Ultimate Bundles – Work at Home Bundle Review

This is a Work at Home Bundle review, which will show you exactly what you get if you decide to invest.

Ultimate Bundles are the creators of this brilliant package of courses, who have a solid reputation for producing super helpful, value for money bundles.

If you don’t already know, Ultimate Bundles are bunches of eBooks, eCourses and resources, relating to a particular niche that are offered at a hugely discounted price.

The majority of Ultimate Bundles are valued at over $1,000 but cost anywhere between $30-$90.

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UPDATE: This sale has ended but you can still get free access to the Entrepreneur Toolkit!

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work at home bundle review

Ultimate Bundles – Work at Home Bundle Review

It can be tough to decide what path to actually make, when working from home. There are many ways to make money working remotely.

This is why I recommend the Work at Home Bundle as a good place to start. You get high value, tons of guidance about multiple ways to make money online and only a small investment is required.

Sound good?

Right, we are going to dive into the Work at Home Bundle review so you can decide for yourself.


Product: Work at Home Bundle

Price: $47 (plus an additional $10 if you want the helpful cheat sheets)

Value: $1,603.90

Content: 11 eCourses, 9 eBooks, 4 Printables and Workbooks, 4 Templates

Sections: Job opportunities, Personal development, Productivity, Side hustle, Work/life balance

Sneak peek of what you’ll learn;

  • How to create, launch and grow your online presence
  • Guide to working at home and avoiding scams
  • How to create money-making side hustles?
  • Virtual assistant jumpstart course
  • From $0-$1,000: how to create your own work from home job
  • How to find real work from home jobs

And much more! Check below for a full, in-depth review of the Work at Home Bundle.

Everything is backed by a 30-day money-back, happiness guarantee. So if for any reason you purchase and decide it’s just not for you, Ultimate Bundles will happily refund your payment.

Work at Home Bundle Review — Who Are Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles was created by Stephanie Langford and her partner Ryan. They started off in 2012 with their first healthy living bundle which ended up being a massive success.

This spurred the husband and wife team to see the value in bundles and they decided to expand to create more. Bundles in many niches followed, as did more people joining their team as the company grew.

The Ultimate Bundles company, now offers bundles of digital products in blogging, photography, self-care, travel, homemaking, productivity, sustainable living, homeschooling and many more niches.

Each bundle pulls together the most valuable e-learning content from a range of established contributors across the world. The content is already being sold by the owners on their own blogs and social media.

Ultimate Bundles takes this awesome content and bundles it together offering a high value, low-cost product.

What Is Inside the Work at Home Bundle?

work at home bundle review

The Work at Home Bundle 2020 has only just been launched and will be available till mid-2021. This means the content is still super relevant and just waiting for you to put it into action.

In the bundle, you’ll get 9 Ebooks, 11 Ecourses + audio files plus 8 printables packs + templates.

Altogether, it’s over $1,600 worth of wisdom.

Here’s an exact breakdown of what you get inside the Work at Home Bundle.

Job Opportunities

$331.95 worth of resources – Includes 3 eBooks, 1 workbook & 1 eCourse.

  1. How to find real work from home jobs. Here you’ll learn how to find actual, legitimate jobs from home plus you’ll get a list of companies hiring.
  2. The ultimate guide to make money and save money at home. Over 100 frugal recipes and tips to improve every area of your finances.
  3. Remote job bundle. Help to organize and optimize your job search.
  4. Virtual assistant jumpstart. All you need to know about starting a virtual assistant business and get your first clients.
  5. From $0-$1,000: how to create your own work from home job. Fifteen tried and true ways to earn an income from home.

Personal Development

$666 worth of resources – Includes 2 templates, 1 membership site & 3 eCourses.

  1. Professional media kit template. Learn how to make an impression with brand pitches.
  2. Independent contractor agreement. Plug-and-play agreement template professionally drafted by an experienced lawyer.
  3. Business planning retreat intensive. Your action orientated toolbox teaching you how to host your own retreat.
  4. Freedom income mastermind. Don’t do it alone. Join these mastermind meetings with other parents building online businesses while raising a family.
  5. Brand your business. Design a strategic and stunning brand for your business.
  6. Become a powerful, confident speaker on camera. Yes, success requires you to step outside that comfort zone. And, if talking on camera scares you, this is exactly what you need.


$142.98 worth of resources – Includes 2 templates, 1 eBook, 1 workbook, 1 printable & 1 eCourse.

  1. Outsourcing planner. Once you have the bare bones of your online business setup, you can start to outsource a lot of the boring stuff. This section will teach you how.
  2. Work at home schedule templates. Learn how to get a schedule in place, to ensure you get everything done.
  3. Towards person productivity. Productivity doesn’t mean being busy. It means doing the right tasks to move you forwards each day.
  4. It’s about time management. Get more done in less time. Learn how…
  5. It’s my time. The tool you need to budget your time like you budget your money.
  6. Work at home job search Trello templates. Get your job search organized with Trello templates.

Side Hustle

$297.98 worth of resources – Includes 3 eBooks, 1 printable & 3 eCourses.

