ultimate productivity bundle 2020 review

Ultimate Productivity Bundle Review

Ultimate Productivity Bundle Review. Is the Ultimate Productivity Bundle worth it? What exactly is included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle?

If you have been wondering whether it’s worth buying or not, read more for honest review below and then you can make your own decision!

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Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 Review

What is the Ultimate Productivity Bundle?

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle is a resource library filled with 73 digital products worth $2837.

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It includes 12 eBooks, 30 eCourses, 29 workbooks & printables and 2 membership sites, and you get access to everything for just $47.

It goes on sale for only one week of the year (every year it includes different products). The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 will be available on sale from January 2 – January 9, 2020.

If you are a blogger, entrepreneur, or an aspiring one, there’s a high chance you have been seeing posts about the Ultimate Productivity Bundle on social media and even in emails.

For this upcoming year of 2020, I really want to upgrade myself when it comes to my time management and productivity.

  • What would you do if you have extra hours during your day or weekend?
  • Why don’t you spend those extra hours to learn something new?

That is why I am super excited to explore and review the Ultimate Productivity Bundle because it’s more than just a bundle of courses, ebooks, and printables.

It’s the right source full of information and knowledge that will help you elevate yourself, your home life, and your work life!

Now, have you been feeling “stuck” when it comes to managing your personal life, home life, and work-life?

Because this is a great opportunity to apply practical productivity solutions created by people who understand what you are struggling with.

2020 ultimate productivity bundle

Who is the Ultimate Productivity Bundle For?

This bundle is curated and created by people just like you. They are the ones with real-life responsibilities from having a full-time job to side hustles, and families and kids to take care of.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 is a great way to upgrade your productivity, conquer your to-do list, reach your goals, and at the same time freeing up more time for yourself and your loved ones.

What’s Included in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle?

There are 8 different categories in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020:

  • Building Routine
  • Getting Organized
  • Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Planners
  • Review & Reflect
  • Shifting Mindset
  • Time Management

There is a total of 75 online courses, eBooks, worksheets, planners, membership sites, audios and more in this bundle.

My Personal Top 10 Favorites From The Bundle

I can’t reveal the full bundle yet (you will have to wait until January 2!) but I will share a couple of my favorites from the bundle to give you a taste of what’s in store.

Now, moving on to my Top 10 Personal Favorites from the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020!

21 Day Positive Mindset Challenge by Jennifer Smith

Lately, I’ve been listening to daily affirmations to help me reprogram my thoughts and mindset. And seeing a reliable 21 Day Positive Mindset Challenge as part of the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 was very exciting for me.

It comes with Action Plan for each day where you are able to use the space to record how you did what you did on that day.

But I have to let you know that some of the days also come with Bible verses for you to reflect on. So, this is a good practice if you are a Christian, but won’t apply to everyone.

ultimate productivity bundle 2020 review reflect

7 Days to Calm: A Simple Guide to Creating Routines that Work for You by MaryEllen Bream

Another great guide to help you learn how to conquer your daily routines.

I love how each of the days we are being encouraged to explore different aspects of our lives such as overcoming the obstacles, creating your routine, building good habits, and more.

If you are struggling with reconstructing your habits, this is a good one for you to start thinking about how you can achieve your desired goals!

Battling Imposter Syndrome, Beating Self Doubt by Jess Stuart

This is probably one of my top favorites because it dives deep into impostor syndrome and self-doubt. Personally, for me, this has been something that I really want to conquer especially in 2020.

Impostor syndrome and self-doubt are something that most people can resonate with especially among women.

This is why I would highly recommend you to take the time to watch each of the videos by Jess Stuart. My favorite part is the part where she talks about Navigating Perfectionism.

ultimate productivity bundle 2020 getting organized

Botanical Living: A Printable Productivity Planner by Shelby Abrahamsen

Like I mentioned before, I am a big fan of beautiful designs and the Botanical Living: A Printable Productivity Planner is so cute that you need to take a look at it!

It comes with the New Year Worksheets, Long-Term Planning, Monthly Pages, and Weekly Pages. A perfect set of printables to start your new year.

