Course Creator holding phone, reading the 6-Part Sales Page Copywriting Formula That Wows

6-Part Sales Page Copywriting Formula That Wows

The 6-Part Sales Page Copywriting Formula That Wows: To sell your online courses and experience freedom, flexibility, and fun in your life, you’re going to need effective sales pages!

Sales page copywriting is absolutely essential…and it also happens to be something that most of us struggle with initially.

Luckily, there are so many incredible strategies to help you improve your sales page copywriting skills. That way, you’ll start to see increased conversions and better results!

Your copywriting skills impact your ability to write profitable, persuasive sales pages for your online courses. And there are actually six “P”s of sales page copywriting that will help you sharpen your skills!

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6-Part Sales Page Copywriting Formula That Wows

The 6 “P”s of Sales Page Copywriting

Before you actually sit down and put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) to write your copy, it’s time to reflect.

There are some key things that you need to do and that you need to have clarity on before you write a single word!

1. Identify Your Promise & How It Helps Your Ideal Student

The first thing you need to identify is your ideal student avatar, which is the person you want to attract to (and serve in) your course.

Who is the person that’s best suited to enroll in your course and experience the results and transformation that you’re promising? You need to know without a doubt who that person is.

You can even choose one actual person in your audience and pretend that you’re writing your sales page to that one person.

That’s a super helpful strategy to write persuasive sales page copy because you’re writing to one person who you know inside and out!

But the key to great sales page copywriting isn’t just knowing your ideal audience — it’s also clarifying your course promise for that ideal audience!

What is the big result or transformation that your course offers? What overarching problem does your course solve for your students? You need to have clarity on all of these questions.

Most likely, you’ll want to do some market research, questionnaires, or surveys.

Those are super helpful because you can actually get little nuggets of copy from your audience that you can use word-for-word on your sales page.

After all, the most effective and persuasive sales pages make people feel like you took the words right out of their heads.

And the best way to write sales copy like that is to use the actual words and phrases that your audience is using.

The bottom line with this first “P” is that you need a super clear promise for a result that your course will help people achieve.

2. Figure Out What Problem Your Course Solves

Next, you need to identify the problem your course solves. More specifically, how is that problem showing up in your ideal student’s life?

In your sales page copywriting, you’ll need to describe that problem in detail with specific, concrete, tangible descriptions. Try to make things visual, not just with actual images, but with the way you’re describing the problem your course solves.

Part of your job in selling your course is to make your audience aware of how much a problem is currently impacting them. You have to agitate the pain points of that problem in order to make your pleasant solution super appealing!

3. Paint A Picture

At this point, you know exactly who you’re speaking to, and you’ve clearly highlighted the problem and what it looks like in your student’s life. Now, it’s time to flip that around and paint a picture of what their future could look like if they solve that problem with your course!

Essentially, this is going to be a description that’s the opposite of their current situation.

Like the problem section, this should also be very visual, very tangible, and very specific.

This is also the perfect time to include relevant photos and imagery that help paint that picture and exemplify these end results.

When you make your sales page copywriting really visual and tangible, people can totally insert themselves into your description and imagine it happening to them. And if your audience resonates and connects with that future, they’re more likely to join your course.

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4. Present The Solution

With the fourth “P,” you present the solution.

This should be the general solution to the problem your audience is facing—your course, on the other hand, is a specific solution that comes later.

Before we sell our courses, we need to sell people on the general solution.

In this section, you’ll need to bridge the gap between the second and third sections, where you presented two visions: a current problem, and a future lifestyle without that problem.

For example, if your clients aren’t making enough money, the solution could be to grow their email list or social media platforms.

That’s a general solution—and then in the next section, we’ll talk about specific solutions…AKA courses!

5. Pitch Your Course

Now it’s time to finally introduce your course and share all of the details. Reiterate the big promise, transformation, or result that you’re going to help people achieve.

Then, dive into what is included in the course, including both features and benefits.

Features include things like how many modules and lessons there are. But benefits are what those features will help people achieve.

I recommend taking a broad-to-narrow approach. Start off from a broad viewpoint listing the main things that are included in the course, and then get more specific and hone in on each item.

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6. Push People To Take Action & Enroll In Your Course

The final “P” for great sales page copywriting is called the push. In this section, you’re nudging people in the direction of signing up for your course with a strong and clear call to action.

Many people focus on amazing sales page copywriting, but never actually give a clear call to action at the end. You need to direct people on what to do next—tell people to sign up or invite them to enroll.

And for better sales page copywriting and calls-to-action, answer the question: why now?

Why should people enroll now or today instead of waiting? Talk about any kind of urgency or scarcity elements related to your launch or your course in general.

Bonus Tip: Once you’re finished with your incredible call to action, add a personal invite or message from you to your future students. Mention how excited you are to work with them and how you can’t wait to help them achieve these amazing results.

The six “P”s of sales page copywriting will help you be persuasive, enticing, and irresistible as you work to sell your online courses.

When you focus on the promise, the problem, painting a picture, presenting a solution, pitching your course, and pushing people to take action, you have a recipe for success in your sales page copywriting.

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