mindset hacks to slay productivity

Mindset Hacks To Slay Productivity

Ready for some clever mindset hacks to slay productivity? Brentney Parks of totalfitbosschick.com is a certified coach, mindset and productivity strategist, podcaster with a top 20 Entrepreneurship podcast, and mom. She’s on the show today to show us how to hack our mindset and calm the chaos in business so that we can slay productivity. 

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Mindset hacks to slay productivity

Mindset Hacks To Slay Productivity

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Q. Welcome, Brentney! Take us back to back in the day, and lead us through your startup journey.

Okay. So just to give you a little bit of background, I have been a serial entrepreneur, and, and we, who hasn’t been these days, you know, like, we’ve tried so many different things.

But for me, it was kind of one of those things that that I said, I want to do something that’s not just for myself, but I want to do something for my family.

I want to leave a legacy to my daughter. Even before I had my daughter, I knew that I wanted to leave a legacy to the unborn child that I knew that I would eventually have/ I knew that I wanted to leave a mark.

And I wanted it to be different than just a run-of-the-mill type of business. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

So I went into coaching because that’s always been a calling for me. I started out being a mindset coach. And that comes back from when I was even as young as 13 people were coming to me about their relationships, about their marriages. I was like, “This was odd. I’m 13 years old, and they’re asking me for marriage advice?”

And so it’s so funny how we talk now, what do people come to you for? What type of advice do they ask you? And I was just kind of like that advice person, they would ask me about their jobs and their businesses.

The older I got, the more in-depth the questions got. And I said, “You know what, I need to start doing this. Because obviously, this is my calling.”

And so, unfortunately, but fortunately, I came to a near-death situation in my life that told me this is exactly what you need to be doing.

But I had to figure out how to do it, and work for me and my family without totally stressing out.

I was stage four cancer, not knowing. I was perfectly fine, healthy, everything going great.

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But I stressed myself out being the type of person who tried to take everybody else’s problems on they’re so on their shoulders. And that just doesn’t work in. So that’s actually why I’ve built the business that I have today. It’s because so many of us as women, we think we can handle everything.

I mean, almost every woman takes on so many things, especially if you’re a mom, you’re taking on tons of things left and right.

And we just don’t really take that time for ourselves and see that we need the self-care but at the same time, we need this success in business that we long for as well.

So we need that good balance. And that’s why I strive to live with no regrets because at a point, I could not have been here.

Chelsea: That is so incredible. I can’t even imagine and what you’ve overcome and the business that you’ve built from going through all of that, and what you’re able to do now, providing something for your family, you’re building generational wealth. Kudos to you!

Q. When we talk about calming the chaos in business, what type of chaos are you thinking of that people may be experiencing?

Oh, my goodness, there’s so so much chaos out there. That’s a great question.

Because one of the things that we do, we try to be more productive.

But what happens is, we have the wrong routine. A lot of times, because we’re listening to all the gurus that are out there telling us, you need to do this, and you need to do that.

You try this and wake up at five o’clock in the morning. To be honest with you, 66% of full-time employees in the United States don’t have work-life balance.

So with that being said, that means that they have chaos.

But they have the wrong routine. They set the wrong time in their life, they have the wrong method in the wrong mindset.

However, it’s an easy fix. Because all you have to do is figure out what works best for you.

I had to figure out what works for me. And that’s what actually drove me to create a two-minute productivity quiz that fits your personality.

It works for your personality and for your challenges that can tell you “Okay, based upon your responses to the questions, this method sounds like it’s best for you.”

A lot of times, we just pick a routine because somebody says try it. But is it personalized for you? Does it work for you?

We want to achieve all these wonderful, amazing things and we want to be productive and we want to be happy, but we’re not organized. I’m gonna be honest with you. I am a recovering perfectionist.

I’m also a recovering clutterbug, so perfectionist clutterbug. Yes, I wanted things to be right. But I also wanted to hold on to all of all of these amazing things as well. 

So I’m recovering from that and I’m allowing myself to be free from trying to be perfect. I’m letting that go.

I’m doing things to free myself from chaos. And this is what I’m trying to get other people to see as well.

Simple things like meal planning make a huge difference in freeing yourself from the chaos and, and being able to slay productivity.

Because how many times have you heard, “what’s for dinner tonight” in your head or somebody else in the house asks what’s for dinner? And so just freeing yourself from that just mental clutter of having to figure out what you need to eat or prepare. 

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Having a capsule wardrobe is another huge help. One in five people walk out of their closets upset or mad because they couldn’t find anything to wear.

As women, we spend six months out of our working life looking for something to wear. Can you see standing in your closet 24 hours straight for six months out of our lives? That’s what we’re doing, looking for something to wear.

So just simplifying our lives by having a capsule wardrobe makes a huge difference.

You’ve got people like Jennifer Aniston, you’ve got Mark Zuckerberg and Angelina Jolie, and even designers like Michael Kors, and Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford, they have adapted a capsule wardrobe, because they don’t want the stress of trying to figure out what to wear.

Now, I cannot stand decluttering! That’s why I say do something simple, like two to 15 minutes a day. Take two minutes, set your timer and pick one tiny space to declutter. Not a room. Not a closet. Just one section.

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Q. What is your morning routine?

