Top Websites You Can Write Articles for Money

40+ Top Websites You Can Write Articles for Money (Even as a Beginner)

If you are willing to put the work in, anyone can write articles for money.

Even as a beginner when you have no published work, there are many ways you can get paid to write. So, if you dream of working from home or your favorite coffee shop, tapping away on your laptop, this post is you.

I’m not going to lie and say you’ll get the highest-paying gigs straight away. You will have to start writing for lower rates to get your foot in the door with clients and freelancer sites.

But when you start writing, the first few months is the time you are developing your writing style.

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You’ll also be learning different styles of writing, what companies/publications want from a freelance writer and you’ll also find out what you’re good at and what maybe isn’t for you.

None of us are perfect writers in the beginning. I’ve been freelance writing for over 6 years and I’m still learning all the time and trying to better my writing. Most people have to work HARD to become a great writer.

Of course, if you are a naturally gifted writer straight from the off – go you! A brand or business will soon snap you up to write for them if you reach out and show them what you can do.

Before reading this list of companies that pay for your writing, check out this list of ways to make money online too. 

Before you start applying for paid gigs, it is a good idea to put a few samples together to show prospective clients.

40+ Top Websites You Can Write Articles for Money

How to Put a Writing Portfolio Together?

If you want to write articles for money, it’s a good idea to put a few samples together.

Wherever you apply for writing work, you will probably get asked to show some previous work. Put a small portfolio together to show people if you haven’t had any articles published.

A writing portfolio is like a CV. Here are some places you can add your articles to for free;

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  • Start a blog. Here’s the blogging course you should take, it’s free!
  • Set up an author account on Medium. This platform is free for anyone to publish their own articles. You can even make money from the Medium partner program.
  • Publish articles on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ideal place to get your writing in front of brands and agencies that need writers. You can publish whole articles straight onto your feed and potentially get thousands of eyes on it.
  • Contribute on HubPages. HubPages is very similar to Medium where you can share and read articles that interest you.
  • Publish on This is a simple platform where you can publish your articles for free.
  • Share stories on LifeJournal. This platform is more geared towards sharing ideas, your life stories and any niche advice you have.

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Ok, so once you’ve published a few awesome articles, let’s take a look at the top websites you can write articles for money.

Because there are so many platforms that will pay you to write, I’ve grouped them into the following categories to make it a little easier.

  • Freelancer platforms
  • Job boards for writers
  • Niche websites for paid article submissions
  • Article Writing Services
  • Sites accepting fiction, poetry and short stories
  • Publications accepting personal stories

Get Paid To Write For These Companies: Massive List of Platforms and Publications You Can Write Articles for Money

Freelancer Platforms

  1. PeoplePerHour

Being a well-established, popular freelancing site, PeoplePerHour gets lots of traffic and therefore plentiful writing gigs to choose from. On the flipside, this does mean there will be competition and you’ll have to think of ways to make your profile stand out.

Set your prices a little lower in the beginning to snag your first few clients. You can even explain to the client you are trying to get your first gig. This will stop them from being suspicious as to why your prices are low.

PeoplePerHour make money by taking a percentage of the client’s deposit for payment. Be proactive and apply for writing jobs daily that interest you.

  1. Upwork

Another extremely popular and well-established platform where you’ll find a ton of writing projects to apply for. Take the time to fill out your profile completely and think about how you can make yourself stand out.

Ideas are; focusing on one particular writing niche like travel, fitness, business or tech. Being a specialist writer will lift your credibility and people will start to see you as the go-to person for that niche.

It’s free to set up a profile on Upwork, but they do take a cut of your paid gigs. As you complete work and get testimonials, you can increase your rate and earn more money.

  1. Guru

The Guru platform has free and paid membership options. By choosing a free account, you will be limited to a certain amount of job applications a year. Alongside uploading your CV and linking to any published work you have, you can take ‘skill tests’ within the Guru platform. This helps to build your credibility in the eyes of potential writing clients.

  1. Freelancer

Hit the ‘browse jobs’ tab before you sign up to Freelancer to see if there’s actually anything you’d apply for. If you sign up, you can bid on projects and put a proposal forwards.

