8 Ways To Earn Cash Back Doing Christmas Shopping With Ebates

Cashback App – 8 Ways To Earn Money Christmas Shopping Online

The Holidays can be expensive. That isn’t news to anyone. Fortunately, there is a free cashback app that can extend the life of your Christmas shopping budget.

In a sense, you can get paid to shop by using this free app. Do you still have Christmas shopping to do? Why not earn some extra cashback for doing something you already do, shopping online?

Because even if you are frugal and try to make as many gifts as you can, there will still be Christmas expenses that are unavoidable. Especially if you have young children or a big extended family.

So today I am going to share some money-saving tips you can use around the Holidays to save money on Christmas this year.

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Cashback App – 8 Ways To Earn Money Christmas Shopping Online

How do you earn cashback by shopping for Christmas presents? Easy! By earning cashback on the purchases you are making online already, using the cashback app Ebates!

I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your Ebates experience. And as it says on the Ebates site, get a “Big Fat Check”

Here are 8 clever tips to get the max amount of cashback when shopping online with Ebates.

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Get Paid To Shop! Earn Cash Back While Doing Your Christmas Shopping With Cashback App Ebates

Ebates is an awesome, free cashback app that literally pays you to shop.

I know that sounds too good to be true, but it’s completely legit and straight forward how Ebates works. Which I explain below.

But basically, you get cashback for something you are already doing, shopping online.

All of your favorite big-name stores are on Ebates. Don’t believe me? Have a look at all the stores you can earn cashback from here.

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Update: Ebates has changed it’s name to Rakuten, but we will still refer to it as Ebates in this article.

How The Cashback App Ebates works:

When you make a purchase at any of the stores on Ebates, the store pays Ebates commission for referring the sale.

Just like how a blogger earns a commission for sales they refer from their blog as an affiliate.

Ebates is the same. Except they then pass that commission on to you, the shopper by way of cashback.

How To Get More Cashback Shopping With Ebates

Considering it is currently mid-November, I wanted to highlight ways to not only save but to make a few extra bucks when doing all of your holiday shopping.

If you have looked on Pinterest at all lately for how to make extra money online, you have probably see pins for things like taking surveys.

Surveys are an introductory way to start making money online from the comfort of your own home.

Honestly, taking surveys won’t make you much money. But you can earn a few hundred extra dollars per month with this survey site.

However, doing surveys costs you more than its worth most of the time, because they take up your time. Time that could be better spent elsewhere. (Like on growing your blog and business to 6 figures!)

But I know not everyone has the desire to grow a blog into a business!

So, simply getting cash back on the online shopping you do already is a much easier, faster, passive way to make money online.

What’s more, you will be excited to learn that Amazon is on the Ebates list of places to shop. You can earn up to 5+% cashback!

Say what?!?! You heard me right.

If you don’t already shop on Amazon for gifts, you should probably start.

My friend proclaimed at dinner that thanks to Amazon, she wouldn’t have to leave the house to do any of her Christmas shopping this year!

I promptly gave her a high-five and made sure she remembered to use her Ebates cashback app while doing so.

Also, if you aren’t already a raving Amazon fan, this certainly will make you one.

You can get your first 30 days of Amazon Prime for FREE and get your gift items shipped in 2 days, for free too. I’ll give you a second to absorb all of that awesomeness.

$10 Ebates Welcome Bonus

If you haven’t used the Ebates cashback app yet, stop right now and sign up for it!

Plus you get a $10 bonus when you sign up and spend $25 or more (which is super easy when you are using it in conjunction with your Christmas shopping).

There are tons of stores that you can stop from and get cash back using Ebates.

Here a just a few of the 2000+ stores to choose from:

  • Ebay (up to 2%)
  • Amazon (up to 6%)
  • Kohl’s (up to 3%)
  • Target (up to 1%)
  • Barnes & Noble (up to 2%)
  • iTunes (up to 3.5%)
  • Walmart (up to 1%)
  • See the full list here

Ebates is totally free to use. You just shop online as usual and you can make literally hundreds of dollars back!

Obviously dependent on how much you spend, of course.

