How To Write A Blog Post People Actually Want To Read

How To Write A Blog Post People Actually Want To Read – 15 Tips

How to write a blog post (that people actually want to read!). Learning how to create great blog content is a skill you can develop and hone.

If you are a new blogger, you may be fretting on how to write your first blog post.

If you are feeling nervous about this task, don’t worry! Writing great blog content is really not as difficult as it feels in the beginning.

Once you get that initial article out, everything becomes easier.

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Here are 15 practical blog tips on how to write a good blog post that will keep readers excited and coming back for more.

How To Write A Blog Post People Actually Want To Read

You may have hated English class in school. You may have been bored to tears studying grammar rules and Shakespeare.

You may have never thought of yourself as a writer. But look at you now, starting a blog of your own and becoming a blogger!

A blogger is, at the very core, a writer.

But being a great blogger has very little to do with grammar rules or perfect punctuation.

Readers don’t really give a hoot if you can’t identify an adjective clause (I just Googled it and I’m still confused).

They care more about interesting topics and how they’re presented.

The secret to writing good blog content is…

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The secret to writing good content is telling a unique story about interesting topics. That’s it.

But there are a few simple ways to make yourself a better writer and ensure that you consistently produce quality content.

I promise these rules and tips will make you a better blogger and are not as boring as your high school English class!

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The Basics Of Writing A Blog Post

Before I share these 15 blogging tips for how to write a blog post that people want to read, I first am going to explain the very basics.

Literally how to write your first blog post, from a technical standpoint.

As in, where you go to create a blog, to begin with, and what exactly you do to publish an article one you get there.

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How To Write Your First Blog Post Step By Step

To write your first blog post, first, you need a blog.

In a nutshell, all you need to do to make a blog is purchase your web hosting (bookmark this page to get an epic deal on hosting and a free domain) and then you follow the prompts to install WordPress.

And then: read this step-by-step guide with pictures showing you how to start a blog.

Once you have your blog, you will log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Posts Add » New

This is what the WordPress editor looks like (Gutenberg editor).

how to write a blog post that people actually want to read - wordpress blogging tips

And this is what the older version of the WordPress editor looks like (or with the Classic editor plugin installed):

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From here, give your blog post a title, upload a featured image, and write your content.

Here are some cliff notes on how to create good blog content that is effective and SEO-friendly

  • Your content should be at least 1000 words
  • Use only one H1 heading
  • Break up the text with several H2 and H3 headings as needed, bullet points and images
  • Link to other blog posts (your own, and other people’s)
  • Do keyword research
  • Use your keyword in the URL, title, headings, image ALT text, and throughout the content
  • Use images
  • Create a catchy headline that entices people to click
  • Sign off with a ‘call to action’ such as your freebie and email optin form, a sales pitch, invite to where people can follow you on social media, ect.
  • Use Rank Math to get a good SEO score before you publish

Once you are ready to publish, simply click the blue ‘publish’ button.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it, for how to write your first blog post, technically speaking.

To learn more about SEO, blogging and how to monetize your blog, enroll in one of our blogging courses for beginners.

How To Write A Blog Post People Actually Want To Read – 15 Blog Tips

Now let’s discuss how to become a better writer, and create content that people will be excited to read.

Here are 15 tips for writing awesome blog content.

1. Be yourself

First and foremost, be yourself.

There is so much similar content on the Internet, but there is only one you.

It’s important to put your original spin on every topic you write about and to let your personality shine through.

2. Keep it simple

A brilliant online marketing guru once said “Write content for the Homer Simpsons of the world and you will have great success.

Don’t use big words and complicated language just to sound smart.

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3. Write what you want to read

This may be the most important tip on this list.

Write about topics that interest you in the format you wish the information was delivered.

Create articles around questions that you’re curious about finding the answers to, research them, and present them in your own style.

4. Write as if you’re speaking directly to the reader

This is the best advice I can give to those who don’t consider themselves to be “writers.”

Write as if you’re having a face-to-face conversation with your readers and you’re trying to explain something to them.

5. Let it flow

When you have an idea for an article, just write it as a stream of thought without making corrections or stopping to research specific facts.

One of the most important tips for writing a blog post is to just put fingertips to keyboard and write.

Let it flow from your mind to the keyboard and go back and polish it afterward.

