How to Pick a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

How to Pick a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

When you start your affiliate marketing revenue stream, it’s essential you decide on a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

If you try to cast your net too wide, you may find it takes a lot longer to get people to trust you.

If you niche down, you can position yourself as an expert in that area.

But there are a few important things you need to know, to increase your chances of being successful in your desired affiliate marketing niche.

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How to Pick a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

How To Pick A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche

Before we get into it, what is a niche?

A niche is basically a subset of a larger market. A more specific topic under the umbrella of a more well-known topic.

So for example; let’s say you decide to be an affiliate marketer in the productivity niche.

Your subset of that niche could be morning routine tips for women who work from home.

If you are passionate about the wealth-building niche, a subset of that broad niche could be helping parents quit their 9-5 and build their own online businesses.

1. Don’t Go Too Niche

You might be thinking that choosing an affiliate marketing niche that is super obscure is the best thing.

But the reality is, you need people to be searching for your niche in Google and elsewhere for you to have potential customers.

Another place to research a profitable affiliate marketing niche is inside Facebook groups.

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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms where everyone hangs out to chat but also find information.

Are there groups already with people talking about your niche?

If yes, this is brilliant. Having competition in the form of other groups is good. It doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you.

It just means there’s a market for your niche which is what you want.

2. Does Your Niche Have Great Products to Promote?

One of the largest affiliate networks is ShareASale, and it’s a great place to start researching potential products you can promote.

It’s always best to look at this early on before you get too invested in your niche, as you might not always find a decent product to promote.

Once you open up the ShareASale website you can scroll down the categories menu.

Select your category or search for your niche in the search bar. Once the list of brands comes up, sort them by highest paying commission.

Next look at the average sale per item, how well the offers are converting for other affiliates in the program.

If you can find a product with a high commission score and a high sale price, you could be a winner.

Other places to look are for private information affiliate products to promote.

These tend to pay some of the highest commissions and the high commissions make it a lot easier to make a full-time wage with few customers.

You can find these private affiliate programs by:

  • reaching out to the mentor of a course you’ve taken
  • Google search “high-ticket affiliate programs”
  • personally email the creators of courses you like and think would be a good fit for your audience
  • Check out the High Paying Affiliate Programs Database

3. Are People Asking Questions About Your Niche?

One sure-fire way to know there’s a market for your topic, is to find people asking questions about your affiliate marketing niche.

Again some research for this can be done in Facebook groups. Take a look at relevant groups and look through posts and comments.

Quora is one of the biggest question-and-answer sites and one of the best places to search for questions in your niche.

If you find questions are being asked, this means people have problems that need solving and it’s likely there will be a demand for products you choose in that area.

4. What Niches Are the Most Profitable?

Evergreen niches are a subset that has everlasting appeal.

It doesn’t rely on trends or gimmicks, because the products in this niche people need and desire continually.

If you created an affiliate marketing website about toads, there’s not really much new stuff you can talk about after a certain amount of time.

Also, they are not a sub-niche that would continually get people needing to buy something, even for their beloved pet Terry the toad.

But, the topics health, wealth and relationships are considered evergreen as people have continual needs, wants and desires in these areas.

Health, wealth and relationships are also considered to be the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. This is because;

  • People want to be healthy and have a great body
  • People want to be wealthy
  • Everyone wants a great relationship and to be loved

If you can help people achieve their goals in any of these areas, you will make a good profit.

5. Make a Final Decision and Start Promoting!

After you’ve done your research following the tips above, you should have your niche and product nailed down.

Remember it’s a good idea to have some passion or at least interest in what you have chosen, as you will be writing and talking about it a lot!

Your final checklist for picking a profitable affiliate marketing niche is;

  • You have some passion, skill or at least interest in what you’ve chosen
  • Your niche is in demand
  • It’s ok for there to be competition, but don’t pit yourself against the big brands like Nike for example
  • The niche has PROVEN affiliate programs you can promote

Once you’ve made your final decision, you can then start promoting your product and building your authority in your chosen niche.

Find your ideal customers via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Quora and your niche website.

Reach out to people and make real connections and try to solve their problems.

Once people see you as trying to help, not just selling to them, they will end up asking you about what you have to offer.

And accept that affiliate marketing success takes time. Work on producing content in the form of helpful blog posts, videos and social media posts, which will become your digital assets.

Remember, just because you think no one is looking at what you produce in the beginning, this content could bring you money, even years down the line.

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