There are many options to write articles for money alongside other jobs like website development, SEO help, design gigs and much more. Pay varies and can be either a fixed rate or on hourly terms.

  1. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps is another freelancer platform that will pay you to write articles. You can sign up for their free plan when you start. The thing is, they do take quite a large 15% of each project you complete. If you do start getting a good amount of gigs, it is worth signing up for their $9 a month plan, which means they take a lower commission of 10%.

If you really start doing well, you can even upgrade to their Plus Plan which is $29 a month and they will only take 5% of each job. So, with CloudPeeps, there is an incentive to really work hard and get as many gigs as you can, which is a good thing.

  1. HubStaffTalent

What I like about this platform is that it’s totally free, no strings attached. What you earn, you keep which doesn’t happen often. Upload an engaging profile, ad skills to your profile, link to any published work, set your rates and your profile will get shown to many companies who may need your help.

You can also browse the top jobs currently looking for freelancers and send a proposal if it suits.

Job Boards for Writers

  1. ProBlogger

There is a constant flow of writing gigs from beginner to advanced available on ProBlogger. Because it’s been around for so long, expect to have quite a lot of competition when you apply for assignments.

But don’t let this put you off. Make sure you go on the platform daily and send off your proposals to the newest gigs, to give yourself the best chance of success.

  1. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is another popular writing job board that always has jobs available. You can filter the work by online content jobs, editing jobs, blogger jobs, publishing jobs and flexible telecommuting jobs.

All gigs offered are remote, but some require you to live in certain areas like the US or UK. Have a scroll through the listings and be proactive applying to job offers.

  1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs screen all their job listings for quality which helps to avoid scams. They have a huge amount of freelance writing jobs available and many other remote work gigs. While you can browse available jobs for free, the downside is you have to pay to apply to any.

  1. FreelanceWriting

A pro of the FreelanceWriting job board is they have their own listings and they show available writing gigs from around the web. This may cut down on the time you have to look at each job board individually.

Sign up, filter your skills on the left-hand side and scroll through a range of opportunities to write articles for money.

  1. Indeed

Indeed has a huge range of freelance writing jobs and remote work positions available. You can filter jobs by keywords and your location so it will help you find jobs in your own language. Upload your CV in a few seconds and start applying to interesting writing gigs almost immediately.

  1. FreelanceWritingGigs

This platform writes a daily blog post with 10-15 of the newest available freelance writing gigs. You can also scroll through their freelance writing job board, which is updated daily with blogging, copywriting, part-time gigs and even internships.

  1. Writers Weekly

Writers Weekly puts out a post every seven days full of the latest available freelance writing gigs. Many of the jobs will require experienced niche writers for tech, medical and legal, but if you have a good scroll, you’ll often find a few gigs that are more beginner-friendly.

  1. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is one of the best places to find potential paid writing clients. Make sure your profile looks professional, you have a clear headshot, you list any credentials or relevant training and you have links to past work. You can search through the LinkedIn jobs tab or type keywords into the search bar and filter them by job.

Another option is to find relevant brands or companies you want to work for and send them a direct message. Don’t always wait for a job to be listed – you can approach businesses and tell them how your writing skills will benefit their company.

Niche Websites for Paid Article Submissions

  1. GoNomad

GoNomad accepts paid travel articles about your activities, destinations and experiences on the road. Don’t just use guidebook fluff if you want a chance to get published with them — they are looking for original, detailed specifics. Articles should be between 1,200 – 2,000 words and they pay $25.

  1. AllPetVoices

This bog is a spin-off of BlogPaws and regularly seeks out experts to collaborate on content with. If you have knowledge or experience with pets, life with pets, human and animal interaction and animals in general, it’s worth contacting these guys about paid article writing.

  1. Cracked

Cracked is an online publication focusing on the humorous side of life, weird things, history, music, entertainment and much more. They pay writers for submissions, regardless of whether they are experienced or qualified. Sign up to their forum and see what paid opportunities are available.

