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Blog Income Report: Bloggers Making $20-$320k /Month

Doing a monthly blog income report is a great way to keep tabs on your blog progress. It is a myth that only bloggers who blog about blogging make money.

When in truth, bloggers in all types of niches are making money!

I’ve been making over $60,000 per month blogging about tech, beauty, and marketing via my different niche blogs. Some months over $100,00k!

Ready to get inspired? Have a look at this list of blogging monthly income reports, below.

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30+ Blogger Income Reports From $20 – $320,000 per month!

Whether it be a few dollars per month or even a few hundred-thousand dollars per month, money can be made with a blog, my friends!

If you want to learn just HOW to monetize ANY niche, you need to read THIS post first. (You’ll be glad you did!)

Blog Income Report

I have found the exercise of writing a blog income report to be very helpful in the success and growth of my business, while keeping me organized, accountable, and continually setting and slaying goals along the way.

Below you will find a list of blogger’s income reports, from bloggers in a variety of different niches.

Blog Income Report List

Here are several blog income report posts, showing how bloggers in all sort of niches make money with their blogs.

No matter how many or how few zeros your blog made last month, your story is inspiring!

Use these blog income reports as a source of inspiration to start your own blog today, Here’s how to start a blog for free!

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Blog Income Report List $20 – 3,000 Per Month

OneQueenOneKing (Finance) – $20 with a new blog (I love how her income report explains her goals and strategies for what she is doing now to grow her new blog!)

ERichesClub (Finance) – $216 with a new blog (You have to see her Pinterest plans!)

Yup, Itโ€™s Vegan (Veganism) โ€“ $1,478.54 per month

Mostly Morgan (Lifestyle) โ€“ $2,000 per month

Embracing Simple (Intentional Living) โ€“ $2,400 per month

Recipe This (Food) โ€“ $2,431 per month

Blog Income Report: Bloggers Making $20-$320k /Month 1

Blog Income Report List $3,000 – 8,000 Per Month

While She Naps (Sewing) โ€“ $3,152.3 per month

Travel Blog Breakthrough (Travel) โ€“ $3,269 per month

Arts & Classy (DIY, Interior Design)- $3,364.75 per month

Easy Baby Life (Parenting) โ€“ $4,310 per month

Practical Wanderlust (Travel) โ€“ $4,305.96 per month

Pickled Plum (Food) โ€“ $4,330.08 per month

Fitnancials (Fitness, Travel, Lifestyle) โ€“ $4,612 per month

The BeWitchin Kitchen (Food) โ€“ $6,313 per month

Pulling Curls (Parenting) โ€“ $6,631 per month

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Blog Income Report List $8,000 – 320,000 Per Month

Rose At Water (Finances & Family) โ€“ $8,304.39 per month

Sewrella (Knitting) โ€“ $9,755.76 per month

TwoWanderingSoles (Travel) – $14,179 per month

Well Kept Wallet (Finance) โ€“ $17,714 per month

Horkey Handbook (Become a VA) โ€“ $20,492 per month

Club Thrifty (Budget Living) โ€“ $21,566 per month

The Flooring Girl (Home Decor) – $22,000 per month

Just a Girl & Her Blog (Lifestyle) โ€“ $41,700 per month

Show Me The Yummy (Food) โ€“ $46,367 per month

Pinch Of Yum (Food) โ€“ $60,000 per month

HerPaperRoute (Creator Economy – this blog you are reading) – $60,000 per month

Making Sense of Cents (Frugal Living) โ€“ $100,000 per month

Smart Passive Income (Wealth)- $320,000 per month

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Is Your Blog Set Up Correctly For Money-Making?

Before you can do a blogging monthly income report, you first need a blog set up correctly for monetization.

Enroll in my free Start A Blog & Monetize It course and we’ll have you up and running today!

Here’s a peek at some of the tools, apps, and resources I use to run my blogs!

Most of them are free, and for the ones that aren’t, I’ve included a free trial wherever possible.

Take a look at the tools I use to run my blogs, here!

Blog income report – Conclusion

We hope you found this blog income report inspirational. Will you start publishing monthly blog income reports, as your website grows?

Writing a blogging income report is a great way to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

Every blog post you create should make you money. And ever blogger started at zero in the beginning.

So what are you waiting for?

For More Resources On Making Making Money Online

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  1. I found this resource to be immensely valuable. I read many of these income reports, and I have gained so much from doing so. What I gained especially is that a healthy combination of affiliate marketing, ad networks, ebooks, courses, membership sites, and more can help you successfully monetize your blog. Most blogs only do 2 or 3.

  2. Blog Income Reports just motivates to work harder on the blog but again on the other side people take it otherway, they think it’s damn easy to make online as this particular guy/girl is earning this much from just a blog.

    What’s your views on this?

    1. It does get easier once you start hitting the $20,000 months – but it takes a lot of work to get there first. All the work is setting up funnels, creating products and generating traffic. But once you have things automated, it becomes easier, as you can rinse-and-repeat your tasks =)

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