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Foreign Language SEO Hack – An Overlooked Way To Make Money

There is an SEO hack that will help you dominate your niche and rank on the first page of Google – even if your blog is brand new.

One of the most important parts of developing a blog into a business is setting it up with strong SEO that attracts organic traffic from search engines.

We talk a lot about building profitable blogs here at But one of the biggest obstacles that stands in the way of new bloggers being able to get that organic traffic Is the sheer fact that there is so much competition!

Read on to discover a clever way to cut through that competition. But first, enroll in my free SEO course if you haven’t already!

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Foreign Language SEO Hack – An Overlooked Way To Make Money

Ranking for keywords and having your blog show up on the first page of Google is no cake walk in most niches and American markets.

Simply because there are so many bloggers with a high DA (domain authority) already there, dominating those coveted first page spots.

How does a new blogger stand out and make a name for yourself ranking in the US, when you have so much competition ahead of you?

Peter from FunnelXpert has a very smart foreign language SEO hack to share with HerPaperRoute readers today, and I am so excited for you to sink your fingernails into this one.

Foreign Language SEO Hack – An Overlooked Way To Make Money

Written by Peter Nyiri

Have you ever started a new blog and felt that it wasn’t going anywhere?

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There are very specific reasons for that.

If you are new to blogging, you will run into the following barriers:

1. Your Own Lack Of Knowledge

You are new, therefore you may have no clue:

  • What it takes to build a blog
  • How much time you need to put in
  • How long until you start seeing results
  • What plan you should be following

2. Your Unwillingness To Invest Money Into Your Own Blogger Education

Additionally, most new bloggers want to use only free tools and are unwilling to pay for autoresponders, blogging courses, etc.

This comes from the fact that

  • There are a lot of fake materials around and you don’t trust anyone and
  • Your blog (your sales funnel) is not set up to make profits.

Obviously, if you had a sales funnel that converts and brings back more than your investment, you wouldn’t be hesitating to invest into your business.


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3. The Extreme Level Of Competition In English Language Markets

Competition is very high in English markets.

Most newbies are aware of their own lack of knowledge.

However, they rarely realize the degree of competition they have to face in the US-based market.

There are millions of bloggers competing.

On top of it, the top blogs are typically not run by the average Joe or Joanne.

The top blogs often have an entire team responsible for content creation, promotion, sales, etc.

No matter what niche you start, you will realize that there are already people there making profits out of it, and you are at a disadvantage starting from scratch.

Even Pinterest is dominated and saturated in a way.


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You may even have a tough time ranking on Pinterest, while you are putting time into your blog, your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Bloggers try to solve this problem by targeting smaller niches that may not generate enough traffic to get results.

There is a very much overlooked solution to this competition problem.

The State of Foreign Language Search Engines: SEO Hack For Bloggers

The situation is completely different in the case of foreign search engines.

Foreign search engines are literally like the English search engines pre-2010.

Because of this, it is very easy to rank for and get traffic from fairly competitive keywords. (It does take a few months if your blog is new.)

You will find that in these foreign languages Google doesn’t have enough high-quality blog posts to satisfy the searchers’ needs in the majority of the topics.

Even in popular subjects like internet marketing or the ‘make money blogging’ niche.

To make this opportunity even more exciting, you will also find that these foreign-language markets are not over-saturated with digital products either.

Should you try to sell a Pinterest course or a “How to make money online” course in English, you will run into the fact that there are already fifty other mom blogs trying to sell similar courses.

Chances are that these have a lot more knowledge on the subject and you wouldn’t be able to compete with their high quality.

In a foreign language

  • ‘Mom blogs’ hardly exist.
  • Many bloggers have very little knowledge in SEO.
  • Many don’t know how to create and sell courses.
  • While the existing courses are low quality and expensive.

SEO Hack In Foreign Markets: Pinterest Marketing

On a foreign Pinterest site you won’t find an overwhelming amount of pins to compete against.

Maybe a handful of people use Pinterest for marketing.

They mostly use it for posting recipes, home décor, motivational quotes, etc.

Local SEO doesn’t exist.

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SEO Hack In Foreign Markets: Facebook Groups Marketing

The existing Facebook groups are much less in number, therefore you don’t run into a lot of competition when you create your own.

You don’t run into a huge “opt-in fatigue” as people aren’t being bombarded with opt-in freebies.

A lot of their lead magnets really aren’t very good at all. It’s quite easy to create a better one.

With the knowledge you have after a year of blogging in English, you could switch over to a foreign language market and rule an entire niche.

You don’t even need to create a lot of original content, you can literally take your own English blog and change it to the foreign language.

You will usually just need to make minor adjustments to add local examples and explain things more in detail.

