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What is the Meaning of Money is Power?

Everyone has heard the expression before: money is power. Regardless of how you feel about this, there is no denying that there is some truth to this statement.

But what does it actually mean that money has power? What kind of power, and how can you get more of it?

Check out the details about why money is power and how it can affect your life, positively and negatively.

What is the Meaning of Money is Power?

Statue of woman thinking about the meaning of money is power and other financial sayings.

Money can buy many things, like time, health, and even happiness, to an extent. Money gives you the ability to do much more than you could without it.

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Since it is widely recognized as the item you trade for other items, it is desired by many. 

Being Wealthy Can Give You Influence Over Others and More Options in Life

If you have a lot of wealth, it will be easier to accomplish many things. You may find that money brings influence.

Now money should not influence some things, but it can work positively for certain situations.

For example, you could offer more pay if you want to hire someone to work for you instead of a competitor. This is an example of the influence money brings. 

It can also give you more options in life. Money can allow you to live anywhere that you want.

It can also give you more choices for education, travel, work, and even more opportunities to help others. Having more options is a form of power, and it can be a good thing for you and your family if used correctly.

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What is Important Money or Power?

Is it more beneficial to have power or money? They are not always the same. But there are many ways money can be used to increase power.

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Instead of wondering whether money or power is more important, know that usually more money means more power, but there are things that money can’t buy and power is not everything. 

How You Use Your Money Determines Your Power

If you have a lot of money but don’t make good choices, your options and power will be limited.

But if you make wise financial choices, like investing, proper budgeting, and using your money for a purpose instead of without thinking, you will have greater power. You will likely increase your wealth, opportunities, and options.

Who Said Wealth is Power?

There is a quote by Adam Smith from his book, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, “Wealth, as Mr. Hobbes says, is power.”

Since money is the commodity we’ve chosen as humans to pay for all the things we need, the more you have, often the more power you have. 

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Why Does Money Have So Much Power?

The funny thing is, it actually doesn’t. Money has power because we (the world) have decided that it does.

Since we have set up money as our standard for buying things and we believe having more of it gives us more choices, the people of the world have decided that money is power.

On its own, money doesn’t have worth. It is valuable because we say it is. 

But there are some key reasons you and I view money as essential. It provides stuff for us and helps us live the lives we want. Check out these examples.

You Need It to Survive

There is no way around this. Money buys food, housing, clothing, education, and everything you need to survive and thrive in your life.

Without it, you cannot function very well. It supplies you with your basic needs and gives you the opportunities you want. 

Money is a Crucial Commodity in Any Economic System

You trade money for necessities like shelter, food, water, clothing, and transportation. It makes our economy work so far, and for many years, people have used this commodity to pay for things and get what they need or want.

Without money, our economic system, as it is, would no longer exist. Because of this, we’ve all agreed, through spending, to use money as the crucial element for our basic needs.

This being the case, the more of it you have, usually the better off you are economically.

Why Does Money Give You Power?

Power is hard to define; instead, there are a lot of different forms of power that money can give you. You can get many things because of money. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential ones. 

Money Gives You Choices

Most people like to have lots of options. You want the freedom to choose whatever you want, from where you live, to what you eat, to where you work and your lifestyle.

Money takes you from having just a couple of options to having many. 

For example, if you don’t have much money, you may have to live in an area you don’t like because it’s affordable. You might have to shop for groceries at the cheapest place, not go out to eat, and work a job you don’t particularly enjoy.

When you are wealthy, you can live in a place you love, regardless of cost. You can choose to eat out at restaurants and shop at health food stores.

You may choose what work you do based on your talents and interests. Having more money opens up the world to give you tons of ways to live a life you enjoy.

Money Gives You Confidence

Being wealthy can be a confidence booster and help you feel more secure in yourself and your future. While your confidence should ultimately come from who you are as a person, money doesn’t hurt!

It may help you build confidence in many ways, from a fabulous wardrobe and haircut to knowing that you will be secure in your retirement years.

Money Can Buy Opportunities

Extra cash can give you chances to do many things you might otherwise not consider. You’ll have tons of opportunities that make your life fuller and more enjoyable. Check out these examples. 

1. Education

Wealth may allow you to choose your education instead of taking whatever is available for a cheap price. There are many forms of this.

