sales strategy tips for selling on social media even if your follower count is tiny

Make More Sales On Social Media with These Proven Optimizations

Hey creator friend! I’m guessing that you want to make more sales on social media, grow your following and ultimately rejoice in owning a successful business, yes? Woo hoo!

It is not just a dream – success on social media, whether we like it or not is crucial for businesses nowadays.

But showing up on social media doesn’t have to feel like a chore, or a stress. In fact, when you’re in the right mindset it can actually be an energizing and rewarding experience.

Here are my thoughts, to help you with this side of your business.

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How To Make More Sales On Social Media with These Proven Optimizations (Video Masterclass)

In this workshop, we’re talking about ways you can confidently sell on social media and show up for your business without feeling weird! Without feeling salesy, or feeling like it’s a terrible chore that you don’t want to do!

In the video above, we are covering some fun ways that you can monetize your content and make more sales on social media, specifically Tiktok, and Instagram. This is regardless of your follower size!

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Check out the results I’ve had in just 30 days of sticking to my strategy and staying consistent by posting daily, on a previously “dead” Instagram account:

showing growth on instagram account after posting daily for 30 days Make More Sales On Social Media with These Proven Optimizations

In this masterclass, we cover:

  • Do you have to dance on TikTok?
  • Getting started: Choosing a platform to sell on social media
  • Why bother promoting your business on TikTok and Instagram?
  • How the algorithm works
  • Research stage, consumer vs creator
  • Tips for filming engaging content
  • Different camera angles
  • Storytelling for engagement and sales
  • Optimizing your profile for sales
  • Smart tips for sharing links in your content
  • How to monetize your content
  • Building your offer suite
  • Selling without being salesy
  • Disclosing partnerships, FTC rules
  • Tripwires, list building
  • Creating a content strategy that sells
  • Easy search engine optimization tips
  • Creator search insights
  • Getting over the fear of posting

My goal for you after watching this workshop will be that you will feel like promoting your business on social media is actually fun, and something that you can look forward to in your day, and not something that you dread and you feel like you have to do, but rather that you get to do it.

$5 Guide To Creator Monetization

I’ve created a monetization guide that works alongside this workshop that helps you map out an income plan for your creator business.

It goes into more detail on how you can figure out your niche and the different types of products and things that you want to sell in your business covering strategies for affiliate marketing and creating digital products and ad revenue and brand sponsorships as well as some other income boosters that you can sprinkle into your content.

This bonus resource is a digital planner that is fillable. Which means that you can use it on your computer, tablet or phone to enter information right into the planner and it will save or you can print the pages and write on it with a pen.

masterclass - Become A Content creator_banner_3

This resource kit helps you figure out the best types of products that you can sell in your business and what type of monetization is really going to resonate with your audience and what might be missing in your niche that you could offer.

It covers the top ad networks that you may want to work with as well as helps you walk through the big goals and milestones that you can be setting for yourself to achieve. And what would a planner be without goals tracking sheets inside this income planner, you will find daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals tracking sheets.

You can get this income planner and start using it to grow your business for just five bucks right here!

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