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Release These 14 Money Blocks That Are Keeping You Poor

Do you want to be majorly successful? How about having a beautiful home, money for education and trips, and a bank account that doesn’t make you panic when you look at it?

Everyone wants this. The good news is, that you can have this sort of success in your life.

The bad news? You might be missing opportunities to get to this place of awesomeness because of money blocks.

They can really get in your way and mess with your plans. But what are they, and how can you get rid of them for good?

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What is a Money Block?

You can view a money block the same way you would a large boulder in the road. It’s in the way and stops you from getting where you need to be.

A money block holds you back and “blocks” you from financial success. It’s a way of thinking or an attitude about finances that stops you from becoming your best with money.

It’s definitely a bad thing to keep around, but you may not realize that you’re using money blocks in your life.

What is Money Mindset?

Money mindset is how someone thinks about or feels about money. This might be a vague feeling of negativity or a very set pattern of thinking that needs to be overcome. 

As you can see from all of this, money blocks and destructive money mindsets can hinder your success. But how do you know if you think negatively about money? 

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What are some common money blocks?

Here are some common money mindsets or blocks to help you identify if you have one. Once you know, you can learn how to change your thinking.

1. I’m just not that smart.

Anyone interested in learning more about money (and that includes you because you’re reading this) is smart! Being intelligent doesn’t mean you’ll have every answer, but you should be willing to learn new things.

Having a mindset that you aren’t smart can stop you from succeeding with finance. If you find yourself thinking like this, it’s time to ditch this attitude.

2. Holding a grudge against yourself for past money mistakes.

Everyone has regrets about money. Things you wish you wouldn’t have spent on, or times when you feel you’ve failed in the past.

But past money mistakes don’t define your future with money. Since everyone – every single person – makes mistakes, and many are still wildly successful, that must mean it’s possible to move forward from past money mistakes.

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3. Avoid dealing with money.

Some attitudes can make you downright scared to deal with money. Maybe it feels foreign and hard to understand, or you don’t want to make a mistake, so you avoid dealing with it at all.

Avoiding money will not help you be successful in any way, though. Actually, it can keep you from making more money or knowing what to do with it. 

4. Worshipping money.

While it’s a mistake to think that money has no value and doesn’t improve your life, it also shouldn’t be everything to you. Worshipping money may come in the form of working all the time to get more money.

Or you may believe that spending money brings happiness. This isn’t true, and money doesn’t replace joy or meaningful relationships like family and friends.

5. Money as a status symbol.

You may view money as a status symbol if you spend a lot of it trying to impress other people. While it’s nice to be generous and pay for things for others, it’s crossed over to a negative mindset if you use money to get respect or get people to like you.

It’s also not good to view money as something that makes you a better person if you have more of it. Money has nothing to do with character.

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6. Hoarding money.

Saving money is good. Hoarding money, on the other hand, is not. This mindset may come from feeling like money is scarce or fear of wealth.

It can show up as you not trusting anyone to know how much money you have. Or perhaps you don’t invest due to fear.

Either way, the mindset is that if you hoard money, you’ll be safe and won’t have enough if you don’t hoard it. This isn’t true and can cause problems for your finances and relationships.

7. Negative self talk.

While this may seem unrelated, negative self-talk in any capacity can cross over into your money mentality. If you view yourself negatively, then you’re likely not to think you’ll handle money well when the truth is you are completely capable.

8. Fear of success.

Wait…what? Yes, fear of success is real. It sometimes comes down to the way you think others might view you.

For example, “if I make a large salary, people will think I’m a snob. So, I better stay where I’m at.” This can stop you from achieving everything you want to, all because of fear that is likely unfounded.

9. Not believing in yourself.

Maybe you think you can’t become wealthy and successful. If you have trouble believing in yourself, know that it’s okay to dream and get excited about the future! With knowledge and perseverance, you’ll likely become rich, and it’s good to believe that.

10. Low expectations.

Maybe you think that you’ll have enough money, but never be highly successful. You keep your expectations low to avoid the feeling of failure.

But having low expectations may cause you to fail when you could succeed. It’s healthy to believe that you can achieve more and be better every day.

11. Not having clear goals.

If you don’t have concrete and organized goals, getting anywhere financially will be pretty challenging.

Your goals can start small and become more significant over time, but you need to have some to succeed. Otherwise, you may not know when you meet your expectations.

12. Being generous to a fault.

While it’s kind to be generous to others, it’s a bad idea not to leave any money to pay expenses or save for your future.

