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How Business Owners Can Initiate Anti-Racist Healing Conversations

Let’s start having more open, anti-racist healing conversations. Because Black Lives Matter.

Here on the HerPaperRoute Podcast, we discuss the many waves you ride as an entrepreneur. And we don’t shy away from impactful topics.

Today I’m joined by Dawn Walton to discuss something very important. Its how you, me, and everyone as a global community can speak up about racism.

How we as business owners can show our support and our company’s support for black people, black businesses and black creators.

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How Business Owners Can Initiate Anti-Racist Healing Conversations

Talking about racism may make you feel uncomfortable but it is in these healing conversations that real change and progress will take form.

Today I am honored to have Dawn Walton of Particular & Powerful Consulting here on the HerPaperRoute Podcast.

Dawn is an educator and coach. She offers workshops for individuals and businesses to open the lines of communication about social justice, racism, and equality in our workplaces, schools, communities, and homes.

About Dawn Walton

Dawn encourages healing conversations around racism and demonstrates how we can all create a plan of action to do better, speak up, and become true anti-racists.

Dawn’s work in helping people make public and private choices rooted in intelligence and sound judgment, has never been more relevant.

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How Business Owners Can Initiate Anti-Racist Healing Conversations

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