New Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Making More Money

New Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Making More Money

I recently had the chance to chat about new affiliate marketing strategies with Jillian Tohber Leslie, on her Blogger Genius Podcast.

We talked about affiliate marketing, earning a living as a blogger, and the tips and tools that I use to run my business.  

We got into some topics that I believe any blogger (newbies and pros alike) will find useful. 

New Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Making More Money

What we discuss in this episode of the Blogger Genius Podcast:

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  • Profitable Niches 
  • How To Find Good Products 
  • Reaching Out To Brands
  • How To Build An Audience You Can Sell To 
  • Using Social Media to Market 
  • Where To Focus, Where To Outsource 
  • Most Valuable Tools
  • Advice For Bloggers

In addition to sharing new affiliate marketing strategies, I also reveal what 3 things need to be in line in order for you to make GOOD money from affiliate marketing.

As well as what affiliate programs I tend to avoid.

Tune in to the episode now

Listen now: Blogger Genius Episode #083 – New Strategies For Making More Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Are you curious what tools I recommend all bloggers use?

Check out our interview on The Blogger Genius Podcast. Listen now

Cool fact: Jillian is also the founder of my favorite smart pop up app MiloTree!

If you are interested in learning more, enroll in my affiliate marketing course. I’d love to have you in the class.

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New Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Making More Money As A Blogger

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