  1. TheDollarStretcher

If you are great at living a frugal life or have a background in personal finance, the Dollar Stretcher accept paid guest submissions.

Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t super qualified, it’s more about coming up with an article topic that hasn’t already been covered in their already published 10k+ articles on the site. Send your idea first to the editor, to see what they think.

  1. Back2College

This is a website focusing on news and information for adult re-entry students pursuing a new career. If this sounds like you, or you have knowledge in this area, you could get your articles featured.

If your article gets published on their site, expect to earn $55 for an original feature or $27.50 for a re-print. It can often take 30-90 days to be notified of article acceptance.

  1. A Fine Parent

Due to their high volume of submissions, they are currently not accepting submissions, but you can sign up to me notified when they do. If you are a parent or an expert in parenting, kid’s development or looking after kids; send your article outline in to see if they approve. If it gets accepted, expect to earn $75 for 700-900 words.

  1. The Write Life

If you love to write about writing, the Write Life pays between $75-$250 per post depending on length, complexity and your experience. It’s a good idea to pitch your post to the editor before taking the time to write it.

Be aware they do get a lot of submissions and it could take up to two weeks to hear back from them. They are currently closed to submissions at the time of writing this, but keep an eye on their writer’s page for when they open up again.

  1. IWA Wine Accessories Blog

Do you love wine and have something to say about it? If you do, you can combine your wine passion with earning money as a guest contributor to the IWA Wine Accessories blog. They pay $20-$50 for guest posts depending on length. This blog needs articles that will help others learn about and enjoy wine.

  1. LadyQs

LadyQs is a publication focused on solving problems and answering questions for ladies around the world. Content like; how-to guides, product reviews, themed photography, brief biographical accounts, opinion and editorial pieces and long-form articles are preferred.

Their standard pay rate is $50, but they may consider paying more if your piece is particularly in-depth. If you want to write articles for money, LadyQs is a publication to check out.

  1. Listverse

Listverse was built on contributing writers. Their content is a mix of creepy, unusual, entertaining, science, lifestyle and fact-filled list posts. 

They only accept original list posts of 10 minimum and although you will not get paid straight away, your writing will get put in front of their huge network. Over time, if your list posts become popular, you may be moved onto the paid tier of contributors.

Article Writing Services Who Pay Writers

  1. Textbroker

To make money article writing on Textbroker, you first need to submit a test article which will be rated by the editors. Once your article has been reviewed, you are given a rating of 2-5 stars.

This is judged on your spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, argument strength and use of fillers. The higher your rating, the more you will earn per word for each article you write.

  1. Scripted

Scripted is a decent paying article writing service. You need to set up a profile, pass a test and if you get accepted you’ll be able to propose jobs and talk to customers. Scripted writers earn on average 10 cents per word and you have full control of your workload.

  1. ClearVoice

ClearVoice describes itself as; ‘’ more than just freelance writing jobs, but an entrepreneurial ladder’’. You need to sign up to their platform, upload your CV and then you apply to join the ClearVoice Talent Network.

ClearVoice then matches client’s assignments with freelancers in the network based on industry, pay rate and experience.

  1. WriterAccess

This platform accepts writers from the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. To become a writer with WriterAccess, you need to pass some skill tests and upload and samples or references you have. Your scores will determine how much you can earn per word.

  1. iWriter

iWriter is another decent platform you can write articles for money. To get accepted as an iWriter, you need to fill out your details in their application, write a 200-word sample article and another 200 words describing why you would like to write for them. If they decide to hire you, you’ll receive an email asking you to send in copies of your I.D.s.

Sites Paying for Fiction, Poetry and Short Stories

  1. Zizzle

Zizzle pays for literary fiction that appeals to young adults and grown-ups. They pay $100 for every accepted flash story and $250 for every accepted short story. Length pf stories can be between 500-1,200 words and they do ask for a $3 submission fee to cover their costs.

  1. The Peoples Friend

This publication accepts stories, poems, features or pocket novels from any level of writer. Take a good look at their writer’s guidelines and tips sheet to understand what they’re looking for. Pay for articles works on a loyalty and experience system.

