Sales Funnel Solved

A complete sales funnel system that works 24/7 behind the scenes to attract, convert, retarget, and re-convert customers into your business again and again.

sales funnel solved

Don’t Say It…

I’m resisiting the Millennial urge to say “launch it like its hot” but, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, so… 🤷‍♀️

Inside Sales Funnel Solved, you’ll discover how to build and audit your own funnel, to diagnose what’s not working, and fix it quickly. When you have a solid funnel on your side, you’ll be watching your profits grow, while your free time grows too.

Phase 1: Marketing Mixology

  • Planning Offers In Your Funnel 
  • How to Craft a Magnetic Message 
  • Market Research: What To Consider 
  • Elements Of Great Copywriting 
  • Naming & Outlining Your Offer 
  • How To Set Up A Subdomain Site 
  • Crafting & Perfecting Your Irresistible Offer
  • Optin Page Guide 
  • Anatomy Of An Optin Page 
  • List-Building with a Signature Lead Magnet 
  • Funnel Scenarios – Funnel Walkthrough Examples
  •  Funnel Maps 

sales funnel solved resources
sales funnel solved

Phase 2: Conversions Built For Profit 

  • 2-Step LTO Funnel 
  • How To Set Up A Tripwire Page 
  • Pages Needed For Different Types Of Funnels 
  • Essential Funnel Automations
  • Bonuses That Boost Sales
  • Sales Page Strategy
  • Sales Page Self-Audit 
  • Thrivecart Learn+ Workshop 
  • How To Create An Abandoned Cart Funnel 
  • Funnel Checklist Ideas For Sharing Your Sales Page

Phase 3: Launch Systems & Automation

  • Setting Outcome Goals For Your Customer 
  • The Customer Journey & Speaking Their Language
  • How to Price Your Offer for Success
  • The Launch Trifecta
  • Overcoming The Fear Of Launching
  • The Progressive Launch System
  • Beta Launch Strategy
  • Launch Email Strategy
  • Social Media Promo Strategy
  • The Pre-Launch Week (What to do, when)

HerPaperRoute woman writing business strategy notes
sales funnel solved
  • Building The Like, Know, Trust Factor Via Email
  • Writing Your Launch Sequence (Sales Emails)
  • The Waitlist
  • Pre-Selling Your Product 
  • Creating Your Profitable Affiliate Program
  • Upsells and Downsells to Boost Revenue
  • Thrivecart Funnel Setup Workshop (bumps, upsells)
  • Social Media Ads to Scale Your Offer
  • Instagram & Facebook Ads Masterclass
  • Setting Up Your Pixel & Retargeting
  • Launching With A Webinar
  • Live Video & Webinar Confidence

Plus All These Bonuses!


Thrivecart Checkout Template 

One-click import checkout designs from our exact 6-figure checkout pages 

email marketing templates

Beta Tester Invite Script

Exactly what to include in your beta tester invite email that will get the best testimonials from them


Offer Mockup Templates

Cut down your launch time by using our done-for-you offer mockup templates


Abandoned Cart Funnel Email Swipe File

Re-capture would-be lost leads automatically with this clever conversion hack


Complete Launch Sales Funnel Swipe

Simply copy, fill in the blanks, and paste into your emails

sales funnel solved page templates

Sales Page Templates

Save weeks of time and get your sales page up in a few minutes using these templates

Why You Need A Sales Funnel

If you’re looking to grow your business and increase revenue, a sales funnel is a crucial component of your strategy.

Rather than relying on sporadic sales or one-off promotions, a sales funnel provides a clear roadmap for turning potential customers into paying customers. By guiding potential customers through a series of steps, you can increase the likelihood that they will ultimately make a purchase.

Plus, a sales funnel allows you to build relationships with your customers. By providing valuable information and resources at each stage of the funnel, you can establish trust and credibility with potential customers. This builds loyalty and increases the likelihood that customers will make repeat purchases in the future.

Third, a sales funnel enables you to gather important data about your customers. By tracking customer behavior at each stage of the funnel, you can gain insights into what works and what doesn’t. This allows you to refine your strategy over time and continually improve your sales process.

By the end of The Sales Funnel Solved course, you will:

🤩 Know how to discover what your audience wants and needs, and what they will pay for

💰 Understand how to scale your business by properly building a sales funnel to sell passive income products

🤳 Position yourself as an authority who can solve your audience’s pain points

👩‍💻 Create your very own funnels that are ready to sell

 ☕ Have built your own sales pages that convey your message appropriately 

🔭 Know how to strategically price your products that ultimately send YES triggers to your audience’s brains and wallets

💸 Know how to monetize your audience, well beyond the initial purchase 

👩‍💻 Finally you’ll GET how to launch high-converting offers that earn you money

sales funnel solved

By automating emails, promotions, and other aspects of the sales process, you can focus on other areas of your business while still generating revenue. A sales funnel is essential for any business that wants to grow and succeed.