The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018 – 24 Hour Flash Sale!


Update: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle has ended- but you can still get FREE access to the HerPaperRoute Profitable Entrepreneur Toolkit:


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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale November 5-6th 2018

If you could use some streamlining in any (or all!) aspects of your life, hear this.

Today the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is having a 24 hour flash sale.

I am calling it the Ultimate Mother Hustler Bundle because it is packed with so many amazing resources for entrepreneurial women.

The bundle includes 129 ebooks, courses, printables, memberships sites and more (value at over $3,600) with all products geared towards helping busy moms and mom bosses in all areas of our lives.

Including Resources For:

  • Your Blog & Social Media
  • Your Business & How To Make More Money From Home
  • Your Self (Fitness, Mental Health, Self-Care, Self improvement)
  • Your Style (Capsule Wardrobe Books!)
  • Your Home, Organization & Decluttering
  • Your Money, Budget & Income
  • Your Family, Relationship, Your kids
  • Education, Homeschooling
  • Meal Prep, Cooking & Entertaining
  • There is even a whole section on faith based resources, too.

Contents: 62 eBooks, 34 printable packs & workbooks, 3 membership sites, 30 eCourses, videos & audios

Recipe & Printable Count: 441 recipes & 3,100 printable

Total value: $3,687.47

My premium blogging course Be Your Own Blog Boss is included in the bundle too!

Be Your Own Blog Boss is the complete roadmap to help you develop your blog into a profitable business from the ground up.

We cover all aspects of running a blog as a business, covering affiliate marketing, product creation, social media marketing, branding and more!

And it only costs $29.97

That’s it. You get $3,687.47 worth of helpful products you can actually USE to IMPROVE your life, for less that $30.


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To Answer Your Questions About The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


I realize that not everyone even really understands what a “bundle” is, so, to answer some questions you may be having right now:


Q1: Is this one big course? Or a bunch of different products?</strong>

A1: This bundle is a collection of 62 eBooks, 30 eCourses, videos &amp; audios, 34 printables &amp; workbooks, and 3 membership sites.

Inside this bundle, you will find tons of resources with hundreds of recipes, printables, budget planners, money-making resources and a whole heck of a lot more.


Q2: What am I going to do with so many resources?

A2: You are going to use them to rock your life! 129 resources is a lot, I know, so you may not use every resource, but the ones you do use, are going to give you so much benefit, and for such a small financial investment.

There are 30 resources alone that are worth as much or more than the cost of the bundle itself. (My course, Be Your Own Blog Boss, for example sells for $145 on its own).

So, even if you may not use every resource in the bundle, it would still be really hard to not save a ton of money anyway.


Q3: How do I know I’m actually getting good quality products and not just a bunch of “throw-away” eBooks?

A3: The Ultimate Bundles team spends months reviewing potential contributors, approaches only the best for inclusion, and then only accepts the top products that they think will have the most appeal out of those.

They are highly selective and it shows.


Q4: OK, but what if I buy it and don’t like it?

A4: Although Ultimate Bundles has an extremely low return rate at less than 1/4 of the industry standard, there are some people who it doesn’t work for.

That’s why they offer a 100% happiness guarantee refund policy. If you don’t love it, just email [email protected] to ask for a full refund.


Q5: Can I just wait and purchase it some other time? Isn’t this “limited time only” just a sales gimmick?

A5: You’re right, sometimes that’s used as a sales gimmick

However, because of the unique nature of this sale (Ultimate Bundles does not have the perpetual right to sell the eBooks and eCourses in the bundle) and in order to honor their contracts with these product creators, the sale will truly end on Tuesday, November 6th.


Q6: This sounds like a scam. Can you prove it’s not?

A6: I know it seems too good to be true. Pay $29.97 for $3,687+ in resources? Doesn’t that mean someone’s losing big time? Or the prices are inflated?

I totally get your concerns. I have worked with Ultimate Bundles as an affiliate and contributor for a long time, and I can tell you that they are a legit company.

Even though we contributors are including our products in a bundle that costs less than our products, we product creators get exposure to new potential readers, which can pay off in big ways later.

And when you buy a bundle through your favorite blogger (hopefully me!), you’ll support us, too!

Plus, the bundle is offered for such a short time that we can go back quickly to selling our products at full price.

In short, it’s a great deal for everyone. Ultimate Bundles is a reputable company, so if you try the bundle and don’t like it within 30 days, just ask their friendly, helpful customer happiness team for a refund.


Have A Look

Have a look at the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle product list and see for yourself!

Remember, it’s only available for purchase right now, and the cart closes tomorrow (Nov 6th) at 11:59pm EST!





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