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Why Start A Blog In 2024? 9 Life-Changing Reasons

Why start a blog? Oh, there are some extremely good reasons why you should have a blog nowadays. Yes, it’s hard work but blogging is one of the most rewarding and freeing tools – blogging can give you the life you’ve always wanted.

Sure, Social media and influencer marketing have dramatically risen in popularity, and from the outside, it looks like bloggers get overshadowed by influencers.

But actually, when bloggers use social media and influencer marketing to their blog’s advantage, they’re unstoppable.

Blogs are easy to start, fun to create, and if you’re successful, they can provide you with another source of income. These are just a few of the advantages!

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If you’ve thought about creating a blog, but are on the fence about starting one, you’re in the right place! I’ll get into the main reasons why you should start a blog in this article.

To make sure that you have a balanced idea of the industry, you’ll also find reasons why you shouldn’t start a blog below, too. At the end of this article, you’ll know the pros and the cons of blogging so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Why You Should Start A Blog

Smart Reasons Why Start A Blog This Year

Starting A Blog Is Simple

As long as you have an Internet connection and a computer, blogs are simple to create! You don’t have to be a tech whiz or a graphic designer to make one.

Blogging itself is hard work, but the starting point is simple enough.

Don’t feel discouraged if the prospect of blogging scares you. There’s lots of information to learn, but lots of bloggers learn as they go. All you have to do is start.

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Blogging Is Affordable

Would you be surprised to know that it costs less than $10 per month to have your website online?

It’s true! The small hosting fee is a small price to pay, especially considering how you will be making money with your website in due time.

WordPress.org is included for free with your hosting, and by paying for hosting, you won’t be limited to what you can do on your blog. You’ll also have lots of monetization options while other free websites have limiting monetization rules.

You’ll Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone can make good use of improving their writing skills. Blogging is one of the fastest ways to become a better writer. As you write new content regularly, you’ll learn what makes a post successful or not.

With consistency, you’ll find that your blog improves and that you can write more words in a shorter space of time.

This has added benefits outside of blogging. Being able to put pen to paper offers many potential opportunities. You could write stories, create persuasive emails, or improve your social media presence.

Knowing how to express your thoughts is an impressive skill, so take advantage of it when you can.

You’ll Learn New Skills

As you continue to blog, you’ll pick up important skills in the process.

Some of these skills include designing a website, using a Content Management System, SEO best practices, social media marketing, website hosting, and writing for a specific audience.

You learn some of these skills by creating and looking after a blog, but you’ll also learn by writing about certain topics.

For example, if you start out writing about daily outfits born out of an interest in fashion, you may learn more about the industry as you go on. This may support a future career as a designer, stylist, or model agent.

Blogging Can Be A Great Creative Outlet

Blogging can also be a much-needed creative outlet. In today’s modern world, a lot of us are guilty of not expressing our creative side. Your website is your space to create whatever you want to!

You can develop a piece that relates to a certain subject, or brainstorm a completely new idea. Blogging can be just like writing short stories, creating music, and painting art.

Your blog can be your escape from the world, but you may find that your readers identify with your pieces too.

You Can Develop Your Expertise

While you can blog about a topic you’re an expert in, a blog can help you develop your knowledge on a subject. Even if you only know some details about a particular topic, you can still create a blog about it!

You’ll know more about it than people who aren’t interested in your subject at all. What matters more is that you have a passion for something.

As you continue blogging, you’ll naturally learn more as you go on and evolve into an expert. Some bloggers start by posting makeup hauls, then develop into well-versed makeup artists.

Fitness enthusiasts may start talking about their workout routines, then turn into educated personal trainers later on.

It’s fine if you only know a little bit about your chosen topic, as you have the potential to learn much more about it on your journey.

Blogging Is Flexible

Full-time bloggers have a flexible schedule that a lot of other jobs don’t provide. Successful bloggers have the freedom to enjoy a Monday to themselves, take a few weeks off for traveling, or spend the afternoon with their loved ones.

Of course, blogging still takes a lot of work, but creators can do their work at night, in the morning, or even in an entirely different country!

Other than a flexible schedule, blogging also provides you with opportunities to pursue your passions further. For instance, if you blog about the theater, you can try auditioning for acting jobs in your spare time.