  1. Pricing calculator and handbook. Learn how to price your new product and why it’s important.
  2. Create your own side hustle. Learn how to build your dream business/side hustle in less than a month, even around your current job.
  3. Confidence techniques for aspiring or newbie freelance writers. Learn valuable insights on how to build confidence so you can go after bigger, better paying freelance gigs.
  4. Power bundle: 1 month to 1k + 5 side hustles that actually work. Get inside WalletWins most popular, successful mini course.
  5. Create, launch and grow your online presence. Turn your passion into income with Abi Faniran.
  6. Digital marketing quickstart. The #1 course teaching you how to build a lead generating website.
  7. The work at home training program. Learn how to make money from home and avoid online scams.

Work-Life Balance

$164.99 worth of resources – Includes 2 eBooks & 2 eCourses.

  1. The work at home survival guide. A 101 page guide teaching you everything you need to know about working from home
  2. Stretched too thin. A video course helping working mums balance their precious time
  3. Work from home. A complete game plan for working at home
  4. Master the balancing act. Get tips on how to balance a job, a side hustle, family, social and any other commitments

Who Is the Work at Home Bundle Right for?

The Work at Home Bundle is right for anyone wanting to start making money from home or while they travel. It’s packed full of actionable content, which you can start using straight away.

Be aware you will have to be motivated to actually do the required work. It’s self-paced learning, so you need to set aside time each day to study and put things into action. People who will benefit from the Work at Home Bundle are;

  • Stay at home Moms/Dads wanting to make extra money
  • People who want to break free from the 9-5 and start their own business
  • People who are happy in their regular job, but want to start a money-making side hustle
  • Digital nomads who are travelling or are planning to travel
  • Someone who needs a little guidance to pick the best remote career for them
  • Individuals who may have tried an online business before and failed
  • You already work from home but want ideas to work smarter and get more done

What is The Cost of the Work at Home Bundle?

You get over $1,600 worth of value for a tiny $47. You can pay an extra $10 to also get the cheat sheets.

These cheat sheets are time-saving, allowing you to review all the content in the Ebooks and Ecourses in less than half the time. I recommend getting the cheat sheets, just because I know time is precious and you will be able to dive straight into the main topics of the bundle you are interested in most.

Then when you have more time, you can go into the courses that you skimmed over.

How to Get Started with The Work at Home Bundle?

Once you have purchased the Work at Home Bundle, you should log into your dashboard. Here you will see all the Ebooks, Ecourses and cheat sheets available. You can either download one at a time as you go through them, or you can click the ‘download everything’ button, to get all the content in a zip folder.

When you download the Ecourses, do not panic when it asks you to pay. You have to add in the coupon codes, which are provided on purchase of the bundle. After adding the coupon code in, click apply and then at checkout your bill will show $0.

Pros and Cons of the Work at Home Bundle


30-day happiness guarantee: This is a big pro meaning if you go through the bundle in the first month and decide it just isn’t for you, you can get your money back, no questions asked. This takes the stress out of the purchase for you, especially if you’re not sure if it’s really right for you.

Quality products from established entrepreneurs: The content contributors are all established bloggers and entrepreneurs, who have already had great success online. Ultimate Bundles has an expert team who searches out great bloggers to contribute to their bundles, so you can be rest assured you’ll only get top information

Ultimate Bundles is an established company: The Ultimate Bundles team has a proven track record of creating awesome bundles. They have been featured on CNN and have been reviewed thousands of times online.

The courses are self-paced: Being Ebooks and Ecourses, you can study the content at your own pace. This means you can fit in learning around whatever else you have going on!


The amount of content could be overwhelming for some: You will receive 28 pieces of content in the form of Ebooks, Ecourses, audio files and printables. The key is to NOT try and do everything in the first weekend, or you may experience overwhelm. Take your time to study each course and take action on what you learn. Building a successful remote career is a process, not a race!

Because it is self-study, some may find it hard to get motivated: You will have to be motivated to actually put time aside and study the content. If you’re not motivated to do this, it’s probably not the right time for you to invest in this bundle. Aim for small study periods with breaks after. I find this helps me. If I try to do too much at once, I just zone out and don’t properly absorb the content.

Conclusion of the Work at Home Bundle Review – Is It Worth Buying?

In my opinion – YES the Work at Home Bundle is definitely worth the money. If you bought all the content separately, you’d pay over $1,000.

I’ve had great reviews from people who have already purchased the bundle. And this is why I wanted to make this Work at Home Bundle review, to let others know how great it is.

If you are looking to;

  • Start a successful career from home
  • Want to start a new money-making side hustle
  • Become a confident speaker on camera
  • Apply to remote, well-paying companies that are hiring
  • Build a new career as a virtual assistant or freelance writer
  • Develop your own work from home job
  • Make an extra 1k+ per month
  • Learn the business side of how to promote yourself and manage your time
  • Be more productive and more organized

Then this Work at Home Bundle is right for YOU!

You can check out even more detail about the bundle, by clicking the button below. If you can’t decide, remember there is the 30-day happiness guarantee, allowing you to check it out with no risk.

work at home bundle review

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