If you never save any money because you give it away to others all the time, it can keep you poor. After all, if you don’t want to rely on others financially in later years, you need to prepare now.

13. Believing that money is evil.

While money can bring out greed and bad character in people, it doesn’t create those things. Money isn’t evil and it isn’t good; it just exists.

So next time you’re tempted to think money itself is evil, remember that money only has the power you give it. You get to decide how it’s used. 

14. Believing that rich people are dishonest.

Some people think that those with money are dishonest or mean. But in reality, there are kind and honest people who also happen to be wealthy.

Having money won’t turn you into a dishonest, terrible person; it magnifies who you already are. Money is great if you use it to help others.

How do you Break Through Money Blocks?

The above are some common money blocks that can keep you from becoming wealthy and successful. But how do you get past them? 

You must recognize them.

Before anything else, you need to identify money blocks that you struggle with. Recognize that they exist and must be dealt with before you can move on.

Examine your past thoughts and experiences that shape your money mindset.

Figure out why those money blocks are there. This could relate to what you believed about money when you were growing up, or it could be due to negative views about yourself.

Identify what’s causing the trouble and resolve to change your mindset. When you are tempted to use old thought patterns about money, choose different, positive thoughts that help you believe in success and wealth.

Give yourself grace.

Everyone is in a state of learning and growing with money, no matter how much or little they know. Learn to be patient with yourself and remember that money blocks are common.

While it may take time, you can overcome these money blocks and build a better future.

How do you Fix Money Blocks?

You can do some helpful things to fix money blocks that are holding you back. Try out some of these. 

1. Educate yourself about money. 

To do better, you need to know finance rules, important terms, laws, and ways to make money. Begin educating yourself through whatever method you learn best.

Whether that’s videos, courses, books, or blogs, get the knowledge you need. 

2. See yourself and your situation realistically.

Try to put yourself outside of your financial situation and see it as someone else would, without bias or a negative money mindset. View yourself and your financial situation realistically, and make realistic goals about what you’ll do next.

3. Identify and release prejudices against others.

If you’ve secretly felt that rich people are greedy, it’s time to let go of that and any other prejudices. Everyone has a different money mindset, whether they have a lot of wealth or a little.

Once you know your prejudices involving money, you can begin to let go of them and see your way towards many good years with money.

4. Choose new beliefs based on facts.

Instead of allowing fear, greed, or worry to tell you how to deal with money, make new decisions based on facts. For example, fear says you won’t have enough money no matter what.

But facts say you can always make more money, and if you save and invest, you will be alright. So choose beliefs that help you get where you want to go.

5. Set goals.

Now that you’ve learned, let go of negativity, and chosen new ways of thinking, you can set goals that align with your new mindset. Things like saving $10,000, paying off debt, or starting a savings fund for a new house, are all examples of goals you might choose.

Need help coming up with ideas? Here are some common intermediated financial goals to get you started.

How to Remove Money Blocks

If you’re still struggling to think of money in a new way, don’t worry! There are many ways to overcome old thought patterns and get a new mindset.

Seek professional help.

If you’re having trouble overcoming your money blocks on your own, that’s okay. Consider talking with a professional, be it a counselor, or a financial expert, about your concerns. They may help you see things differently. 

Be honest with yourself.

Try to be truthful about what is holding you back. It may not be what you think. Perhaps you think you’re worried about paying off student loans, but really you’re concerned that you don’t make enough money at your job.

Be honest with yourself and know that it’s okay to have money mindset struggles. They can be removed.

Use positive self-affirmation.

To stay positive and confident, use positive self-affirmation. Using great money mantras can help you see a better future and banish old thoughts to make room for new ones.

Say your affirmations often or write them down.

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Get an accountability partner.

Find a friend or someone you can talk to about money, and ask them to keep you accountable. Be willing to share your goals with this person and encourage them with their finances, as well.

Choose someone trustworthy and positive who will cheer you on, not hold you back.

Almost everyone has money blocks that can hinder their financial success, but they can be overcome. 

The biggest thing to realize about money blocks is you are not alone. Nearly every person has some sort of money block struggle that they’ve overcome or are trying to remove.

It’s OK to have some money blocks, but once you recognize them, the very best thing is to work on getting rid of them for good. If not, they may keep you from becoming wealthy.

Remember that accountability, setting goals, being honest, and getting a good financial education are all helpful things to get you on the right track.

You definitely can overcome money blocks and change your mindset for the better. This will result in a more secure and profitable future for you.

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