screw perfect get to 80 per cent and go

Screw Perfect! Get To 80% And Go For It

Do you get stuck chasing perfection in your business, and let it cause you to fail to launch? Fail to make big moves?

Do you refuse to post photos of yourself on your Instagram because your life doesn’t “look perfect”?

Tracy Smith of Kitchen Table CEOs is here to talk about why you need to get comfortable getting your projects to 80%.

So you can start hitting big goals and making waves as the face of your business. 

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Screw Perfect! Get To 80% And Go For It With Tracy Smith

It’s not about putting out less-than-complete work. It’s not about settling for low quality work. Not at all!

The fact is, your project/course/blog post/sales page/ ect was probably complete days ago, but you are paralyzed in a tinkering-nightmare aiming for a perfection that does not exist. 

When you step back, realize that your work is at a place where it functions, gets the message across and looks good, it’s time to launch. 

Truthfully, you can always go back and make edits from time to time. But the main thing is, we want you to get your content out into the world. 

And that content extends to you being the fact of your business, too. Do you hate the idea of putting photos of yourself on your business Instagram because your life doesn’t look “perfect” all the time?

Well, if you aren’t showing up, you are losing out! Your customers and clients want to see the human behind your brand, after all.

Tracy Smith shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur after a series of terrible bosses and reveals her brand new company Kitchen Table CEOs on the HerPaperRoute podcast today.

She has some advice for how you can say screw perfection and start showing up in your business every day. So you can put out content you are proud of that reaches the audience that needs to see it. 

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Seriously, you need to hear what one of her old bosses used to make her do! Tune in now! 

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