Instagram Makes Algorithm Change to Benefit Original Content Creators

Instagram Makes Algorithm Change to Benefit Original Content Creators

I have some good news! Announcing: Instagram makes algorithm change to benefit original content creators!

Have you ever created an original video or photo, and posted it to Instagram, only for another account with a bigger follower count to take your image/video, and repost it on their own account? Then they got tons of likes, shares and saves on their post, and you – the original creator of the content – got none?

It’s awful! Especially when you consider those bigger accounts get to make money off of your content.

Well, Instagram has finally addressed this problem, and they are doing something about it. This new Read on for all the latest details.

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Instagram Makes Algorithm Change to Benefit Original Content Creators, From Aggregators

Instagram said in a statement posted April 30 2024 that they would be making an effort to curb the problem or content aggregators, saying:

“Historically because of how we’ve ranked content, creators with large followings and aggregators of reposted content have gotten more reach in recommendations than smaller, original content creators. We think it’s important to correct this to give all creators a more equal chance of breaking through to new audiences.”

To do this, Instagram has announced they are introducing four changes to the platform’s algorithm.

1. New Input To Its Ranking Signals (Similar To TikTok!)

This update will be rolled out over the next few months, in an attempt to give smaller creators more distribution on the platform.

Previously, reels were ranked primarily based on how an account’s followers engaged with them. This meant that you’d need to have followers who actively engaged with your content in order for your post to be shown to people who aren’t following you.

This also means that accounts with the largest followings often saw the most reach.

This problem is really where Instagram lagged most behind TikTok. TikTok’s algorithm is helpful in that whenever you publish a new post, it immediately pushes that content out to a small group of people who it thinks would like your content, whether they are following your account or not. And then depending on how that small group of ‘test’ users interacts with your content in that first hour, it either pushes the content out to more people, or stops recommending it.

Instagram has taken note, and they are now going to start doing something similar.

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Instagram announced that “every piece of eligible content* will be shown to a small audience that we think will enjoy it, regardless of whether they follow the account that posted it or not. As this audience engages with the content, the top performing set of reels are shown to a slightly wider audience, then the best of these are shown to an even wider group, and so on.”

* What does Instagram classify as Eligible content?

  • The content is original (you own the copyright)
  • It does not violate Instagram’s community guidelines (basically, the content is rated G, doesn’t violate any laws and isn’t spam)
  • It satisfies Instagram’s recommendation guidelines (again, it’s rated G, shows nothing that causes harm)
  • It has no visible watermarks

2. Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations

This one is huge for creators who make original content!

Currently, when a piece of content starts becoming popular, Instagram would show it on the “For You” or “explore” page in the app, where more people could see it. Instagram would also start recommending it in reels and in-feed recommendations.

The problem is that previously, Instagram didn’t consider if the account that posted that content was the original creator or not. But with this new update, that will no longer be the case.

Instagram says that when the system detects two or more identical pieces of content on the platform, it will only recommend the original one.

“This means that the original content will directly replace the reposted content in recommendations,” Instagram stated.

But there are a few caveats. Instagram will only replace the recommendation in favor of the original content when:

  • the original content is relatively new
  • they are confident that the content is a match “based on audio and visual signals.”

Also, it’s important to note that this is not a solution for meme or reaction-style accounts (unfortunately!)

  • Instagram won’t replace content if it has been changed in a significant way (ie: the content bandit could add their own voiceover, or add their reaction)
  • Instagram won’t replace content if it has been compiled into a compilation with other content

3. Adding labels to reposted content, linking to the original creator

Creators will be happy to see that when someone else does repost their content, the repost will be linked back to their account.

This is a great way to credit the original creator but also a great way to share the likes and engagement that bigger account may bring to the smaller, original one.

4. Removing content aggregators from recommendations

Let’s rejoice!

In a positive move, Instagram vows to make aggregators and content bandits ineligible from being recommended on the platform!

Instagram states:

“As part of our efforts to reward original content, we want to further discourage content aggregators by making them ineligible for recommendations across Instagram.”

These updates will roll out in the coming months.

See Instagram’s official announcement about this algorithm update.

Instagram Makes Algorithm Change to Benefit Original Content Creators – Conclusion

Now that creators will be getting more of a chance to succeed on the platform, regardless of follower size, it’s time to ramp up your content!

Here’s what to do now:

  1. Take The 30 Day Instagram Challenge
  2. Learn How To Make Sales On Instagram With These Proven Optimizations
  3. Update Your Instagram Bio To Attract Brands + Buyers

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