The Benefits Of Facebook Groups For Bloggers |

The Benefits Of Facebook Groups For Bloggers

There are many benefits to using Facebook groups to grow your blog business.

I’ll show you why in today’s post.

We have just launched a Facebook group for bloggers + entrepreneur women to share, promote and support one another’s blogs + businesses

Read on to learn how to participate in Facebook groups.

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The Benefits Of Facebook Groups For Bloggers & Digital Marketers

Facebook groups are a great tool for marketing, especially now that Facebook pages are becoming more difficult to be seen unless you are paying for ad space.

Not only can you join other people’s Facebook groups but you can also create your own group.

Both are very beneficial and can help you gain more traffic and sales.

The Benefits Of Facebook Groups For Bloggers |

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Other People’s Facebook Groups?

  1. There are so many different types of groups you are sure to find plenty where your target audience would be active in.
  2. You can easily conduct some market research in these groups by asking questions or setting up a poll. This way you get exactly the answers you are seeking from your target audience only.
  3. There are a lot of groups that allow you to promote your products and/or services. Some any day and others have a specific day for this, so make sure to read the group rules.
  4. You can share your social media accounts and gain followers easily.
  5. You can get blog post ideas from reading the posts in the groups, people share what they need help with or are struggling with and you can then turn it into a blog post.
  6. Participate and share valuable content in the groups and people will start coming to you for services.

Join as many groups as you can that are targeted to your niche, you can also join blog support groups where you can participate in their daily reciprocation threads.

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Some Reciprocation Threads Include:

  • Blog comments: Here you share a blog post you’d like more comments on and in return, you comment on their posts also.
  • Facebook Page Likes: You post your Facebook page and get likes, in return you like theirs.
  • Pinterest Pin Share: Share other people’s pins and choose one that you’d like some more re-pins on.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Your Own Facebook Group?

Facebook groups are golden right now! It is such a great opportunity to have a special space for your soul audience to connect and learn from you.

Start by offering your audience free content on Facebook, which then leads them to your paid offers.

Some other benefits of having your own Facebook group include:

  1. You have the perfect group to conduct your market research.
  2. The ones in group are your soul tribe, meaning they are more likely to purchase from you.
  3. Perfect for offering a Beta program and they will give you honest feedback.
  4. A Facebook group is similar to an email list, but in the group there is more engagement.
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