I need money desperately and quickly - What to Do If You Need Money Desperately

I Need Money Desperately: How To Get Money Quickly!

We’ve all been in a place where we desperately needed money. You’re either between paychecks or running low on cash, and then suddenly a financial disaster strikes, and you require money – and need it now!

You may find yourself managing your money ineffectively and you can’t stretch your money from one paycheck to the next. 

Below I’ll cover various ways to get money fast without committing any illegal acts. Keep reading if you’re desperate for cash and need to make some cash quickly. 

What to Do If You Need Money Desperately

What should you do when you need money desperately? You’ll first need to figure out how much money you need right now and then make a plan for earning it, which I’ll go over below.

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The information I’m about to share with you can help you out of a sticky situation and get you the money you’re desperately needing. I still believe that you should delve into the root causes of how you got into this financial situation because prevention methods are better than last-minute solutions.

You don’t want the stress of having to desperately scrape together money. For this reason, you should look at all your financial responsibilities and see why you aren’t making ends meet. 

The most important thing you need to do during this process is being honest with yourself when making these judgments, as this is going to help prevent yourself from getting right back into the same predicament.

This advice is simple food for thought that might help in your financial journey, but what I’m about to cover is definitely going to help you make some quick cash. 

I Need Money Desperately (But I Have Bad Credit)

Many people find themselves in a position where they desperately need money but also have bad credit. This significantly hinders the number of avenues you can explore when looking to get some quick cash.

For example, having a bad credit score means that you can’t get a cash advance or will pay higher interest rates on loans. 

This might not be a necessarily bad thing as I wouldn’t recommend that anyone seek a cash advance unless it’s a matter of life or death and you’re planning to pay back the money as quickly as you’ve taken it out.

The two best ways to make money when you have bad credit are to sell items you already own:

Sell Your Junk 

There are several websites available that allow you to sell your junk online is endless. Websites like eBay, Amazon, and Craig’s List are also excellent options if you’re looking to sell your items cheaply and quickly.

The chances are excellent that, if you bought it, someone is going to be willing to purchase it. This is a great way to get some extra cash, but you should also take note that the initial setting up and shipping off can be quite time-consuming.

This is because the items need to be verified and shipped, while the payment is only received after seven to ten business days. This cash-making method’s value shouldn’t be disregarded entirely since it’s a valid method.

If you don’t want to ship your items, look into local marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or NextDoor to sell your items.

Monetize Your Free Time Using Apps

Apps won’t get you a ton of money but they may help you get by. There are apps where you earn cashback on items you already buy.

You can also earn money from apps that let you play games, perform simple tasks, and more. If you’re waiting in an office or on public transportation, you can use that time to earn money instead. Check out my list of the best apps for making money for ideas.

Sell Your Concert or Sports Tickets

If you have any concert tickets or season sports tickets, you can sell these for hard cash. In most cases, you aren’t likely to gain the face value of the tickets unless they’re in high demand, but you’re still going to recoup a fair portion of the money you initially spent on the tickets.

In other cases, like if you have marquee performances or playoff games, you have an excellent chance of making well above the tickets’ face value. You might be upset about missing out on this concert or the big game, but it isn’t that big of a deal if you’re desperate for money. 

Ways to Get ‘Free Money’

‘Free Money’ is best described as getting money for nothing. The internet has offered a variety of ways where you can gain ‘free money’ from a number of different activities.

The methods listed below show you the best ways to earn money without selling your belongings. 

Take Surveys

There are many different websites online that allow you to submit surveys and pay you for it. A general rule is that the more time taken to complete the survey, the more money you’re likely to receive.

You shouldn’t expect to earn hundreds of dollars from completing a survey, but you can see some good money when looking at the right sites. 

Some individuals have struck gold in some cases where they found surveys that paid $10 each, but this is quite rare to find a 20-minute survey paying such a high amount. To help you out, I’ve made a list of the highest-paying survey sites.

You also need to build up enough money in your wallet on the specific website before you can withdraw the funds into your bank account. This amount is minimal, and shouldn’t take too long before you’re able to withdraw the cash into your bank account. 

Start Using Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks

Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are both websites that pay you minimal amounts of money to perform a variety of different tasks. These various activities could include commenting on ads, watching videos, shopping, or playing games.

The list of these activities is continuously being added to. I will warn you that you shouldn’t expect to become wealthy after using these sites, but you do have the opportunity to earn a few extra bucks by spending a little amount of time online.

