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21 Money Affirmations to Bring Financial Abundance Into Your Life

Financial abundance is something that everyone wants, right? Regardless of your goals or what you know or don’t know about money, thinking about it positively can help immensely.

Read here about financial abundance and money affirmations that can change your life for good.

What Does Financial Abundance Mean? 

The term “financial abundance” is more of a mindset than a number. It is a state of feeling thankful for what you have and being comfortable with the amount of money you make.

It is also when you feel confident about finances. As you can tell, specifics with this will vary from person to person; it’s a very individual matter.

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What Is Financial Abundance Mindset?

Now you know what it means, but let’s find out more about the mindset of financial abundance.

This state of mind is characterized by feeling like there are plenty of possibilities and money is available for you. You don’t feel that money is limited but that there is always more than enough.

How Do You Get Financial Abundance?

Financial abundance is a nice thought, but how do you achieve it? How do you develop this mindset and get your money to cooperate with it? Here are some tips.

Stay Healthy

To achieve anything or be successful in any part of your life, you need to be healthy. This includes mental, physical, and emotional health.

Eat well, exercise, meditate and do what helps you feel your best. Then you’ll be ready to go after your dreams.

Stop Comparing

Don’t let comparison hold you back! If you spend time thinking about what others have, it takes away from what you have time to do for your own life. Instead of letting envy tear you down, work towards your own goals with money.

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Take Care of Your Belongings

Sometimes people may get the impression that those that have money are wasteful. In reality, if they worked hard for their money, they probably take good care of their own things because they want to be wise with what they have.

To develop a financial abundance lifestyle, take care of the things you own. Try to make them last, don’t be wasteful, and remember to appreciate what you have.

Learn New Things

If we don’t learn, we just stay the same and can’t expect to progress to new levels of wealth. Be willing to learn new things, such as investment terms, marketable skills, or anything that will help you be more successful.

Seek out skills that can aid you with making more money or will make you a more well-rounded person.

To begin, start by reading and pursuing information about new subjects. Primarily focus on financial skills and knowledge that will help you with financial abundance. 

Choose to Have a Few Real Friends Over Many Casual Acquaintances

With friendships, it’s about quality, not quantity. And it’s better to have just a few trustworthy friends than many people you know casually but can’t really trust or talk to.

Investing in close friendships will help you to grow as a person and have people to talk to about your financial journey. You can also help them and be there to listen in their times of need.

Enjoy Life

A financial abundance mindset is all about enjoying life because you aren’t worried about money. It works for you and improves your life.

But don’t wait until you reach a certain number in your bank account to enjoy your life. Instead, enjoy your life and the things you have now, even as you work towards more financial success in the future.

Forgive Others

Holding onto resentment or anger will only cause you to feel worse, and it can distract you from your goals. Choose to forgive others and see the difference it makes in your own life.

When you no longer feel constant frustration or hurt from the past, you can explore the future and make positive choices.

Be Positive

Speaking of which, a positive attitude will get you a long way in life. Think about money and your goals in a positive way, choosing to see the best and the possibilities instead of the limitations.

This will open up your eyes to everything around you and all the chances you have to seek financial abundance. 

How Do You Unblock Financial Abundance? 21 Money Affirmations to Bring Financial Abundance Into Your Life. 

Wondering how to get to this point of positivity with money? Here are 21 statements that you can make daily to help you succeed with financial abundance. 

1. Wealth Is a Part of My Life.

Choose to believe that wealth is something that is naturally a part of your life. Think about wealth as a friend that helps you, and you may notice that you feel instantly better.

Believe that you have money now and will have more in the future. And then your decisions will naturally gravitate towards wealth and abundance. 

2. I Am Capable of Overcoming Money Obstacles.

It’s important that you believe yourself to be strong enough to win with finance. Tell yourself that you’re capable and confident about money, no matter what obstacles try to stand in your way.

Know that you are smart enough and savvy enough to overcome anything. When an obstacle presents itself, instead of giving up, ask yourself, how can I use this to my advantage and make a better future for my family and me? Then you’ll create the best possible outcome.

3. I Deserve to Make More Money.

Believe in your abilities and that you are worthy of being paid large sums of money for your work. You are good at your job, have a lot of excellent skills, and deserve to make more income.

This will help you find more ways to do so, just by believing in yourself. So go ahead – ask for that pay raise, go after that promotion, open the business – whatever will help you earn more.