DrivenWoman Academy Membership by DrivenWoman

If you have been looking for ways on how you can beat procrastination and overwhelm, this is a great online membership site where you will be exposed to the program and community of women who are as ambitious as you are.

It started with the first three foundations called My Life Pyramid, My Life Matrix, and My Action Sheet. Once you’ve completed these three, the rest of the modules will be unlocked.

My favorite ones include Comfort Zone, Manifestive Lifestyle, and Dream I Don’t Dare to Tell.

ultimate productivity bundle 2020 shifting mindset

Habit Stacking: 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Steve Scott

Remember when I said I am trying to change habits that will lead me to take action to create a better lifestyle in 2020? Well, this Habit Stacking guide is definitely a must-read.

You get to discover how goals are related to habits and the psychology of habit stacking to tackling different areas of your life such career, finance, health, relationship and more.

I think this guide is well put together and professionally done, and I loved it.

Mind the Chatter: Master Your Inner Voice, Gain a Positive Mindset and Get Your Power Back! by Lise Cartwright

One of the things that I really loved about how Lise wrote this guide was how she explored the inner chatter that she had.

Although I never thought about naming my own inner chatter, I found it’s funny and informative as I read through this guide.

The most important thing is how you are being taught to reframe your mind and master your own inner voice. Anything with the power of mindset and reclaiming your power back is worth a read.

Refine your life purpose course mental wellness bundle 700b

Refine Your Life Purpose + Wellness by Samantha (LovelyRefinement)

Productivity and time management are not only just about organizing your personal life, home life, and work life. It’s also about self-care and listening to your own voice.

This is why I loved going through the materials Refine Your Life Purpose + Wellness by LovelyRefinement.

It helps you go through refining your life by setting and accomplishing your goals, tracking and changing your habits, and more!

The course focuses a lot on how to detach your emotions from negative thoughts and at the same time, building a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Organize Your Online World: An Easy Method to Organize Your Email, Apps, and Phone To Get Things Done & Prevent Mindless Scrolling by Rachel Norman

Are you overwhelmed with your online life that includes emails, social media, notifications, texts, and more emails?

Well, I highly recommend this guide by Rachel Norman if you want to organize your online world.

Personally, I’ve been very good at organizing my online life. I usually spend each day making sure I read incoming emails and unsubscribe to an email list that I’m no longer interested in at least once a week.

But this guide will help you to stay on top of your organization game and make your life less stressful.

ultimate productivity bundle 2020 planners

The Self Growth Journal: 365 Self-Reflection Questions by Nadalie Bardo

This is another great 365 days journal you can use for the entire 2020. I find that journaling each day does help a lot when it comes to re-organizing my own thoughts.

When I saw this, I knew that I had to check it out immediately.

One of my favorite parts about this self-growth journal is how each day, Nadalie encourages you by asking different questions that will lead you to think hard and deeply about yourself.

You will also get to read inspiring quotes on each page.

Pros & Cons Of The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

When it comes to the pros and cons, I only have these four opinions regarding the Ultimate Productivity Bundle:

The Positives:

1. There are a number of printables that are beautifully designed, eye-catching and professionally done. I loved going through them and picked the ones that I really liked.

2. For the price of a bundle, I personally think 75 courses sold as one big bundle is very reasonable and worth it.

Because each of them was created by people who are pretty much like me – struggling to stay organized – this is a great source for those who possess the laid-back personality.

The Negatives:

1. Some of the e-books and printables are not well-designed. I am not saying all of them, and certainly not the ones I recommended above, but some of the others.

Because I am more of a visual person, high-quality design is always something I am more attracted to. Perhaps, this is something that every creator should spend more time thinking for the next year’s bundle.

2. Some products made it feel “complicated” downloading. I feel like this is taking away the productivity part of this bundle.

How Can I Get the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020?

If you are intrigued by the Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020 and planning to purchase it, sign up below to get my secret bonus gift!

Get on my list here.

The bundle will be on sale from January 2 – January 9, 2020.

And with the number of courses, ebooks, videos, audios, worksheets, planners, and more, I really think the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is worth an investment.

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