How to Make $50 Daily Online Doing Simple Tasks

How to Make $50 Daily Online Doing Simple Tasks

If you’re at home and looking for simple ways how to make $50 daily online, this is the right post for you!

We can all do with some extra spending money sometimes. And, I understand not everyone wants to quit their full-time job and be an entrepreneur.

Or maybe, you want to start making money online just to see what’s possible and then transition into a full-time remote worker later down the line?

Either way, we’re going to look into simple ways to make $50 daily online.

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I didn’t use to believe you could make money online, unless you had a lot of training.

Although I do believe investing in a course will catapult your results, there are still a few simple ways to make money, that require little skill that anyone can start today.

What is great about the tasks I’m going to mention, is their flexibility. You can literally do the work when you have time in your schedule.

So, whether you’re a busy mum, a student bogged down with study, a worker with a full-on 9-5 job, a retiree looking for a hobby or a multi-tasking digital nomad – these methods of earning $50 a day doing simple tasks are perfect.

Tips on How to Make More Money with These Simple Tasks

Because we are going to look at how to make $50 daily doing SIMPLE tasks, it’s a good idea to sign up to a few platforms at a time to boost your income.

Signing up to multiple platforms will mean you always have money coming in.

  • Sign up to multiple task platforms
  • Get a new email account specifically for your money-making side hustles. This will ensure your gig offers don’t get missed if they get sent to spam
  • Consider becoming an affiliate for the task sites you like. Once you start making money you can recommend the sites to your friends and make commissions
  • Set yourself weekly goals of how many hours you want to put aside to complete these tasks. Having a focused amount of hours will ensure you get them done!

Top Ways to Make $50 Daily Online, Or More!

Fancy Hands

This cool platform needs virtual assistants to help out with a mix of tasks. Work can include; making calls on behalf of people, scheduling appointments, tracking best prices for items, data entry and finding travel accommodation among other things.

You will need a reliable internet connection, good communication skills and an audio headset. Pay ranges from $3-$7 per task, but can increase as you gain experience. Choose your own hours and receive your pay every Tuesday via Dwolla.

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Inbox Dollars

Whenever you have a spare few minutes you can earn cash with Inbox Dollars by reading emails, taking surveys, searching the web, shopping online and playing games! You even get $5.00 just for finishing the sign-up process.

Open to US, UK and Canadian residents, Inbox Dollars has reportedly paid out its taskers $59 million in rewards to date. Payments are made via check.

Course Hero

You could easily make $50 a day doing simple tasks like answering questions on Course Hero. This platform hires native English speakers from the UK, US, Australia and Canada to help tutor students.

You must have a bachelor’s degree and be able to show you have expertise in a category students need help with.

Once accepted, you can earn on average $3 per question answered and around $20 per hour. Choose your hours and log in whenever you feel like it to make some extra cash.


Appen is a well-established platform offering micro tasks, projects and survey/data collection jobs that can be done from anywhere around the world.

Many people working for Appen make $50 a day online or more. You must be 18 years of age or older to become an Appen contributor and have a PayPal account.

Once signed up, you can apply to complete tasks and withdrawal requests are completed once a week.

Pay will vary from task to task, but you can take reassurance in the fact that Appen has been featured in the LA Times and Forbes.


This little-known gem has a ton of well-paying simple tasks you can take on, including focus group studies, website testing and short surveys.

Respondent is a market research organization where some people are making up to $140 an hour…… yes you read that right!

It has a simple sign up process where they will ask for your email address, gender, ethnicity and education background.

This will help them match you with the most relevant tasks. Pay is made through PayPal and you’ll need a Facebook or LinkedIn account to verify your identity.


OneSpace offers a ton of remote, freelance work in a range of fields. They are on the lookout for data analysts, data architects, content development specialists, graphic designers and transcriptionists.

OneSpace allows their taskers to set their own schedules and work from anywhere, enhance their skills by working with large companies and receive daily payments once work is approved.

You can start out getting experience with lower-paying tasks and take tests to qualify for higher-paying gigs. Make sure you have a PayPal account to get paid.


This platform is a crowdsourcing service, offering a range of different tasks to complete. RapidWorker is a place businesses and professionals can create low-cost marketing campaigns to gain sales and a better ranking.

Micro tasks on offer can include; liking YouTube videos, following people on social media, signing up to apps or games, posting reviews and much more.

Browse the micro-jobs, select the ones you like, finish the task and submit proof — then get paid. Pay is made to PayPal or your bank account.


Neobux allows you to earn money by viewing ads and clicking onto them. It’s pretty mindless work but if you like easy money, this is for you. Just in 10-20 minutes a day clicking on ads you can earn extra dollars.

The more you click the more you make! They also have a few other mini-tasks and offers you can sign up to and make extra cash. This one’s not going to make you a millionaire, but combine it with a few other micro-tasks to make $50 a day online.


This cool little platform is available to taskers worldwide looking to make extra cash. Some jobs you can find on Jobboy are; surveys, writing reviews, commenting, liking social media accounts, searching and clicking, installing software and signing up to websites.

This is what you might be doing online anyway, so why not get paid for it! You just need to verify your email to sign up and then you can get earning. Pay is made through PayPal and Payza.

Click N Work

Here you will find data entry and micro tasks to complete, which are available to people all over the world.

Type of skills this platform looks for in taskers are; analysts, writers/editors, trend spotting, web searchers, data entry specialists, telephone, translation and photography.

If you feel you are proficient in any of these areas, sign up easily through their online form and browse the work available. They require proof of job skills for you to apply for certain tasks. Pay will vary from job to job.


Clickworker is very similar to Click N Work, offering a range of micro tasks for the taking.

To sign up, you’ll need to pass some entrance tests and fill out your tax information. Work offered can include; correcting texts, taking surveys and categorizing data.

Some Clickworkers will be eligible to take on UHRS (Universal Human Relevant System) work, which is another site offering microtasks. Acceptance to the UHRS will depend on your country and language skills. Pay varies depending on the project and will usually be paid every 7 days.


MiniJobz is a micro job site helping you turn your spare time into cash. Jobs are centred around social media actions and helping to boost businesses online.

Some job tasks are; downloading apps or extensions, searching or visiting websites, signing up to forms, liking social media accounts and commenting on forums. Pay is made through MoneyBookers or Payza and you have to reach $5 to cash out.

Conclusion – How to Make $50 a Day Online

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make $50 daily online doing simple tasks.

And, the good thing is all the tasks mentioned are super simple. Once you’re signed up to the money-making platforms, log in and spend whatever spare time you have making extra cash.

Even if you only have 30 minutes at a time, you’ll be able to make up to $50 daily online or even more.

Have you tried any of these money-making websites? Have I missed any good ones off the list? Let me know in the comments….

Pro Tip: Save the extra cash you make doing these simple tasks and invest that money into a course, which will give you the skills to start your own business.

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