Foreign Language SEO Hack = Low Competition

How did I discover all this?

My native language is Hungarian and I recently moved back to Hungary after living in the US for 21 years.

At the time, I was about to move to a different city and I wanted to buy a travel bag locally.

Typing “travel bag [my city]” in Hungarian and I found ZERO local results.

I was stunned.

So I tried a few phrases in other subjects. Believe it or not, the search results I got back were extremely poor with articles consisting of 5-600 words.

Continuing, I searched for several more phrases, and I found several that only had 2-3 websites with “allintitle” match.

Considering this, I took some of the top ranking websites and did an analysis with Ahrefs.

I was shocked to see that these websites had tons of links from various link directories, hardly any high-quality backlinks.

How to Build a Foreign Online Business

First I was very hesitant to build a business in Hungary simply because the tax system is very complicated and the state takes half of your earnings as tax.

Then I changed my mind… I decided to give it a try.

I already know the make money blogging niche, therefore I did some research on this.

The Hungarian equivalent of the term “make money online” is searched for 1,100 times a month and has an Ahrefs keyword difficulty of zero.

The article taking the top search position on the subject ranks with only 300 words.

Can you believe this?

I am not going to say that you can get rich overnight, because SEO takes time, but if you put in enough time, I am sure that you will see much better results much faster than in English.

I ended up starting three different projects.

Why three? Simply because if all three have some initial content, while I am working on one website, the other two can age and build up some organic traffic by themselves.

Or, I could even outsource and pay some freelancer to write blog posts for me…

Picking My Domains

I picked deleted domains for all three of my sites, this way they already have a link structure and some DA.

You can use to search for foreign domains.

Look at this one:


foreign language seo hack dominate a foreign market blogging


This domain is in the make money blogging niche.

I started a US blog in November 2017.

It is called FunnelXpert, it is on the subject of blog sales funnels.

I wrote a free sales funnel email course as my lead magnet.

The Hungarian equivalent is DA 21 and it has a few thousand backlinks.

It goes back to 2008.

You can see what it looks like, it is called “Blog World” in Hungarian.

I literally took some of my successful blog posts from FunnelXpert, translated them, wrote a few more myself, and I wrote an autoresponder series called the “Millionaire Blog Club” as my opt-in freebie.

You can see the screenshot here.

foreign language seo hack dominate a foreign market blogging


I analyzed the backlink structure with Ahrefs and, in order to preserve the link juice, I recreated all the blog posts that had backlinks pointing to them.

I just created a Facebook group where the purpose is bloggers helping bloggers with comments, social media sharing, follows, likes, Pinterest, etc.

Believe it or not, there’s hasn’t been a Facebook group like that in Hungarian.

On my second domain I built a WooCommerce dropshipping web store, the English translation would be “Gift Island”. (DA 9).

I am not going to give you a lot of details, but the top Hungarian web stores have horrible SEO and just by writing descriptions that are a few hundred words long my listings are showing up on the first page of Google.

The site is only two months old.

But my third project is the most interesting one:


foreign language seo hack dominate a foreign market blogging


You may not be able to see it because of the language, but it is a single-word domain in the dating advice niche, the Hungarian translation is “Seduction”.

There is very little competition and a huge earnings potential in this niche.

Even though there are over 40 dating sites in Hungarian, with several of them bringing in over 100,000 visitors per month, there are only 3-4 sites targeting dating advice.

And they look absolutely horrible, html from the 1990s!

I only published 9 blog posts and after only one month and zero promotion there is already a trickle of organic traffic, as you can see it here:


foreign language seo hack dominate a foreign market blogging

Foreign Country Difficulties

I had to solve several difficulties – I had to find country-specific hosting, autoresponder service, payment processor, invoicing, etc.

I also had to figure out how to start an official online business.

However my hosting only costs me $20 per year, and my autoresponder service costs $40, also for an entire year.

These difficulties are countered by the fact that there are almost no Facebook video ads being used and YouTube also has much less competition.

Therefore paid advertising opens up even bigger opportunities.

I am using Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads, along with an affiliate management plugin.

Almost no companies in Hungary use affiliates to drive sales!

I am currently building my own online course using Thrive Apprentice, and the sale of the course is handled through WooCommerce.

WooCommerce already existed in Hungarian, and it took me a day to translate the affiliate plugin into Hungarian using POEdit plugin editor.

It took another day to translate the Thrive Theme I am using.

SEO Hack In A Foreign Language – Conclusion

As you can see, foreign-language SEO presents great opportunities that you can exploit if you speak a language other than English.


Peter Nyiri is a blogger, teaching new bloggers to build profitable blogs online. His main blog is FunnelXpert. Take a look at his free sales funnel email course if you want to find out more.


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