New writers start at $80 but move up to $110 after 6 successful submissions. Long reads can earn up to $300!

  1. One Story

If you are into writing longer literary fiction between 3,000-8,000 words, One Story is a publication you should look at. They only accept submissions between Jan 15th– May 31st and Sep 8th– Nov 14th and pay is $500 for accepted content.

  1. Craft Literary

This platform accepts submissions year-round from established or emerging authors. Content is focused on new and republished fiction, interviews, book annotations and critical pieces on craft. Pay is $100 for original flash fiction and $200 for short fiction and creative non-fiction.

  1. The Sun

The Sun is a reader-supported, ad-free magazine featuring personal essays, fiction and poetry. If this sounds good to you, click on their submissions section and send in your best work. They pay $300-$2000 for personal essays, $300-$2000 for fiction and $100-$200 for poetry.

  1. Fireside Magazine

Started way back in 2012, what I really like about this company is that they value paying their writers well. Fireside pays 12.5 cents per word which is above average from the 8 cents per word which is considered the norm. They also pay $400 for full-colour illustration submissions.

Publications Who Pay for Personal Stories

  1. Bella Magazine

Bella Magazine is a great place to write articles for money as they pay well if your submission is accepted. Just send in a brief outline of your story to begin with, to see if they like what they hear.

If they do, you could earn up to $1,000! Other ways to earn money with Bella are by sending them a letter with your views, which could get you $50 if it is chosen.

  1. Healthy Mummy

Are you a mum and have an amazing transformations story to share with the world? Send in your story to Healthy Mummy and if it gets published you get a guaranteed $100. Transformations can include; belly fat transformations, family’s health transformation, you and a partner’s transformation, cellulite transformations and many more.

  1. Self

This popular women’s publication accepts personal essays about fitness, food, health or culture. It’s reported they pay around $700 for 2000 words so well worth trying to get your content featured here.

  1. Introvert Dear

Introvert Dear is a publication who accepts article submissions about introversion and highly sensitive people. It’s an award-winning publication which gets over 2 million readers a month so it could give you a lot of exposure if you get featured. Articles must be at least 1,000 words and they pay $40.

  1. Land and Wave

This blog is focused on the outdoors industry and pay between $50-$100 for accepted submissions. If you’ve had epic outdoor experiences, or have advice or views to share, I’m sure Land and Wave would love to hear from you.

Get Paid To Write: More Companies That Pay Will For Your Writing

The following companies accept submissions and pay freelance writers and bloggers for their work.

  • High Times – Articles about marijuana $500-$1,000 per articleLitbreak – Short stories – $50-100 per story
  • Michelle Pippin – Entrepreneur-related topics $50 – $150
  • Entrepreneur – Unique, educational and motivational content for entrepreneurs. Pay: $1 per word
  • Ecommerce Isnsiders – Ecommerce topics $75 – $150
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  • WorkOnlineBlog – Business articles – pays $50 per post
  • A List Apart – Web design, development articles – $200 per article. They pay $200 per post
  • Dorkly – Pop culture, games, anime articles – $75 per post
  • Confrontation Magazine – Short stories – $200+ per story
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies – Adventure fantasy stories – 6 cents per word up to $660
  • Paste Magazine – Music, tv, video games articles – $50 per post
  • Cosmopolitan – Lifestyle, relationships articles $100 per post
  • The PennyHoarder – Money, Finance, Saving Money articles – $75 per post
  • Babble – Parenting, pregnancy, lifestyle, relationships articles -$150 per post
  • Lies About Parenting  – Parenting stories – $50 per post

40+ Top Websites You Can Write Articles for Money – Conclusion

A great work-from-home side hustle is freelance writing. Who wouldn’t love to get paid to write?

Thanks to the Internet, you can make good money writing for companies across the world, regardless of where you personally reside.

In addition to getting paid to write for other businesses, you can also create and sell your own books.

Self-publishing is common, and you can use it to sell your book on Amazon, Apple and other top marketplaces. The opportunities are truly limitless!

Before you go, be sure to get your FREE access to our online business toolkit of resources and money-making tools, too.

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