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21 Best Self-Improvement Affiliate Programs 2024

If you are looking for a list of the best self-improvement affiliate programs including high-commission personal development affiliate programs, this is it!

The brands on this list are actively seeking content creators and influencers to promote their products.

Do you create content in the self-improvement niche, and have an engaged following?

Then you will want to consider joining these self-help and self-development affiliate programs.

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21 Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs

Self-improvement, as a niche, has seen substantial growth in recent years, reflecting a growing public interest in personal development, mental health, and well-being. As well, the personal development industry is now worth over $60 billion worldwide!

But first – if you want to get connected with brands and make money promoting quality products as an affiliate, make sure you add yourself to my influencer list, below:

Alright, here are some of the best personal development affiliate programs that I have found.

Note – affiliate programs can change their commissions and cookie duration at any time, so the following numbers may not be current by the time you are reading this.

1. MindValley Affiliate Program:

Offers a 30% commission on all product sales. The program is hosted on their website.

Personally, I love using my MindValley app. Mindvalley offers wonderful, peaceful guided meditations as well as virtual classes on everything from abundance manifestation and energy clearing, to building a soul-centered business!

2. Marissa Peer Affiliate Program:

Offers up to 30% commission on all product sales. Cookie Period: 30 Days. Program hosted on: AWIN.

Marisa Peer offers 2 self-improvement affiliate programs on AWIN. Her “I Am Enough” course is $997 and her video hypnosis courses are $49. The courses help people overcome a whole host of issues such as low confidence, anxiety or anything that might be holding them back.

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3. Mind Body Green Affiliate Program:

I am a huge fan of Mind Body Green’s probiotics and natural skincare products. The Mind Body Green affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale.

4. Intelligent Change Affiliate Program:

Intelligent Change offers 10% commission for promoting its productivity journals, stationary, and games. The Intelligent Change affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale.

5. Affiliate Program:

Offers a commission of $150 per conversion. The Program is hosted on HasOffers, but you must apply via their website.

6. Skillshare Affiliate Program:

Skillshare offers 40% commission. Apply here.

7. Udemy (various) Affiliate Program:

Udemy is a course discovery platform offering classes in many niches – including the self-improvement niche. The Udemy affiliate program is hosted on Rakuten.

8. Keen Affiliate Program

Keen Psychics affiliate program pays $100 commission per referred customer.

9. Headspace Affiliate Program

Headspace offers 14-40% commission, as well as $5 per free trial.

10. Amazon Affiliate Program

Real talk – I do not think that Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs, as the commissions are super low (commissions range from 1% to 10%.)

But they do sell just about everything, including many self-improvement products and books, and they offer fast shipping, so it made the list for those reasons. Learn how to become an Amazon Affiliate.

11. Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program:

Commissions are 40%, or up to 70% if you become a contributor and include your own products in a bundle. Apply here.

Ultimate Bundles is a company that offers resource libraries (bundles) of courses and ebooks. A few times a year they offer self-improvement bundles.

12. Clutter Affiliate Program

Clutter offers storage and moving services to help people declutter their space. A tidy home is a tidy mind after all! Commission is $50 per completed rental and $5 per reservation. The Clutter affiliate program is hosted on Impact Radius.

13. Tony Robins Affiliate Program:

Offers a 15% commission, 45 day cookie duration.

14. Inner Talk Affiliate Program:

Provides a 20% commission per sale, with a 90-day cookie duration. The Inner Talk affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale.

15. Manifestation Miracle Affiliate Program:

Offers a 75% commission rate with a 60-day cookie duration.

16. Brian Tracy Affiliate Program:

Offers a 25% commission rate. Best Self Affiliate Program: Offers a 15% commission rate on sales.

17. MasterClass Affiliate Program:

Masterclass offers a 25% commission rate with a 30-day cookie duration. The program is hosted on Impact Radius.

18. Coach Training Alliance Affiliate Program:

Coach Training Alliance offers 15% commission. The program is hosted on ShareASale.

19. Jack Canfield Affiliate Program:

Offers a commission range of 10% to 50%, with a 30-day cookie duration. It includes coaching programs, courses, books, and live events.

20. INeedMotivation Affiliate Program:

Provides up to a 50% commission rate. Real Subliminal Affiliate Program: Offers a 30% commission rate on sales, with a lifetime cookie duration.

21. NeuroGym Affiliate Program:

Offers a 40% sales commission, with a 10% second-tier revenue share. Products include a variety of courses and coaching programs.

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Understanding Self-Improvement Affiliate Programs

Self-improvement affiliate programs are partnerships where affiliate marketers (content creators, bloggers, influencers) promote products or services related to personal development and earn commissions on sales or referrals.

These can include books, courses, coaching services, wellness products, and even apps focused on productivity, mindfulness, or health.

Common offerings in this sector include self-help books, online courses (like those on platforms such as Udemy), coaching services, wellness retreats, meditation apps (like Mindvalley), and fitness programs.

This niche resonates with a wide audience because it addresses universal themes like happiness, success, productivity, and mental wellness.

Keys to Success in Promoting Products From Self-Improvement Affiliate Programs

Authenticity and Relatability

Successful affiliates often share their own journey and experiences, creating a genuine connection with their audience. This authenticity fosters trust, which is crucial in a niche deeply personal to the audience.

Target Audience

Understanding the target demographic is key. Different segments may be interested in different aspects of self-improvement, such as career growth, mental health, physical fitness, or spiritual exploration.

Quality and Value of Products

Affiliates should choose to promote products or services that genuinely offer value and positive outcomes. This not only enhances credibility but also ensures long-term success and customer satisfaction.

Marketing Strategies

Utilizing a mix of content marketing (like blogging, podcasts, and webinars), social media engagement, and email marketing can be effective.

Personal stories and testimonials can be particularly powerful in this niche.

Challenges and Considerations When It Comes To Promoting Self-Improvement Affiliate Programs

There are a few things to be aware of when promoting offers from self-improvement affiliate programs that you may not have to consider as much when working with other, less personal programs.

Market Saturation

The popularity of the self-improvement niche means a high level of competition. Standing out requires unique positioning and a strong personal brand.

Ethical Considerations

As with any affiliate program you should promote offers ethically and responsibly, avoid over-promises, and always respect privacy.

But the self-improvement niche requires that affiliate marketers be extra conscious on an emotional level as well, due to the personal nature surrounding one’s mental health, and diet/fitness.

Best Personal Development Affiliate Programs – Conclusion

In conclusion, self-improvement affiliate programs offer lucrative opportunities but require a thoughtful approach centered around authenticity, value, and ethical promotion.

As with any affiliate venture, success lies in the ability to connect with and understand the needs of the target audience, while promoting products that genuinely contribute to their personal growth journey.

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