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Positive Money Mindset: 15 Tips to Transform Your Financial Mentality

Do you find yourself feeling down about money or uninspired? Maybe you aren’t making as high of an income as you’d like to be.

Something that contributes a lot to your success is the way you think. A positive money mindset can change your outlook and improve your finances. 

Your mindset isn’t always a collection of just what you think. Your money mindset may also relate to what you heard about finances in your family or what you’ve heard from others.

But you can make your mindset whatever you want it to be. Here are 15 tips to transform your money mindset when you need to think positively.

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What is a Positive Money Mindset?

A money mindset is a collection of your thoughts and your attitude towards finance. So a positive money mindset is a way of thinking about money that helps you change negative views and allows you to believe you will be successful with money.

It keeps your financial focus on good things. It enables you to create beliefs that aren’t limiting or negative but instead help you make a great future.

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Positive Money Mindset Mantras

Below are a few key phrases you can tell yourself about money. Even if you don’t believe them now, say them enough and I bet you’ll find that you start believing them.

I can achieve my financial goals.

This is a belief that is crucial to your success with money. There are many financially successful people in the world.

You will find that while the paths they took to get there are different, their belief in their ability to handle money is vital. You must believe that you can achieve each financial goal you set for yourself, whether buying a house or saving an emergency fund.

First, make a plan and tell yourself you can achieve it. For example, if you’re trying to save up $10,000.00, set up a goal. In month one, save $1000.00, the next, another $1000.00, and so forth, believing all the while that you are capable.

Use my Bee $1,000 Savings Tracker to help keep you on track. While plans do take time, once you begin to see progress, your belief in your abilities will increase.

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People with money are not bad.

Some think that rich people are somehow evil or that they don’t deserve their wealth. This is an untrue belief.

The truth is that there are kind, decent people who also happen to be rich, and there are good people who don’t have money. Yes, some people with a significant net worth are not good people, but this is not because of money.

Instead, this relates to that person’s own character. People with money are not bad. Money has no moral beliefs; it is all about the way people choose to use it.

In fact, people with money can be great people who do a lot of good with their wealth. And when you handle your finances well, you can be one of them!

I don’t have to compare my circumstances to others.

One of the quickest ways to be unsuccessful is to look around at what others are doing. This can lead to comparison and excuses for why you cannot do what they are doing.

Rather than focusing on others’ wealth or accomplishments, think more positively. You don’t have to compare your circumstances to others.

You are on your own path, and they are on their own. Everyone has to make their own choices and focus on that.

Thinking about your own goals and where you want to get to will leave you no time for comparison, and you’re more likely to be successful.

I can spend money, but I don’t have to.

This is an excellent thought to adopt, and it is very freeing. Yes, you can spend money, but just because that option is available doesn’t mean that you have to spend the money.

You should consider all of your goals and if you are comfortable with your current financial situation. If you’ve included it in your budget and want to spend money, you can. But you also have the option to say no. 

I can use my money to help others.

Being able to help people that need it is one of the best things about having money. It’s also a great way to remain positive.

When you know that you are making smart money choices and those choices benefit others, it’s something to be happy about. If you’ve never thought that you’d be able to help others financially, change your thoughts to a positive money mindset.

Think about how you can use your money to help others.

How Can I Change My Mindset About Money?

Changing a mindset is not always easy. But it’s very possible! Since money plays such a big part in most of our lives, it’s essential to think of it positively.

Here are a couple of thoughts to remember to help you change.

Understand that Money is Neutral.

Money is not good or bad, negative or positive, on its own. In fact, it only has value because society says it does.

Because of this, you can remember that money is neutral. It doesn’t make choices – you do. So you can use it for great things and help yourself be successful.

While money can be used negatively, through excessive spending or not budgeting, it also has great potential. Money is neutral and what you do with it decides if it becomes positive or negative.

Be Willing to Examine Your Attitude.

You may need to examine your attitude towards money. If it’s somewhat positive, that’s good.

Try to think about how to improve it even more. If your attitude is negative, then be willing to believe in a new way to help yourself financially.

15 Ways to Develop and Keep a Positive Money Mindset

We all could use a little help in staying positive. The tips below are ways to develop a positive money mindset yourself.

1. Don’t give up.

No matter what your money mindset is, even if it is negative, don’t give up! You can change your mindset to be anything you want, and you can decide to develop a positive money mindset.

Keep reminding yourself of what you want to believe about money and your finances, and keep repeating positive things until your mindset changes.

