websites. And then do it,” she said quite firmly, as she reached for her credit card to pay her tab. “You need some guidance. You need a mentor. Get a mentor. Otherwise, you’ll be a waitress forever.”


But honestly, she had a point. I didn’t want to be a waitress forever. My dream was to be able to fire my boss and work for myself, and never have to call another last call again.


Getting Unstuck: When To Hire A Business Mentor 1

Getting Unstuck: I Needed A Mentor To Help Me.

That was several Summers ago, over 10 of them now. And since then I have turned my life around, having had a few amazing mentors along the way.

I’ve built a business I love, run several money-making blogs in various niches, I work for myself from my laptop, and nowadays can confidently say that I can order the good wine if I want to.

My leggings also no longer have holes.

My sh*t is together, yo.


Getting Unstuck: When To Hire A Business Mentor 2


Why Does Getting Unstuck On Our Own Seem So Hard Sometimes?

The thing is, we get so set in our ways.

Humans are incredibly adaptable. Once we’ve created a habit for how we do something – good or bad – we tend to stay doing it that way without even thinking about it, because it’s ‘just how we do it.’

It’s hard to see how we could improve our situation when we are too busy being in it.

That’s why letting someone from an outside perspective give us guidance is mission critical.

When I made the decision to find a mentor, I had to allow myself to be open to receiving help. Which wasn’t easy at first, but once I did, the possibility of getting unstuck became a reality, and soon everything changed.


It’s hard to see how we could improve our situation when we are too busy being in it. That’s why letting someone from an outside perspective give us guidance is mission critical.


When Is It Time To Hire A Business Mentor?

I was recently interviewed about the benefits of working with a blog coach / business mentor, and was asked “When should someone hire a blog coach? As a beginner? Do they have to wait until they’ve found success?”

My answer is this.

I think the best time to hire a mentor is when you are feeling that it’s time to make a change. If you are doing the same old thing in your business and seeing no change, its time to invite someone in to give you a new perspective and direction.

Working with mentors at the various stages of my life has helped propel my business. Mentors help put you on the fast track to reaching your goal, saving you months, years or even decades of lost time, money and tears on trial and error if you were to go at it alone.

Getting unstuck is the first step.

Nowadays I build and monetize blogs for a living, and sell them for profit. (I recently sold my 1-year-old beauty blog for $50,000).

In addition, I also have become a mentor myself, helping aspiring bloggers learn affiliate marketing via the HerPaperRoute Blog School, and my 1:1 blog mentorship services.


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If you are feeling anchored in the wrong stage in life and in your business, and are ready to make a change, do it.

It’s time to hire a business mentor.


Getting Unstuck Isn’t Difficult When You Have A Mentor

If you could use a blog mentor to help get you to the next place in your business, contact me. Let’s figure out a plan for your blog!




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