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Facebook Group For Women Bloggers And Entrepreneurs

Did you know that HerPaperRoute.com has a pretty bangin’ Facebook Group for our members and students?

Our group is a friendly resource for women bloggers and entrepreneurs to learn about blogging, ask questions about HerPaperRoute course material and meet new blogging friends. 

We even have daily promo-threads where you can share your social profiles, blog posts and more.

Facebook Group For Women Bloggers And Entrepreneurs

The HerPaperRoute Facebook group is a women-entrepreneur hive to learn about blogging and affiliate marketing from Chelsea Clarke of HerPaperRoute.com.

As an affiliate partner of various brands and sponsored content, HerPaperRoute may earn commission on qualifying purchases. Disclaimer | Advertise With Us

It is also a friendly place to share, promote and support one another’s blogs & businesses. 


We are all on our ‘paper route,’ aka setting our financial goals and plotting out our path to reach them


Lit Up Facebook Group For Women Bloggers And Entrepreneurs | www.herpaperroute.com


This New Facebook Group For Women Bloggers Is:

  • A place to support your fellow women entrepreneurs
  • A place to share ideas and promote & support eachother’s blogs & businesses
  • An affiliate marketing-friendly group with threads aimed to help increase your sales
  • Hosted by me, Chelsea Clarke

Yes, We Are An Affiliate Marketing-Friendly Facebook Group

What that means is that I actually encourage you to share your affiliate links and affiliate products in the group.

Especially if that product is helpful to another member.

When we support one another’s income goals, we all grow together.

I want you to make more sales, and reach your blog income goals. If this group can help you do that, then that is excellent.

Group Rules

Don’t you hate FB groups with a ton of rules and rude admins who bite your head off and ban you if you dare post on the wall?

Me too. So this group isn’t like that.

Basic rule: Be kind to others. We are all friends here!

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Whatcha Waitin’ For?

Join the New Bloggers Starting Profitable Blogs With HerPaperRoute now, sister!

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