If you write about food, you can host your pop-up bakery for a few months. A regular 9-5 job normally means you don’t have the time to follow your dreams, but blogging can give you the chance to do so!

You Can Earn Unlimited Money With A Blog

One of the greatest benefits of blogging is the potential to earn money. Successful bloggers have earned millions through their posts, earning a full-time income by doing things that they love.

Becoming successful at blogging takes hard work. You can’t get rich from just starting one up. You need to be consistent, patient, and persevere if your plan goes south from what you planned.

Bloggers who earn a lot of money have been doing this for years, but don’t let this discourage you. No matter where you’re starting from, you have the potential to do the same!

You’ll Find Yourself Emersed In The Blogging Community

You can find amazing friends in the blogging community, which isn’t seen as much in other fields. Some do see other bloggers as competition, but for the most part, bloggers are supportive of their fellows in the industry.

Bloggers are found all over the world, and thanks to the internet, you can find someone easily if you need support or advice. Every blogger has started from scratch, so they’ll understand what you’re going through as a beginner.

You can find blogging groups easily online. Facebook has many of these that cover particular niches. Through a quick search, you can also find fellow bloggers on Instagram and TikTok.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog

Although there are many benefits and good reasons to start a blog this year, blogging is not for everyone.

If you are asking yourself “Why start a blog?” and feel that any of the facts below are too much, blogging may not be right for you

Blogging Is Hard

We’ve touched on this earlier, but blogging is difficult. It may look easy from the outside, but bloggers never show you what their true daily life looks like.

Even creators behind perfectly curated feeds on Instagram don’t have daily lives like that. Bloggers go through lots of work, stress, and long hours.

If you want your blog to be successful, be prepared to put more work in than you do at a normal job. If you work already, you may have to sacrifice your free time to work evenings and weekends.

Blogging needs commitment and hard work, but if you can do the time, you’ll earn from the benefits.

It Isn’t A Fixed Job

Even successful bloggers can struggle to manage their finances. Once you do manage to make money from your blog, the generated income will vary over time.

You might earn amazing amounts after one month, but earn close to nothing during others.

Income made from blogging isn’t fixed, so don’t quit your job straight out of the gate. In your first year, there will likely be months you’ll make great money and some months you won’t.

Always be prepared for months when your blog doesn’t do well, and make sure that you have enough savings.

It Can Be Isolating

Unfortunately, blogging gets lonely. Blogging is a big change from traditional jobs where you’d socialize with co-workers.

Some people work in coffee shops or rent an office so that they can work alongside others, but if you can’t do this, blogging at home can be an isolating experience.

If you live by yourself, you can go for days without speaking to anyone. Over time, loneliness can have a poor effect on your well-being.

The blogging community can be a great source of support during times like these, but if you thrive best with a lot of people around you, you may want to consider another hobby.

Blogging Is Always Evolving

Blogging is one industry that changes all the time. You may need a week to learn one skill but may have to learn it all over again the next. For instance, Google algorithms are always evolving.

You’ll have to keep changing your approach so that your posts rank higher on the search engine. Similarly, Instagram and other social media outlets are always changing so that their business generates the most profit.

These goals may not reflect your wishes. Bloggers need to be able to evolve along with the industry, so be prepared to spend a lot of time adapting to the landscape.

There’s A Mental Health Toll

There’s a strong link between social media and poor mental health. Social media can be a fabulous tool to connect with people, but it also comes with a huge disadvantage.

Comparison is one of the worst things for your mental health, but humans naturally do it without even thinking.

As they spend more time online, bloggers and social media users will compare themselves more than the average user. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and low confidence.

If you want to start blogging seriously, be prepared to invest in your mental wellbeing, especially if you struggle with mental health at present.

Why Start A Blog: Conclusion

Why start a blog – what do you think now?

Like any industry, blogging has advantages and disadvantages. Starting a blog has many benefits, but you need to be prepared for the downsides too. If you’re still on the fence, read this article again and judge these points according to your lifestyle, personality, and goals.

Blogging is difficult, but as long as you’re willing to put in the work, you have the potential to become successful.

And personally, I believe that blogging is the BEST job in the world.

If you are ready to take action and start your new journey as a blogger, enroll in my class for $0.

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