2. Define your long-term financial goals.

Without a plan, it’s pretty hard to know where to begin with finance. Maybe you’ve never thought about where you want to end up with money in thirty years or so.

It’s time to dream. Try to be as specific as possible. How much money is in your retirement account?

What type of money-making assets do you have? Think about the sort of lifestyle you want when you retire and the financial number that will make that possible.

3. Create short-term goals to help you achieve your long-term goals.

It can be a challenge to think very far ahead into the future, and even if you do, the goals may seem so big you wonder if you’ll ever get there. But you can easily achieve long-term goals by breaking them down into short-term goals.

Simply look at your big goal and then break it down into smaller pieces. For example, if you want to save up $100,000 in five years to buy a home, you need to save $20,000 per year.

This is $1666.66 per month. Goals become more manageable when they’re smaller.

4. Find Inspiration.

Find positive money mindset quotes and write them down or keep them in a place you’ll see them a lot. This will help you be successful.

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You should also consider what life will be like financially in one year or five years. Stay inspired by thinking of new possibilities constantly.

5. Look for positive examples you can follow.

Hopefully, you have people around you to help encourage you in your journey with money. It’s good to find a mentor to help inspire you.

It’s beneficial if this person is a bit older than you and a little further in their journey with money. If there isn’t anyone you can look up to regarding finance, read books and blogs (like this one).

Gain new information and learn from other people who have come from similar situations as yourself. These people can help you see how you, too, will be able to become wealthy.

6. Recognize opportunities.

Opportunity is all around you. Sometimes you’ll have to go out and create it, and other times it will appear out of nowhere.

Look at your circumstances and find the opportunities. This could be a new job, a pay increase, a chance to invest, or some other thing.

7. Hang out with other people who have a positive mindset about money.

You need to be around those who think the way that you do regarding finance. They might be friends, co-workers, or family.

Find people you can have inspiring discussions with about wealth and money, and try to get together often. If the people around you are doing their best financially, you will likely do the same.

8. Limit time around people that have a negative attitude.

It may not be possible to completely isolate yourself from those with a negative financial attitude. In some cases, you may not want to, if they are close friends or family.

But you should be careful that their opinions do not become your own. It may also help to limit time spent with them as you develop a positive money mindset.

9. Keep a journal to express yourself.

Journaling may help you keep track of money goals and how you feel as you learn more about finance.

It’s a great place to write down new ideas or things you’ve learned that you want to remember. You can also vent feelings and think of ideas for the future.

10. Educate yourself about money.

Learn as much as you can. If there is a financial concept you don’t understand, look it up and read about it.

Try investing in some classes for extra education. Ask others’ opinions and form your own through learning. Here’s an overview of personal financial literacy skills everyone should know.

Just remember to be discerning with who’s financial knowledge you follow. If the person spouting off advice is constantly broke, they’re probably not the best to be taking advice from.

11. Create a budget.

Your budget is your first line of defense against overspending, and it gives you the chance to save significantly. Without a budget, your financial plan doesn’t exist.

You must know the basics – what you pay each month for bills, how much you want to save each month or week for retirement, and any other costs you have.

Your budget is the plan that gets you to your goals. 

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12. Read books by successful people to learn their money mindset.

Begin reading books by people who are successful with money. Reading about how they got there can help you do the same! Read their books, blogs, or listen to podcasts and audiobooks to learn as much as possible about finance. 

13. Spend wisely.

A positive money mindset does include spending! The thing is, you want to spend with thought and intention, not impulsively.

Save up for large purchases, and buy things that are within your budget. That way, you know that the item is something you truly want and have thought about.

Being a wise spender can help you so much as you gain a positive money mindset.

14. Be grateful.

No matter what step of your financial journey you’re on, be grateful. Be happy about the things that you know about money and thankful when you learn something new.

Even if you have a long way to go, it’s essential to be happy about the progress you’ve made so far. It will help you to keep going.

15. Give to a cause you believe in.

If some of your money is making a difference for others through donations to a cause, it’s something to be proud of.

It can help you combat any feelings of negativity about money. You can also know that being smart with money is helping others, which is a fantastic thing.

With self-examination and hard work, you can develop a positive mindset about money

You may feel like developing a positive money mindset is very difficult or will take too much time. Know that each step you take towards a new way of thinking about finance will help you.

You do need to think about how you spend and think about money, but doing these things can help you create a mindset about finance that will aid you for your whole life. Be willing to work hard, and you will see results.

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