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Encouragement For The Mompreneur Starting A Home Business

It’s a fairly common desire for moms to want to be able to find work online jobs so we can make money online while staying home with our kids.

Unfortunately, the thing about finding online jobs is there are many empty promises and many scams out there. Truly, the best way to have an online job is to create your own.

Starting a home business is a wonderful thing to do.

Start your own business, start a money-making blog, sell a product, learn marketing, develop yourself into a mompreneur. I know, it’s easy to see that but it can be difficult to start.

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Often, the hardest part of starting your own business is simply believing in yourself that you can do it.

If you struggle with this, read on for some serious encouragement that hopefully will get you excited and inspired to start your work-from-home business today!

No matter what type of business you are starting, you will need all of these thing:

  1. A business plan
  2. A high-converting sales page
  3. An About Me page
  4. USA business owners: Register your business as an LLC or C-Corp here
  5. or Canadian business owners: Register or incorporate your business here
  6. A business mentor
  7. A positive, growth mindset and the decision that you will make your goals a reality

Encouragement For The Mompreneur Starting A Home Business

Encouragement for moms starting a home business #mompreneur #wahm #sahm #workonline #homebusiness @HerPaperRoute HerPaperRoute.com

by guest writer Celeste Gonsalves

A Repurposed Dream

I can relate to that dull ache you are feeling in your gut.

You know the one that is telling you, “There must be something more out there for me?”

Yes, you are living every stay-at-home-mother’s dream; the ability to stay at home and raise your babies and children yourself, while your loving husband is the sole breadwinner.

It has been great for a few years, but now you want more.

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You feel as though you have something to share, something to contribute, something that is all your own.

But how could this be, since I am living the dream I always wanted?

Why am I feeling unfulfilled?

Yes, I have been there too!

I can’t tell you the days and weeks that I craved to experience a real ‘adult’ uninterrupted, conversation.

Just going to the store to buy groceries became an excursion for me because I knew I could chat with the cashier.


And if I was lucky enough to add going to the bank on the same outing, then I hit the jackpot that day!

I got to speak to two people about nothing at all! I know some of you reading this article can relate and understand exactly what I mean.

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Stay At Home Mom – Need For Something More

Now that you have overcome the first hurdle, which is recognizing your need to feed that hunger for something more, you can begin your new journey of repurposing your dream.

But, wait! What are the next steps you ask? Here is a list for you to consider:

  • Discover what you are truly passionate about ~ what brings you joy? What excites you?
  • Align your passion with your skill set, education, and experience ~ what are you good at? What are you trained to do?
  • Brainstorm ideas and options that fulfill these two requirements ~ passion and skill set!
  • Research! Research! Research! HerPaperRoute is a GREAT Resource! ~ Tons of valuable information; free content, classes offered, support available.
  • Decide on exactly what you want to achieve ~ work from home, new business owner, volunteering or non-profit work, etc.?

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  • Assemble these puzzle pieces to create a picture of what you aspire to accomplish ~ imagine what succeeding at this goal would look like for you?
  • Do more research to fine-tune your objectives and plan of action ~ decide what platform you will use, support you will need, financial start-up costs, time constraints, and how you tend to balance home life with your new Mompreneur role?
  • Revise plan as needed ~ understand that everything does not have to go exactly as you hoped for, especially in the beginning! Modifying and practicing patience with diligence and flexibility are the true characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Have fun and enjoy your new journey!

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Blogging is one of the best home businesses to get into.

Start a money-making blog today – free training!


Mompreneur – Adjusting, Changing, Evolving And Growing

I have had first-hand experience with having to revamp, modify, and downright change my business plans and goals to adjust to the ever-changing, dynamic world that we currently live in.

Through my own personal struggles of discovering and defining my passion-driven focus, I came to realize that every road that has led me to my purpose was a true testament of my own well-traveled journey.

Yes, this road was bumpy at times and I did lose a lot of money along the way.

But without all of these unfortunate circumstances that I endured, I would not have grown exponentially to own my own power.

Simply put, I fired everyone and learned the process myself!

Mistakes happened, but it just added to my learning curve and boosted my confidence to try again.

Well, I think I finally got it right this time

Now, I am proud to announce my newest venture with my newly launched Parent Chat Videos YouTube Channel.

I provide free parenting tips for raising children from newborn through the college years. All the videos are created, uploaded, converted, and updated by me.

I do it all by myself and what a good feeling of accomplishment I have gained through this entire process.

Your Journey

As you grow into your own power and learn more about yourself, I can almost guarantee that your journey will be filled with excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, and a sense of accomplishment.

Yes, you need to embrace the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Amaze yourself with your ability to create a new path and achieve your highest, authentic potential.

Sorry, guilt is not invited or welcome on your journey.

Congratulations on taking that first step to designing your repurposed dream.

Believe in yourself, as I believe in you!

~ Aloha from Hawaii, Celeste.


Celeste M. Gonsalves is the author of Teen Wise and Teen Wise WORKBOOK, and the founder of Parent Chat Videos YouTube channel. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Resources from the University of Hawaii, and a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University of Hawaii. Fancy titles that basically mean she is educated in human development over the life span and in business management. However, her highest achievement was acquired when she successfully raised a daughter as a single parent from infancy through college completion.

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