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Why Women Need To Build Wealth (And How To Get Started!)

Lawyer and personal finance coach Dafina Sharpe paid off 6 figure non-mortgage debt, in a short amount of time thanks to investing, earning, and saving with savviness.

In this episode, Dafina reveals how we can become more financially responsible. And discusses why it’s so important for women – especially women of color to build wealth and enter the world of entrepreneurship.

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Why Women Need To Build Wealth (And How To Get Started!)

Dafina Sharpe is on the HerPaperRoute podcast today sharing incredible money-saving and investing tips.

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A few years back, Dafina battled personal health issues, which resulted in medical bills that put her in 6 figure debt. In addition, she discovered just how much money her boss was charging the clients that SHE did all the work for.

She knew she had to make a change, and took the brave leap into being her own boss.

Dafina Sharpe launched her own business and has since paid off her 6 figure debt! She now shares her money advice via her finance website dollarsplussense.com.

Everyone needs to hear this conversation!

What We Dig Into In This Episode

  • The biggest reason why being in control of your own income is so important for women.
  • The wealth gap in America that women – especially women of color face, and what you can do to close the gap and build wealth for yourself.
  • That awful feeling you get, when you see just how much money your boss is charging the clients – while you do all the work for a measly paycheque. And how you can use that feeling to propel yourself into entrepreneurship.
  • Finding the courage to demand the salary you deserve – or to quit your job and go out on your own.
  • Overcoming the growing pains of starting a new business – and having the strength to stick with it.
  • Dafina’s story of beating 6 figure debt, and her daily money rituals we can all benefit from.
  • A really simple way for beginners to start paying off debt and building wealth.

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