6 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

As bloggers, do you agree we should always be striving to become a better blogger? I know I do. I feel blogging is an ever-developing process.

There’s always something I can become better at doing to make my blog’s content better and help more people.

As a blogger, you want them to read your content, subscribe to your list, and look forward to what you create for them.

Tall order, right?! Here are six ways that you can enhance your blogging skills and become a better blogger.

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6 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

What makes you good at what you do? Part of it is a natural talent.

For a creative medium like writing, it is just plain work if you don’t have some inclination towards doing it well.

The other part of the equation is continuing education. To be a good writer, the learning process doesn’t ever stop.

When most people search the Internet, they are in search of information.

There is a lot of it out there. So how can you be a cut above the rest?

1. Read Other People’s Content

You won’t learn what the competition knows if you don’t read their stuff.

We aren’t just talking about the really successful content writers but new people as well.

Read all sorts of content to see what they do that is different from what you are doing. You could pick up some handy pointers. Skimming through Pinterest is a perfect place to discover new blogs to read.

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It’s a good way to get creative ideas for your own blog. I don’t mean copying what they wrote (that’s plagiarism!), but use their topic as a springboard to your unique twist on the topic or a related topic.

If you aren’t clear on this, make sure you read this guide on copyright laws for bloggers. It explains what copyright is, what plagiarism is, and how you can avoid committing it so you don’t get in serious legal trouble.

2. Stay Current

With online writing, what is accepted practice changes all of the time. Get a copy of the AP Stylebook for starters. That book gets updated every year.

Along the same lines, learn about sentence and paragraph structure. Follow other blogs and network with other bloggers to stay up on what’s trending.

But most importantly, follow top experts on topics you write about. The easiest way to stay current is to get on the email lists of all the people you aspire to learn from.

Study how their welcome sequence email funnel works. Study how they write to their audience.

What do they say in their emails that makes you click?

You can get on my list right here:

3. Choose A Niche

If you are going to be an expert, you need to have a field. It’s hard to concentrate on three or four different areas, after all.

Choose one and establish yourself there before moving on to another area. Research niches online before choosing your niche.

An area that is already saturated may not be a good place to start unless you can add something new and unique.

Consider a series in one topic that matches up with your latest products, your services, or an affiliate program you want to promote.

4. Find A Writing Style

Basically, find your voice. Are you laid back, witty or serious? Every writer has a voice – they just need to explore and develop it.

Some writers try to copy another’s style but that’s hard work. Your voice will flow naturally and feel comfortable when you write in it.

This can be challenging because we often doubt ourselves and think people won’t be interested in us.

Don’t let that kind of self-doubt discourage you.

Be the real and authentic you! People will more likely enjoy your blog and become regular followers when they see there’s a real person behind the scenes.

And as you develop your voice, consider mixing timely posts with evergreen posts – posts that don’t lose relevance.

5. Keep Learning

To write on a variety of subjects, get familiar with them. If home DIY is your hot topic, learn what you can about it so that you can write intelligently.

People look for experts in a certain field. Why look for anyone besides the most knowledgeable?

Set yourself up to be an expert. Take online writing classes to improve your writing skills. Take classes on topics that interest you: art, crafts, cooking… a learning mind is an active mind.

I teach blogging and marketing. Enroll in one of my free or premium courses today!

6. Monetize Better And Don’t Get Discouraged By Other’s Success

A lot of times bloggers start to feel like they are failing when they aren’t.

You may see other bloggers in Facebook Groups who appear to be miles ahead of you, and you get discouraged.

Or you may see other blogger’s income reports and think you must be a terrible blogger because your sales are nothing close to that.

Don’t get frustrated or lose motivation to keep working on your blog!

Comparing yourself to others is not going to get you ahead – unless you use that as motivation to make yourself a better blogger, that is.

Take the success you see other bloggers having and use it as inspiration to set your own goals.

Study how they do it and take note of how many times they mention the things they are selling.

Because when it comes to making more money as a blogger, well you need to make more offers.

By that I mean you need to have more things for sale on your blog. Then, you need to actively make people see what you have to sell.

You can’t expect to just throw up a few affiliate links and magically $10,000 will just appear in your bank account.

Of course, I wish it were that simple!

Make sure every blog post is monetized with several opportunities that your readers can buy something. Include your own digital products like ebooks and courses on each blog post too.

Get into your Facebook groups, share your links, send emails to your list and every day SELL SELL SELL!

6 Ways To Become A Better Blogger – Conclusion

I hope these six tips help you become a better blogger. You will grow in confidence and skills each day!

If you found this post helpful, please share it across your social media channels.

To learn more about blogging, read this Ultimate guide to starting a blog, and then enroll in my free blogging course.

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