Most of these websites require you to acquire a minimum of $30 before you’re actually paid. 

Borrow Money from Family and Friends

Let’s face it. This is the one method of getting some cash that we all are wanting to avoid.

The beauty about borrowing money from your friends and family is that you’re likely to receive this cash as soon as you ask for it as long as you have a good relationship and this is a one-time thing.

This method does take sincerity and humility in order to have a less awkward experience that doesn’t put any strain on these respective relationships. 

I would like to remind you that you should NEVER borrow any money from your friends and family if you don’t have any intention to repay the loan back or if you’re fully aware that you can’t meet the terms of the loan repayment.

I would also like to add that you should treat this method with the most caution as this can rapidly deteriorate any relationship. 

Cash Out Credit Card Rewards

If you’re a credit cardholder, cashing out your credit card rewards might be a great option if you’re in desperate need of money. Many cashback credit cards pay you, the cardholder, back a particular percentage of what you have spent.

This is similar to a rebate. While it takes spending money to earn the points, if you already use a rewards credit card, you might as well check to see if you have enough built up to cash out.

Sell Unused Gift Cards

There are a large number of websites that provide you with the ability to resell your unused gift cards for a slightly lower face value. These websites allow you to get the money in as little as two days, but this time period is even shorter for e-gift cards.

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Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

If you need money fast, the first thing people think about is selling their belongings. This sparks a new question since not many people know what stuff they can sell other than their TV and other large electronics.

Below I’ve made a list of other items you likely have at home that you could sell easily for cash.


Jewelry is one of those items that might actually be valued very high in the right hands. Why should your ‘expensive and glamorous’ jewelry be left lying around your home begging to be used when someone would happily take it off your hands and pay you for it. 

If you’re a collector of good-quality jewelry, you might be lucky because the value of these items holds better than costume jewelry. You might not even realize that a pair of old earrings you no longer wear have some significant value.

Not only are you freeing up space in your jewelry box, you’re also getting the money that you require. 


Clothing is an item that has value, which is entirely disregarded by the majority of people. If you have quality clothing, you can simply head to a thrift or consignment store.

The majority of consignment stores have the reputation of buying your unwanted clothing outright. This eliminates the consignment that’s commonly associated with selling your clothing, which is going to allow you to walk away with some cash in your wallet.

This is one of the easiest ways to gain some money fast, especially if you have a closet of clothing you never wear. 

Old Appliances and Phones

Most people have an old phone or appliance that isn’t being used. You might have decided to upgrade your phone or don’t use your household appliances that still work.

These valuable products are now sitting somewhere in your home, gathering dust. That’s why you should sell them.

There are various websites that allow you to use your old appliances and phones. 

You’re also able to sell your old iPods, tablets, and MP3 players for cash. This can help you gain some money in a relatively quick timeframe.  

Unique Ways to Make Money When You Are Desperate

Now that I have told you about the more standard ways that you can go about earning money, I’m also going to mention the more unconventional methods of making money when you’re in a financially sticky situation.

Here are some of the best and most unique ways that you can make some extra cash: 

Rent A Room Out

If you live on a property that has extra space, you should consider renting it out. Getting a roommate or even a tenant is one of the best ways of cutting costs and rapidly saving money.

I would highly recommend that you first ensure you’ve done the proper research before deciding on a roommate. Some local areas may not allow multi-family dwellings or listing your home for vacation rentals.

You can even make use of websites, like VRBO, if you live nearby or in a highly touristy location. These websites help market your room so you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Do Odd Jobs

There are many different things that could be considered odd jobs, especially with the inclusion of jobs available online nowadays. That’s why I’ve made this list of some of the most painless odd jobs that you can do to earn some cash when you’re facing a financially difficult time.

Here are some great ways of earning some quick cash: 

Become a Dog or Sit Sitter

If you love being around animals, then being a pet or dog sitter might be an excellent opportunity for you to get some easy cash quickly. If you really love animals, then looking after someone’s pet isn’t going to feel like a job whatsoever.

This makes it relatively effortless to spend some time with the animals and get paid for it. This post walks you through becoming a pet sitter and getting clients fast.

There are also many other benefits that come with dog walking. You aren’t just looking after dogs and getting paid for it. You’re also getting some exercise by spending some time outdoors walking.