So a morning routine that actually works is so important to me. Often, we’re overcomplicating things, and we’re overwhelming ourselves from the start.

If we can just keep it simple, and actually only do no more than three tasks in the morning, great. And that’s it, and only the tasks that move the needle. That’s it, if it doesn’t move the needle in the morning, then don’t do it in the morning.

As for me, I have to work out in the morning, if I’m going to work out it’s got to happen in the morning.

Because otherwise, after a long day, I’m not going to feel motivated to work out. So that’s something that I’ve got to make happen. That’s a no-brainer for me. But doing things like journaling or something like that, that I had loved to just kind of relax in. It’s a therapeutic practice to journal.

So that’s something I can do before bed, whenever I’m having a down moment or down energy in the day. That’s something I can do then versus filling my morning up with something like that.

Q. What are your tips for delegation?

It’s so important to know, early on what your non-negotiables are, what are your high priorities are.

Here’s a tip house a how to find it out, it’s actually a method that I made up, it’s called the 3033 method.

What you do is you take 30 seconds and you write out every single thing you can think of, just get it out of your head.

And then you take 30 seconds, and you circle the top three things that are the most important things.

Those top three things are what it is that you need to tackle first. If you get done that one top thing, you’ve won the day!

The best way to delegate things is to first know what it is that we’re doing.

What Is it now that I need to do? What is it that I cannot stand? Or what is it that I don’t do very fast or very well, and then delegate those things?

You cannot afford not to hire someone to do certain things. The reason why I say that is because we get ourselves so deep in the weeds that we can’t create, we can’t make money.

Because we’re so deep in doing things we don’t have any business doing. If you don’t know how to build a website, don’t do it.

If SEO is not your thing, if content writing is not your thing, step back from it. Know how to do it to the best of your ability, but step back from it and assign it to someone else.

Because of the money you can make during the time that you’re trying to figure it out. And fumbling through everything, you could be paying somebody else and then actually save you time.

So if you’ve got to create a product, if you’ve got to have a garage sale, if you’ve got to do whatever it is to get that extra income, definitely do it and don’t think about hiring somebody full time.

Even if you just hire them for certain tasks, things like that can make a huge difference.

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Q. Your podcast has landed the number 11 spot on the apple charts in entrepreneurship. So congratulations on that! What has helped you get there?

I truly believe that it’s the action. We don’t do a lot of, gingered talking, we just go right in. And it’s so action-packed in most of the time!

We also engage the audience. We have a poll question every show. I think that that’s instrumental.

We also have what’s called the mentoring moments. In the mentoring moments, it has been a whole nother show itself.

It’s a way to give people a small mentorship and quick advice. I believe that those are huge additives that have helped the show.

What’s amazing, it’s not like we have bazillions amounts of downloads. We have dedicated listeners who for whatever reason, have decided to push us to that spot.

And, and since we’ve last spoken, we have landed two additional countries that we’ve ranked in as well. We’re like, seven countries or so that we’ve ranked in, in all of that has been it no marketing really whatsoever. It’s just been very organic.

I believe that the transparency of the show has helped us with our success.

Q. Any last words of advice?

I would love to share my formula to live with no regrets. And that formula, I like to use it as an acronym. It’s zero regret. And basically, it’s just starting from ground zero.

When you wake up in the morning, you set your intention, set your intentions for the day, ask yourself what do I want to get out of this meeting?

Or what do I want to get out of this task? Or what do I want to contribute to this life?

Ask yourself every day, what is it that you want to get out of it.

After you’ve done that affirm your results by stating your desired success, like right now, what success do you want to have right now and actually declare it.

So an example of that is I will celebrate, I celebrate tiny wins and grow from mistakes. Or I successfully completed my top priorities this morning.

Before you even start your day, stay whatever it is and declare it. Repeat that to yourself.

A lot of people focus somewhat on affirmations of themselves versus actual affirmation of the action that you’ve already done.

So when you celebrate those tiny wins, look for them all throughout the day, you’ll use your reticular activating system to find every single tiny win that you could possibly have in the day.

Then after you’ve done that, and you’ve declared that you’ve set your intentions, you declared it, then I say, reel it in, bring it all in, capture those thoughts that are going on in your head, those things that happen at 2am.

Write it down, or put it in a note, put it somewhere, capture those thoughts, don’t let them just go all around your head.

And then separate those things and sort them, like you would recycle glass or paper sorted out in whatever is trash, throw that out to whatever those thoughts were like, okay, that doesn’t matter.

Then from there, you elevate the tasks that are most important. Put the most important tasks at the top of your list.

After you’ve elevated those things, you generate energy. 

Protect your energy from negativity and from people that are trying to keep you down.  Hang around people that will help build you up.

So you generate positive energy by putting yourself in good energy situations.

Then, you must run and rest. That means run your automations. And allow yourself to rest. 

Then, make it easy on yourself. So if time blocking works for you use that or sequencing, do self-care, do what works for you to make it easy, don’t make it so difficult.

Take it easy, because a lot of times we overcomplicate things and make it so hard.

And lastly, find something that you’re grateful for. Those to me, are the keys to living with no regrets.


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Q. Thank you so much, Brentney for spelling that all out for us. Where can everyone find and follow you online?

I am most active on Instagram @totalfitbosschick.

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