6. Less About You, More About The Subject

If you were the main character in all of your blog posts, they’d probably get boring after a while.

Use less “I” in your articles and more “you” when you’re teaching something.

Or practice writing articles with neither in it.

Your English teacher would call this writing in the third person, or simply narrating events in your article.

7. Inform And Entertain

Your goal should be to both entertain and inform your readers with your articles where they tell a story in some fashion with a theme, a setting, characters, facts, action, a lesson or opinion, and a conclusion.

This will give great value to the reader and make them want to share it or revisit your site.

8. Use Hegelian Dialectic

One easy strategy to write an interesting blog post is by using the Hegelian dialectic: problem, reaction, and solution.

In other words, identify a problem within your subject, explain the reaction to this problem, and outline the possible solutions.

This is especially useful when you are trying to figure out how to write a blog post for an affiliate product you are promoting.

  • Discuss a problem that people deal with, or a problem that you used to face personally
  • Explain how this problem is detrimental: It’s bad for your health, expensive, time-consuming, otherwise problematic
  • Then discuss how you overcame the problem, thanks to the product

Example: How To Avoid The Instagram Shadowban With This Trick

9. Lighten Up

Don’t think that you need to put on a super formal tone in order to be authoritative and respected in your niche.

You can entertain and educate your readers without being stuffy! In fact, the less formal you sound is usually better.

People read blogs to learn from a real human being – not a robot.

So don’t be scared to write how you would talk to a friend, and keep things light and upbeat.

10. Frame Out A List

Everyone likes a good list article like the one you’re reading now.

They’re perfect for our attention deficit world because they give useful information to the reader quickly.

To write effective list articles, frame out the bullet points of your list before you do anything else.

Once you’re happy with the focal points, then write your intro, detail your bullet points, and conclude the article.

Here are some examples of list articles:

11. Make it easy to read

Reading online is different from reading a book. Long dense paragraphs are very cumbersome to read online.

Therefore, write easy-to-read content with short paragraphs of only 2-3 sentences broken up by a space between paragraphs.

12. Keep It Clean

Maintain a standard font throughout the article with the possible exception of bold or enlarged headlines.

Nothing is more annoying and distracting than multiple font styles, sizes, or colors in a single blog post.

As a general rule, don’t use ALL CAPS or bolded phrases as it can diminish the importance of the rest of the content.

13. Be Factual

It probably goes without saying, but if you want to build up trust with your audience, make sure the facts in your articles are well sourced.

Don’t assume something is right because you heard somebody say it somewhere.

Google it and link to the source, especially with controversial topics.

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14. Use Images

Notice above, how I included an image about my toolkit for new bloggers? This is a free resource kit I provide to help make becoming a blogger easier.

You probably slowed down to look at it, didn’t you?

That’s because images are powerful tools for blog posts. In fact, pictures may be the best aid for writers.

As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words. We are all drawn to images.

If images are well placed throughout a blog post, they’ll lure your audience to read entire articles they may otherwise just gloss over or skim.

I like to use images that are ads for affiliate products too. It’s a great way to bring attention to affiliate offers.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, enroll in my complete profitable blogging course.

15. Proofread

Proofreading is without question the most important task to do before publishing an article on your blog.

Always write with the Grammarly extension running, as it corrects your spelling and grammar on the fly. Grammarly is free!

For your final proofreading, try to put yourself in the shoes of the reader instead of as the author.

Fix any obvious errors and polish the rough edges out of the article.

Even better, have someone else proofread the article if possible.

Pro Tip: Print out your article on an actual piece of paper and read it. For some reason, it’s much easier to catch errors on paper!

How To Write A Blog Post People Actually Want To Read – Conclusion

Following these simple rules for how to write a blog post will help you create great content that people actually want to read.

Furthermore, if you followed this guide on how to write your first blog post, I also want to mention that it’s normal to feel nervous about hitting ‘publish’ for the first time.

You may feel uneasy about putting yourself out there publicly, or worry that your writing won’t be ‘good enough.’

My advice is to push on through, ignore any doubts and just DO IT! You will be a great blogger, all you need to do is start writing.

Remember, even professional writers never stop working to improve their craft by learning new writing techniques.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know that how to write your first blog post is pretty simple. So all you need to do is start writing.

You’ve got this!

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