4. I Can Always Discover New Ways to Make Money.

Your income is not tied to your current job. Your income is tied to you and your abilities.

Remember that, and you’ll constantly find new ways to make more money. Your imagination will soar, and a higher paycheck will be possible.

5. Money Will Come Into My Life in Expected and Unexpected Ways.

Believe that you’ll make money in the usual ways, like your paycheck, and unexpected ways you haven’t thought of.

The idea is to believe that money is out there and that you’ll have what you need when you need it. Begin to look for the unexpected and notice ways to make more cash.

6. I Have Plenty of Money.

This may be tough to believe if you find that you’re barely getting by, but it’s actually an intelligent way to think.

Believe that you have plenty of funds for whatever you need to do. Then your brain may go to work on finding that cash for you.

7. It Is Natural for Me to Be Successful.

Being successful is not a fluke or accident but a natural part of who you are. Understand that success is simply part of your life, and you are a person who does well financially and in life.

8. I Can Conquer My Money Goals.

No matter your goals or how big they seem now, you can reach them! Know without a doubt that you have everything you need to succeed and make more money, save an emergency fund, buy a house, move to a new city, or do whatever you want to do with money.

9. I Can Commit to My Financial Dreams.

Don’t be afraid to truly commit to what you want to do with your money. If you have a dream, believe in it, go after it, and know that you can achieve it.

Work towards your vision like you believe it will happen, and it will.

10. Money Is a Tool to Improve My Life.

Money shouldn’t be feared or ignored. It’s helpful to you and can make your life better. Think of your finances and wealth in general in a positive light, and you’ll find that you have a lot more success. 

11. I Don’t Let Negative Emotions About Money Affect My Financial Goals.

Emotion has no power by itself. It can be controlled, even if the feeling is a negative one about money.

So choose not to be ruled by negative money thoughts and instead choose positive ones. 

12. I Can Be Financially Secure.

Know that you have what it takes to be financially secure and have all you need. You can build an emergency fund, have savings, and plan for retirement effectively. It’s all a matter of making good money decisions.

13. I Am Not Afraid for My Financial Future.

You don’t need to worry or feel insecure about your finances as you work towards a financial abundance mindset. Believe that your future with money is something to look forward to, and shouldn’t be feared, because you can create wealth.

14. I Am Worthy of Financial Freedom.

You deserve to be financially free and have what you need to retire early, meet your goals, get out of debt, and more.

Know that you’re capable of achieving financial independence. You have what it takes to check off every money accomplishment you can think of.

15. My Life Is Overflowing With Blessings Beyond Money.

Money isn’t all there is. Believe that you have many more blessings beyond the material ones of cash.

Even if you don’t think that’s true, look around and believe that great friends, a can-do attitude, and more non-money blessings are yours. 

16. With Creativity and Hard Work, I Can Achieve a Future to Be Proud of.

Success doesn’t come with no effort, but you can make a great future for yourself if you keep trying.

Know and believe that every day, and choose to be creative and work hard. Then you’ll get to where you want to be in life.

17. I Trust Myself to Make Great Decisions About Money.

Don’t let yourself miss out on opportunities because you don’t trust that you’ll make a good choice. Trust yourself and know that you do and will continue to make excellent financial decisions.

You have great ideas, and you are wise enough and strong enough to choose what’s best for your future.

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18. I Have Skills to Make Money.

Embrace all of the things you’re great at, and know that anything you need to learn, you can and will.

You have the skills required to make all the money you want. Even if it takes some time, you’re getting closer every day.

19. My Life Is Full of Abundance.

Choose to see the positivity and good things in every aspect of your life. Your life is filled with blessings and good things if you decide to see them.

So repeat to yourself that your life is full of abundance until you believe it.

20. Money Is Good for My Loved Ones and Me.

Instead of believing that money is evil or ignoring it, know that having money is good for you and your family. You’ll be able to pay for what you need and many things you want.

Money is not bad; it can be a very useful tool.

21. Money Helps to Make the World a Better Place. 

Money is not bad. You decide how it is used, so use the money to make the world a better place.

Believe that more money is good for you and others, and allow that to lead you. Give to charities, buy gifts for family and friends, and use it for positive things.

Financial Abundance Is Possible in Your Life. 

You are capable, and you make great money decisions. Use these 21 affirmations to make a real difference in how you think and act with finance.

Financial abundance is entirely possible for your life if you believe and work hard. Know that your attitude toward money will greatly affect how it is used in your life, so choose positivity and watch the wealth build.

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