9 business ideas for women to work from home

9 Exciting Business Ideas For Women To Work From Home

Let’s chat for a minute about something dear to my heart: business ideas for women. Now, obviously, women can do any type of business we damn well desire. I am not here to segregate or say one type of business is for men and another for women. At all!

What I’m saying, is that there are some types of online businesses that are really appealing to women because they allow us to work from home, and make a better living than from a traditional out-of-the-house-job.

Something that is becoming more and more of a need for families these days.

But what about when you are a multi-passionate person with the desire to start a business? How to you nail down just one thing? Here are some business ideas to spark your interest!

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9 Exciting Business Ideas For Women To Work From Home

Every day new businesses pop up across the country. And it’s not a surprise that a big portion of these small businesses were started by women.

As women, we are known for our multitasking ability and our many talents. Because of that, it can be tricky at times, trying to narrow down to what we want to do and focus on.

The number of business ideas for women may seem endless and if you make a wrong decision, you might be spending more money than you will be making money.

Do you know what you are passionate about? For some women, we love blogging. Many of us enjoy social media management, project management, or even dog walking.

When it comes to home business, the best way is to just start doing something. Even if you feel like you don’t know yet, just by starting something will lead you to your ultimate business goal.

If you are looking for small business ideas for women, and have many passions, I have a list of 9 business ideas for people like you.

The great thing about these home business ideas is that you can use them to promote any type of interest you have.

1. Blogging

As I mentioned earlier, blogging is considered as the number one home business for women.

Most women who want to start their online businesses claim that blogging is something they enjoy. This is because they are inspired to share their lifestyle, favorites, tips, and experiences.

For mothers who stay home raising their kids, blogging is beneficial because they can turn into passive income. Just take a look at these blog income reports where people are earning between $2k to $50k per month.

The best way to start a blog is by getting the right resources. It takes hard work, but anybody can do it. Once you start blogging, everything will be a lot easier. All you need is consistency and discipline.

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2. Bookkeeping

If you have the experience and enjoy keeping records of financial transactions, bookkeeping is one of the best business ideas for women to start from home. Some business owners have claimed that they start making at least $60 per hour.

Of course, that depends on your skills and experience. But bookkeeping is considered as a skill that you can easily learn even with no previous experience. Besides, you can work from home! What’s better than that?


3. Affiliate Marketing

Just like blogging, you can easily get into affiliate marketing and start making money from home.

Affiliate marketing works when you recommend and promote places and products to friends, family, and online following. You will get paid whenever someone makes a purchase.

It can be lucrative to turn affiliate marketing into a home business for women with a steady income. Some affiliate marketers make at least $6,000 per month and that comes with hard work and determination. If they can do it, you can do it too.

4. Life Coaching

Do you feel like you have a calling to help people? If you enjoy watching the personal development of another individual and want to become part of their life’s journey, life coaching is a perfect home business for you.

Some life coaches make six to seven figures. If you target high-income clients with your high-ticket coaching package, you can make a good living.


5. Freelance Writing

Did you know that some freelance writers who successfully promoted their skills make over $200,000 per year? That’s a crazy number. But it’s definitely possible to achieve it. If you enjoy writing, you can offer your skills to companies and businesses and charge accordingly.

Freelance writing is one of the most common business ideas for women these days. Some people will tell you that freelance writing is probably not going to pay you well, but the truth is, you can earn a lot by writing full time.

You just have to know how to market yourself properly and where to find your ideal clients.

6. Dropshipping

What’s a better home business for women other than dropshipping? This is a great opportunity for women who love selling products. The best part about dropshipping is the fact that you don’t need to see or ship the products yourself.

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, the dropshipping company will ship these products directly to your customers. All you have to do is focus on marketing your online store.

You make a profit from the difference between what the drop shipping company charges you and how much you are charging your customers.

Check out my full course on dropshipping and save $53! You’ll be able to enroll for just $7.

7. Tutoring

You can earn money through teaching or tutoring. If you are looking for business ideas for women that is easy to start at home, I highly recommend tutoring especially if you have experience teaching children.

With advancements in technology, online tutoring is an excellent home business idea for women. If you do not have experience in teaching, you can start by volunteering first.


8. Transcription

Another great job for women is transcribing. It comes with good pay and flexibility. As a transcriptionist, your job involves listening to audio files and typing down what you hear.

Different companies offer a wide range of pay starting from $7 to $21 per hour. You can start by trying it out first and once you are familiar with it, you venture into starting your own home business.

9. Sell on Etsy

If you are creative and enjoy selling artsy things, you can start selling your products on Etsy. This website is very easy to use and navigate.

If you don’t know what to sell or how to market your products, you can always learn how to promote yourself successfully.

Etsy sellers have the potential of making a lot of money and grow their businesses outside of the Etsy platform if it’s done correctly.

Business ideas for women to work from home

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