Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked in time for Christmas

4 Tricks To Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked And Seen Fast

I have a few tricks for getting Holiday blog content ranked and seen. Is your blog optimized and ready for Holiday shoppers?

The time to start publishing Christmas blog posts is now. Actually, it was weeks ago!

If you want your Holiday blog content ranked and seen before December 25th, then we need to have a chat.

But even if you haven’t plotted out this year’s Holiday content yet, that’s ok!

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Today I will share some clever tricks for what you can do to speed up the SEO process.

These tips will help you get your content seen by the masses well before Santa lands on your rooftop.

4 Tricks To Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked And Seen Fast

How to get holiday blog content ranked in time for holidays

It is only September, I know. I assure you, I’m not one of those people who plan their Holiday family festivities months in advance. I don’t think about Christmas dinner until the day of.

And I’ll be honest that I’ve openly muttered ‘bah-humbug’ when hearing Christmas songs at the grocery store, even a day sooner than Dec 1.

But I’m not talking about how we personally enjoy or endure the snowy season!

I’m talking about how we treat it from a business and marketing perspective for our blogs!

If you are not a content creator, then you probably won’t think about Christmas for a while yet.

But if you ARE a content creator, then you should have been planning out your Seasonal content attack in July.

Yes, that’s not a typo. Why? Because it takes a while for content to get traction SEO-wise.

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Your article may get indexed in Google the day you publish it, but that doesn’t always mean many people will see it right away!

It takes other sites linking to the article (among other things) to rank for the most high-traffic keywords.

And that takes some time.

“But …I just pin it to Pinterest and everyone gets to see my blog post that way!”

Well…sorry, but that’s not exactly true!

There’s a chance that some of your Pinterest followers will see your new pin right away, if:

  • They happen to visit your profile
  • Or happen to be served it in their feed

(You have more of a chance in it being served to them if they recently followed you or interacted with your profile somehow, like repinning one of your pins.)

  • Also, anyone who happens to search the main feed for any hashtags that you used in the pin description will see possibly it.

At the time I’m writing this it appears that hashtags on Pinterest are displayed in a most-recently-pinned list.

So the more people using the hashtag, the lower down your pin gets pushed in the results.

But you know who WON’T see your brand new pin?

The 250 million people who use Pinterest who aren’t following you, that’s who!


Side note, did anyone else’s elementary school in the 90s put on a school musical production called “Rats” where junkyard animals and forest friends go on an adventure singing about the dangers of not recycling?

…No? Just my school? Ok, moving on…

Just like Google, it actually takes Pinterest some time to rank new pins too.

“Sometimes I Have Pins Get A Ton Of Impressions The Same Week I Pin Them”

Isn’t that awesome? It is. You CAN have pins go mini-viral in the same week that it’s pinned.

BUT If you have had these quick-to-go-viral pins then you probably know that these usually tend to die out just as fast as they popped off.

Sometimes a new pin looks like it’s headed for greatness, only to tank a few days later.

To have it rank in top search results, above your competitors to the point that it ranks and STAYS there, well that takes knowing how to use a great Pinterest SEO strategy paired with TIME.

Yep. A long-term successful pin is part of long-term planning.

Then, how do I get people to see my Holiday content and gift guides?

Your time-sensitive Holiday content should be seen, before and during the actual Holiday, not after. So how do you get it seen?

Well, the good news is that Pinterest loves Seasonal content, and its algorithm will often give such content a little boost around the time of year that the particular Holiday happens.

You just need to help it out.

If you can do what you can to boost your own Seasonal content the right way, then the potential boost from Pinterest stands to magnify.

So how do you do this?

4 Tricks To Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked And Seen Fast

Here’s how to beat the algorithm and get the most out of your holiday content.

1. Think Like A Magazine Editor Slash Boyband

Print magazine editors create their Christmas articles in the Spring. Nsync recorded their 1998 Holiday album in June.

This is for obvious reasons, one so that they are prepared before the craziness of the Holiday season.

But also so they can release it well before the season, to get max exposure and sales out of it.

If you publish your best Holiday decorating tips on December 10th, you will have a heck of a time getting anyone to see it or buy from it.

First things first, you should publish Christmas content months in advance. Like, end of August if you can. This will give it some time for both Google and Pinterest to pick it up.

Publish some Holiday blog posts well before the Holiday, and make sure you pin it right away to your relevant Holiday keyworded board too.

Fill your pin description with highly searched terms, and do as much off-page SEO promoting the pin as well.

But if you are reading this in October, and haven’t yet published anything – fear not! You don’t have to ‘skip this year.’ Read on.

Need some help finding keywords and optimizing your posts for more traffic? Read this!

2. Republish And Re-Monetize Last Year’s Blog Posts

Yes, you read that right, You should actually reuse your aged Holiday content from last year for a bigger boost!

This is one of the most simple ways to increase the success of your blog post. I do it all the time.

Here’s what to do: Look at your Holiday content from last year. Did you write anything about Christmas? Great! Republish it for this year!

4 Tips To Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked And Seen

Last year’s Holiday blog post has been sitting there aging and getting stronger, hopefully as your website’s DA has been growing too.

All you need to do is change the date to the current day and year, and it will jump to the top of your pile of posts. Google sees it as a brand new post, with a healthy PA. Better chances of ranking for you.

But before you do that, make sure you re-monetize the post by changing out any under-performing affiliate links you may have included in the article last year. Add new affiliate links for products that are trending this year.

This trick is not just for Holiday blog content. You can revive and re-monetize any of your old posts.

Be sure to republish the SAME article, as in, using the same page. Don’t publish it as a second post and don’t change the URL.

The page authority strength is in the URL. Furthermore, you don’t want two articles on your website with the same content. That is called duplicate content and will hurt your SEO standing.

3. Keep The Pinterest Love Going

Last year, did you take the time to set up that same post’s pin(s) with strong keywords and SEO power?

If so, there’s a good chance that it too has been aging like a fine wine over the past 12 months.

Go find it on Pinterest, add a new description and repin it to your related Holiday board again this year.

As well, create several NEW pins for the article and pin those, too.

Be sure to get these pins into your top-performing Tailwind Tribes as soon as you can!

Not yet a Tailwind Tribes member? Join our tribe TODAY for free, and get a $15 Tailwind credit!

Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked And Seen Tailwind Tribes


4. Increase Your Ad Budget For Q4

When do people shop the most? The Christmas season, of course. How do they research what to buy? Blogs of course!

The fastest way to ensure that YOUR blog post(s) get seen by the shoppers looking to buy what you are blogging about is to advertise to them.

  • Increase how many promoted pins and PPC ads you have active this time of year
  • Increase your ad spend (if it makes sense for your business)
  • Reach out to more influencers and other bloggers to mention your articles, and so on!

4 Tricks To Get Holiday Blog Content Ranked And Seen Fast – Conclusion

Was this a helpful resource on how to get Holiday blog content ranked and seen? 

If you think so, please share it with your friends!

As well, come on over and enroll in one of my courses where you’ll get a whole lot MORE tips and strategies like this!

How to revive and remonetize old blog posts

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