15 Best Online Research Jobs to Make Money in Your Spare Time

15 Best Online Research Jobs to Make Money in Your Spare Time

Are you looking for the best online research jobs to make money online?

If you are someone who loves to use the internet, searching for answers, then an online research job could be right up your street.

Or maybe you’re a bit of a knowledge freak? Are you continually learning and storing away random facts to impress people?

You could put this impressive stash of knowledge to good work and make some extra cash.

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Many people start online research as a side gig, but as time goes on it can transition into a full-time position.

The good thing is, there are many companies looking to hire researchers. And in this article, we are going to highlight research companies that are looking to hire.

What Does an Online Researcher Do?

Online researchers use the internet to search for information on a given topic.

Some will specialize in certain professional fields like; medicine, psychology, science or political campaigns for example.

But some people work as general researchers finding answers to general questions and backing it up with data.

Online researcher responsibilities may include:

  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Explore current issues and predict trends
  • Administering surveys
  • Reviewing other studies
  • Overseeing particular projects
  • Creating reports
  • Gathering statistics
  • Studying customer behavior
  • Answering questions
  • Researching information on competitors

Best Online Research Jobs You Can Apply to Today

Here are some of the best online research jobs are entry-level (no experience or degree needed).

Some may be more industry-specific and will only take on researchers with formal education or experience in a certain field.

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Have a look through and apply to the ones that suit your situation best.

1. Wonder

Are you an avid internet surfer, constantly researching the answer to your burning questions? Or maybe you see an article and want to find information to back up its ludicrous claims?

If this sounds like you, becoming a Wonder researcher could be a great career path.

Apply online via their application form and show off your research skills by completing their online quiz and trial assessment.

Once accepted you will get paid to find answers to questions and back them up with detailed facts.

Depending on the subject material, pay can vary between $8 to $35 per question answered.

2. Lionbridge

Lionbridge deserves a place on the list of best online research jobs, because they hire people around the world for many roles.

Some jobs you’ll find on their platform are; internet assessor, social media evaluator, search engine evaluator, rater and annotator and translator.

A lot of the work for Lionbridge includes research for websites and evaluating the results you find. This in-turn improves user experience and helps companies keep clients.

Apply to work for Lionbridge by filling out their form and completing the evaluation test. Once accepted you’ll be sent tasks to work on.

3. Clarity Research

This company needs entrepreneurs and business owners to share their expertise. So if you have a background in business, you can use that knowledge to help others and make some extra cash.

Make sure you have a topnotch profile on LinkedIn detailing your expertise.

Once accepted to work with Clarity research, you can set your own rates and take questions by phone. Clarity takes 15% of your fees.

4. JustAnswer

Working for JustAnswer is a flexible way to make some extra cash. Users post questions on the website to which ‘experts’ like you can post an answer to the question.

The person who asked the question will then rate the answer once they are happy.

If you are an expert in a specific field, you can earn decent extra cash on JustAnswer. The downside is, there will be a lot of competition and only the best answers get paid.

Pay can range from $3-$100 depending on the question answered.

5. StudyPool

Study Pool needs tutors to help students with their homework questions.

Once accepted on the platform, you can view questions asked by students and bid on the ones that fit your expertise.

If you get chosen to answer the question, you get paid once the student is happy with the answer. You can set your own schedule and StudyPool will take 20% commission from your earnings.

Study Pool divulged that some tutors are earning up to $7,000 per month just by answering student’s questions!

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6. PrestoExperts

This is another platform where you can use your expertise and research skills to tutor students for cash.

Log in to the platform and create a profile with your qualifications uploaded.

Also, add in any other relevant experience plus your rates.

As you spend more time on the platform, you will build up reviews and get more work. You choose whether you interact with students via email, instant chat or phone.

7. IT-Boss Research

This platform is looking for independent contractors to work as court researchers.

What I like about this platform is they help you find relevant training to develop the skills you need to succeed with them.

Work is online, but will need you to travel to local courthouses to locate specific documents occasionally.

