Online Jobs For College Students

11 Online Jobs For College Students Requiring No Experience

What happens when you’re sitting in your dorm room, bored, with no money to do anything? You might go to a friend’s dorm and sit there bored too. Or, you could be putting that time to better use.

I remember what it was like being a college kid without any money. College is expensive, and it seems like money is always flowing out, but never coming in. 

You need a financial pick-me-up! This list of legitimate online jobs for college students is a great way to start. You don’t need any experience and you are even able to do some from a smartphone.

Freelance jobs give schedule flexibility, which means you’ve got time to study. Each suggestion I put on the list is part-time and legitimate. The pay does vary, but you can do each one from your dorm or online while at home.

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1. Create A Blog

Creating a blog isn’t necessarily the average at-home job. It isn’t going to give you instant gratification either.

Blogging is something that pays off with time and effort. There are established blogs that earn the creator a six-figure income each month. They’re hard work, but they have serious payoffs.

If you’re a student and serious about a part-time job, consider creating your blog and monetizing it through affiliate links and advertisements. I mentioned that it takes time to generate traffic, but within the first few months, you could earn about $200/month just from affiliate sales if you chose your keywords right.

It can take time and effort to learn how to monetize your blog, but you can follow my guide that shows you the steps that I used in creating this blog and others.

2. Online Proofreading

As a college student, you’ve had to take an English class or two in your lifetime. Now, you can test those grammar skills and make them work for you to earn money. It’s possible to earn money from home, being a freelance proofreader.

Online proofreading jobs can pay up to $50 an hour. They don’t necessarily require a lot of experience to do it either. As long as you know proper grammar, you can work for almost anyone. 

People who publish their content online might want to hire a proofreader. Take this free webinar to learn if you’ve got what it takes and how to find jobs. It walks you through all the steps of proofreading even if you’re a complete beginner.

3. Online Tutoring

Those who enjoy the one-on-one approach might consider online tutoring. You’re going to need a bachelor’s degree to work for many of the websites but not all.

Online tutoring is a home-based job that requires no investment. Of course, you get a flexible work schedule and can make $20 or more an hour.

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, there are some companies that will still hire you as an online tutor. Each company has its own requirements so take the time to check them out.

4. Task Websites

I’m not a huge fan of paid surveys as a job because it’s so hard to qualify or earn a decent wage. You could spend 15 minutes and make $1, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

I only recommend paid surveys when you’re looking to monetize short bursts of free time in between classes or while waiting in line.

It is possible to research options that are reputable and have decent payouts.

Task websites are a good alternative to paid surveys. You earn points and can turn them in for cash rewards. From there, you watch videos, answer questions, and shop online.

Some sites require you to search for a particular keyword and explain where within the results it was located. These can be fun. You end up doing little things that might mean nothing to you, but they matter a lot to the companies sponsoring the task.

It’s important to research these websites and read testimonials from others. That way, you know they’re legitimate.

The pay might not be extravagant, but you don’t need experience and you can do a task or two between classes.

5. Rent Your Things

Did you know that you could rent your belongings to others online? This concept is relatively new, but it has potential.

Of course, you need items that other people need. Some examples include music equipment, cameras, tools, electronics, and more. If there’s a use for it, someone might want to rent it.

Prices for items vary, so you should check out various websites to find the best rates for what you have. Also, be sure to read the fine print carefully. The website owner isn’t likely responsible for damages.

Make sure you have solid contracts in place that protect you in the case of theft or damage.

6. Test Websites And Apps

Have you ever used an app and found bugs? You wanted to report it, but didn’t know how. Now, you can review mobile applications and websites by making a short video about it.

The current rate is $10 for a 10 to 20-minute review. Depending on the website, you may have a lot or a few apps to review. 

This is a newer concept, but many startups utilize these services. It’s a great way for companies to generate buzz, and find out what’s wrong with their sites and apps.