I would also like to mention that this could be a fantastic way to ‘borrow money from your friends or family.’ Remember when I said that borrowing money from friends and family was one of the easiest ways to get some cash when you’re desperate.

I also advised that you should never take any money from your friends or family if you don’t have any intention of paying them back or can’t fulfill the repayment plan. Walking or looking after your friends’ or family members’ dogs could be an excellent way of ‘paying back the money.’

This also helps with the ego problem that’s commonly associated with borrowing money from people that you’re close to. This is a simple suggestion, but you could ask for all the money you’re needing upfront and then work it off slowly by looking after their pets.

Become a Customer Service Representative

Customer service plays an essential role in any business, and its forever growing and changing with the inclusion of the internet.

This has led to the customer service industry becoming one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world, which means that you’re likely to find numerous opportunities where you can get hired as an online or in-person customer service representative. 

You might already have a busy work or study schedule and aren’t able to commit to such a job. That shouldn’t stop you as the evening and weekend customer service positions are also plentiful.

Having this opportunity to work around your day job is incredibly convenient and allows you to earn some extra cash. 

Participate in Focus Groups and Research Studies

There are many different research studies and focus groups that pay participants for offering their time to collecting research and information. This is something that’s restricted to the area you live in, but you do have a good chance of finding a few studies online.

Those who live close to university towns have a greater chance of getting the opportunity to participate in a research study or focus group. 

Numerous specialized research projects pay good money for your time. Some pay by the hour, and others offer a flat rate for your contribution to the study.

Online studies are known for being more convenient as you can work around your day job, but all of these studies are generally interesting to partake in, and you’re getting paid for it. 

Become a Tutor

Becoming a tutor is one of the easiest ways of making some extra money on a part-time basis. (Go here to see how much you can realistically make.)

There is a massive misconception that you need an advanced degree in order to work as a tutor. This simply isn’t the case.

You’re provided with the opportunity to work as a tutor if you believe that you can teach a specific subject or topic really well. Check out these online tutoring jobs that are perfect for beginners.

For example, you might be a great guitarist that needs to make some extra cash. If this is the case, you can quickly start tutoring younger students who are looking to learn how to play the guitar.

Not only are you getting some extra cash from teaching these students. You’re also spending your time doing something you’re familiar with and something you thoroughly enjoy doing. 

Tutoring is an excellent odd job to do if you’re desperate for money. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one of the best benefits is that you get to choose your own working hours.

The amount of time you spend working and the amount you get paid are also dictated by yourself, so you can fit this odd job into your existing work or study schedule. 

Begin a Few Micro Jobs

The thought of earning minimal amounts of money might be discouraging, but this shouldn’t turn you away from starting to conduct micro-jobs. Small earnings can quickly add up to a considerable amount of money.

Many people aren’t familiar with what a micro job is, so I shall enlighten you today. A micro job is classified as a small, task-orientated type of activity that is offered on a temporary basis. 

There are various websites that provide you with the ability to quickly start conducting micro-jobs. These websites also give you the opportunity to gain small amounts of cash at a relatively quick rate.

A significant advantage of micro jobs is that these jobs are easy and fast to conduct and don’t come with any commitment. 

Sell Your Plasma

This is definitely one of the more unique ways to making money. Many people don’t know that you can actually get paid for your plasma, which is why this method of getting cash isn’t often utilized.

Many donation centers are going to pay you from $25 to $50 for your plasma, and you’re also able to sell your plasma at one specific place up to two times each week. 

I would like to mention that there is a massive difference between donating blood and selling your plasma. You don’t get pay for donating your blood, which is why you should clearly distinguish between the two when making your request. 

So Many Ways to Earn Money Fast

As we have seen, there are numerous ways of earning money fast. No matter what your current financial position is, you have the opportunity to make some quick cash.

You can sell your event tickets or use your credit card rewards. You can work endless amounts of different and exciting odd jobs to earn some quick cash.

After reading this article, it’s also clear that you should never underestimate the value of items you already have lying around your house. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

You have the opportunity to make some good cash when selling your unwanted goods online. 

Many different avenues exist that help you to earn some extra cash at a relatively quick rate. Have some extra space in your garage or apartment? Odds are, you have the opportunity to make some cash.

If you don’t have any extra space, you shouldn’t worry, as you can quickly sell your plasma for a quick buck. The options are endless and becoming more easily accessible, thanks to the internet, which can help you get out of a sticky financial situation and fast. 

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