Research topics may include; marriages, mortgages, judgments, probates, tax, evictions and foreclosures.

Good data analyzing and typing skills are preferred, as you will be putting the information you find into spreadsheets.

Apply via their online form if this seems like work you’d like to do.

8. 10EQS

This platform is looking to hire industry experts and independent consultants to work with various clients.

10EQS is a channel for you to work with top-level clients, which may be difficult to obtain otherwise.

If you are a seasoned expert, an experienced consultant or a motivated young professional with niche knowledge, you can make extra income from this platform.

Sign up via their website form or via LinkedIn.

9. Article One Partners/RWS

You’ll find some of the best paid online research jobs on this platform. But, it’s also one of the most competitive.

Sign up as a researcher on their platform and then you can submit your research to various public studies.

Pay is only given to the top-researched piece of content.

Once you’ve shown your worth on the platform, you may get invited to participate in ‘invitation only’ studies that can come with guaranteed payment.

10. Maven

Maven allows you to sign up quickly by adding your details in, setting your hourly rate and answering a few initial questions. As a ‘micro-consultant’ for Maven, they will then match you with clients who you can answer questions for.

You may be asked to participate in a project or consult by phone or email. Refer other experts to the platform and you’ll earn extra commission cash.

11. Clickworker

Clickworker needs independent freelancers to work on projects like lead research, competitor research, data evaluation, surveys, image and video tagging, SEO texts, blog articles and much more.

Once you are registered on the platform, you can choose from a pool of available projects or ‘micro jobs’.

Tasks you can take on will depend on certain variables like; qualification assessments, previous work assessments, language abilities, education, interests and what country you live in.

Clickworker has a range of tasks on offer, which don’t require you to have formal qualifications. This makes it a great platform for beginners wanting the best online research jobs to make money online

12. Cannabiz Media

Cannabiz Media hires data researchers for the cannabis industry.

Duties for Cannabiz researchers will include; scheduling and conducting online product demos, generating sales and prospects, liaise with customers by phone and email and a range of other duties.

To get started, sign up to their platform, complete a short skills assessment and detail any experience you’ve had with the cannabis industry.

This online research job will need at least 30 hours a week of commitment.

13. Fancy Hands

Fancy hands hire freelance virtual assistants to help small companies and individuals with the running of their business.

Work can include; data entry, internet research, making phone calls, scheduling appointments and much more.

Strong written, communication and research skills are preferred and of course a good internet connection.

Pay ranges between $3-$7 per task, but will go up after you establish yourself and get a good connection with business owners.

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Best Freelance Platforms for Online Research Jobs

While there are many platforms to find the best online research jobs, you can actually put a profile on a freelancer platform to get online research work.

You may not feel confident to do this straight away, but it’s a natural progression after working for a company for a while and gaining experience.

As a freelance online researcher, you have even more control over the hours you work and the rates you charge.

14. Upwork

Anyone can set up a profile on Upwork and bid on relevant freelance jobs. It’s essential you take the time to optimize your profile to make it stand out from the rest.

A good idea is to offer skills in a specific area instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. So for example, you could list yourself as an internet researcher for the medical field, for lifestyle bloggers or for food companies.

Once your profile is set up, use the search bar to find internet research positions.

Put in your bid and if accepted you complete the work and get paid, minus Upwork’s fee.

Once you get a few jobs under your belt, you can up your rates and you may even score long term regular work after doing well on a project.

15. Fiverr

Fiverr works a little differently to Upwork because people need to come to you. But, it’s a well-established platform and many freelancers on Fiverr make a full-time income.

It started as a freelancer marketplace where everyone charged a fiver, but as it has grown, people charge anywhere between $5 to thousands of dollars per project.

You need to take some time getting established on here and reviews count. Fiverr will take a 20% commission on your earnings so if your charge $5 you will receive $4.

Make sure you set up an excellent profile listing your relevant freelance research skills and experience, what benefits your research will bring and have a friendly, professional photo.

Have a check what other internet researchers charge on the platform and set your rates a little lower, to begin with, to get those first reviews.

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