7. Sell Online Courses

Do you enjoy helping others? Online tutoring is a great way to teach people in real-time, but you might not like the one-on-one idea. Create an online course and sell it instead.

The subject matter can be almost anything. Keep in mind, that you do want to choose something others want to learn, where there isn’t much competition. Simple subjects, such as cooking and gardening, can be perfect. 

Students often make excellent online courses because they’re already in a classroom setting each day. You could build an effective online class with what you already know. If it’s very popular, you could end up generating thousands in profits each month.

There are countless platforms to help you create professional and detailed online courses. Instructors have made a lot of money from them, and you can, too.

8. Join Instacart And Deliver Groceries

While Uber is the go-to side hustle for most people, it’s hard without a vehicle. Plus, you’re using your car, so there’s more wear and tear. Instacart is starting to give ride-share services a run for the money.

You can deliver groceries to others and get paid. Plus, you can do it whenever you have extra time or the urge to work. 

Of course, you must be approved as a delivery driver, but when that happens, you can log into your app to receive your orders. Work as long as you want, and whenever the mood arises.

I believe that Instacart is better for the side hustler than Uber because you often get better tips. Even with a standard tip, you could earn up to $30 an hour just delivering groceries.

9. Online Research Studies

This option isn’t suitable for everyone. It works best for those who live or go to school in metropolitan areas. Online research studies allow people to earn quite a bit of money.

You can find both consumer and medical options, and some of them are done online. Most of the medical studies require you to go to a facility for testing and treatments. You may need to qualify by having a specific condition or disease. 

Consumer studies may require you to use a specific product and answer questions about it. Regardless, you can make a lot of money doing this.

Those who don’t live in a metropolitan area may have fewer options available to them. But, it is still possible to find jobs.

10. Data Entry

Data entry can turn many people away because it’s tedious. But, there are tons of jobs out there. More companies now require data entry clerks because the employees don’t want to do it themselves. You may work with databases, Excel files, or email management. 

There are various task websites available that offer different assignments. Some of them require you to bid on jobs, while others allow anyone to apply. It might help to join a few of these websites, so that you always have work, when you need it.

Companies are always looking for remote data entry clerks. Consider visiting your favorite job search website. Look for options in your area or remote typist jobs.

11. Dropshipping

Have you ever heard of dropshipping? I didn’t know what it was, either, but it’s an interesting idea that’s taking the world by storm.

It requires you to buy a cheap product and then sell it for a higher price through Amazon, eBay, or Shopify.

That’s the general concept, but there’s a slight twist. You don’t actually have to buy the product and ship it to your home. The process is now automated.

For example, if you sell items through Shopify, just virtually import the items you’re selling from a cheap site to yours through an app. There are a few of them out there, and Oberlo is one of the best.

Once the products are in your store, promote them using Facebook ads and Google shop ads. When someone buys it, you order it from a cheap website, such as Aliexpress, and it ships directly to the buyer.

It can take a little time to set everything up, but you can practically make money without effort. Just make sure you’re choosing products that people want.


Online jobs for college students are great because they offer a flexible schedule and good pay. Plus, you will develop some new skills through these jobs too, such as typing or selling things.

Communication is key, and much of that happens through email and other written forms nowadays. Business skills from selling items are going to stay with you regardless of what you do in life. Through these online jobs you can earn money while gaining invaluable skills for your future career.

The amount of money earn might not be much. You will have to balance your time in order to also focus on your education. But, you can earn enough to have fun and enjoy the full college experience. 

Primarily, these jobs are quick, allowing you to spend a few minutes on them before your upcoming class. Or, as a way to cut boredom and help you earn rewards.

Plus, you don’t need any experience to do them. Certain jobs could require particular equipment, such as a computer with a full keyboard. Regardless, you can pick and choose the jobs that meet your lifestyle and preferences.

Lastly, if you desire a full- or part-time remote job, consider creating an account with an online job search engine. Browse the listings, and you just might find another option for making money that was not on this list.

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