You might select a college that aligns with your ideals instead of just the most affordable one. You can also pay for classes to continue your education, send your children to excellent schools, and even get a master’s or doctorate degree.

Having money means these things are more easily accomplished without worry or overworking. 

2. Travel

Travel is not free, and many people long to see the world but cannot afford to do so. If you are rich or have a good amount of money, you can easily travel.

You can pay for flights, accommodations, and activities in various parts of the world. You may take time off or pay for quicker trips on days off. Travel is truly a luxury and so much easier when you have more money.

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3. Talent development  

If you really want to become good at something, having money can help. You will be able to hire instructors or tutors for various things like sports, music, art, languages, martial arts, etc. You can learn quickly this way.

4. Career development

Money can quickly help you succeed or become better at your career. Having the cash to pay for training and classes to help further your job is a great thing and can potentially make you more money in the future.

And if you need more education or a higher degree to get to your dream job, or if you want to switch careers, money can help.

Money Can Buy Time

Money doesn’t literally buy time, but it can help you make the most of your life, which can mean having more time to focus on the things you want to do.

For example, being wealthy may mean you don’t need to trade time for money. This can give you the chance to spend more time with loved ones, travel, or pursue hobbies.

Without money, you might have to work an hourly job that trades your time for money and not use your time in a way that you would like to.

Money Gets Things Done

Wealth can get things accomplished at a quicker pace. Let’s say you want to purchase a rental property or invest in something.

Without much money, it could take years to make this happen. If you have money already, these things can be very quickly accomplished.

Money gets things done, as well. Some examples include making fast financial decisions like deciding to invest $100,000 in a company you believe in. It also helps with inconveniences. For example, if you need to have your roof replaced ASAP. 

What Kind of Power Does Money Have?

Good or bad, here are some of the power money has over others.

Money Gives People Who Have It Power Over People Who Need It

This is unfortunate but sometimes true. Having money means you can lend money to other people who need it, and they will then pay it back.

Offering more money for someone to do a job may also mean they get to your project first or do better work. 

Determines Your Social Class

Wealth means that you can often decide where you live, the education you get, the type of home you have, and other social class factors. Having money can put you in a different social class.

This is a reality, but less fortunate people should never be looked down on because of their social class. In fact, if you happen to be wealthy, you might think of it as your own responsibility to help others through giving monetarily and teaching about finance when possible.

Money is Everything and Money is Power

Money does help you to accomplish a lot of things, and it can give you power over many areas of your life. It can help you get the education and career you want; it can also help you travel and pursue your dreams. 

Having Money Means You Can Get More and Do More

While money cannot buy you friendship or happiness, it can help you get things done and do many things you want to do in life. It is excellent for accomplishing things quickly and living your ideal lifestyle.

Why is Money a Power?

Why does money matter so much? Why is it a form of power? 

Money Is a Social Power That Operates at All Levels -from the Individual’s Personal Needs to the Universal Powers of the World.

This is true, even if we wish that it was not. But the positive thing is that money is valuable, and the more you work and earn, the better your life will likely be. 

Money is Powerful

Money gives you so many options. That’s why building wealth is a great idea.

Even if it takes some time, becoming rich and having what you need financially is an excellent way to make sure you and your family can take the opportunities that come your way.

Money Is So Powerful Because it Provides People With Power – to Have the Freedom to Do What They Want, Be Who They Want, and Go Where They Want. 

This is entirely true. Without money, you will have fewer options and freedom.

Having wealth gives you the chance to choose many things from your education to your lifestyle and where you live. This is much harder to accomplish, if not impossible, without money.

Money Is Essential: It’s What Makes Things Happen!

This is excellent news because you can make a high income and become wealthy given time, hard work, and some luck. And having that wealth will give you opportunities and allow you to make great things happen for yourself and others.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Money runs our economy, creates social classes, and makes things happen. It is the system we use to buy what we need and what we want.

Usually, the more you have, the better, up to a point. This doesn’t mean that you should let money control you or turn you into someone you don’t want to be.

Money has its limits, and it cannot buy good character or relationships. Instead, it should be used as a tool to better your life and the lives of others that you can help.

Remember to enjoy money, use it to make great things happen, and consistently learn about it in order to keep being successful.  

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