Micro Content And Serving Your Blog Community In New Ways

Micro Content And Serving Your Blog Community In New Ways

Are you trying to grow your community and your blog, but having trouble cutting into the top pages in Google search results for…anything?

Well, fear not. There are many other ways to reach your target readers and customers, that don’t involve appearing in SERPs.

On episode #5 of the HerPaperRoute Podcast, we have the lovely Sasha Lassey with us.

Sasha shares her advice for how bloggers can grow a sustainable community, utilizing new tools and strategies, without having to rely on organic Google traffic alone. 

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Micro Content And Serving Your Blog Community In New Ways

Yes, you can cut through the noise in your niche, no matter if your niche is saturated, and SERP ranking is nearly impossible.

You can reach your audience in different ways. And one of those ways is with micro-content. This is something that some are calling the future of blogging.

Sasha has grown her community across a blog, a Facebook group and a membership site, and she has lots of juicy tips to help you do the same with yours. 

Listen now as Sasha shares her insight on all this and much more!

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Micro Content And Serving Your Blog Community In New Ways

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