Just make sure you access the store you are shopping at through your Ebates cashback app or the Ebates website.

And in case you’re thinking, ok, this has got to be too good to be true…what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one.

Ebates is a legit company. They have been featured by prominent sites such as CNN, The New York Times, and Good Housekeeping.

Their business model is simple. All websites earn affiliate commissions by linking to stores. They just give a part of their commission back to the shopper.

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Sign Up To Ebates And Start Earning Cash

Ok, so this is the obvious part. Sign up and get your $10 bonus when you spen $25 via the link below.

After you sign up and do your usual shopping online, you will get a “Big Fat Check” every quarter (every 3 months) either sent right to your door or to your PayPal account. It’s up to you.

Alright, now how do you get the most money out of your Ebates shopping experience?

Ebates Cashback Tip #1 Install the Google Chrome Extention

If you use Google Chrome, install the extension button. This just makes life a whole lot easier.

After you sign up you will get an email that will prompt you to install “the button.”

Rather than logging into your Ebates account and shopping from there, you can just go to the websites you shop on as usual.

That is, as long as the site is an Ebates partner. A little box will pop up in the right-hand corner asking you if you want to use the Ebates coupon on the site.

ebates earn cashback christmas shopping

Another awesome feature is that before you even visit a shopping site you can see how much cashback you will earn.

For example, just Google a store and right in the Google search results it will tell you how much you can expect to earn.

So instead of sifting through an entire list of stores to see if the one you want to shop at qualifies, take a shortcut.

Install “the button,” then simply enter the store name into Google or in your search bar to find out how much cashback you can get.

walmart ebates earn cashback christmas shopping

Now you don’t have to worry about ever missing an opportunity to earn cashback!

Ebates Cashback Tip #2: Refer your friends, family, and everyone you know to get an extra $25

When you catch a great deal, you want to share it with your friends right?

Well, when you share your Ebates referral link with your friends, family, blog readers and social followers you will get a $25 bonus. Plus, your friend will get $10!

This is also super easy and you can do it without feeling icky about it. I know when I find a great deal my BFF is the first one I text and let her know!

So it’s a win-win!

Even if you are not a blogger or social media influencer of any kind, you can share all the Ebates awesomeness with anyone and earn cashback.

save money christmas shopping online get cashback shopping on ebates

Ebates Cashback Tip #3: Get The Ebates Cash Back Credit Card

Ok, so if you read my post on fixing your credit, taking out more credit cards isn’t something I suggest,  unless you need to build your credit and can be responsible with the card.

HOWEVER, if it is going to make you some extra cash in the long run and you know what you are doing, then go for it!

I love it when I can stack coupons and rack up my savings.

Do you know what is even better? When you can stack up the cashback you are earning and make even more back!

One of the reasons I like store credit cards is because you can get some awesome deals. (Like when Kohl’s sends their 30% off coupons to their VIP members!)

However, I always pay them off at the end of the month and try not to carry over a balance.

You get an additional 3% back when you shop online through Ebates partner sites in addition to what you are already getting back just for shopping through Ebates.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me/

You can check out more information on the card here.

Ebates Cashback Tip #4: Download the Ebates Cashback App to Your Smartphone

We aren’t always in front of a computer to do our shopping.

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of something that I needed and jumped on my phone, either through an app or website, to purchase something I forgot about, or would forget about if I didn’t get it right then and there.

The Ebates cashback app links directly to all your favorite stores so you are able to shop as usual and still earn cashback. Even better, link your Ebates credit card to the app and earn that additional 3% back.

Ebates Cashback Tip #5: Create a Favorites List

If you already have the chrome extension, this may not be necessary as the Ebates information will pop up when you go to that store’s site.

If you’re not on chrome, however, you can add the stores that you shop at most frequently to your favorites list. These will all show up on your account as well as in the app.

save money online christmas shopping cashback deals Ebates-favorite-stores

Ebates Cashback Tip #6: Don’t Forget About Travel!

Did you know you can use Ebates to earn cashback on travel arrangments and vacations also?

So the next time you are looking to travel anywhere, make sure you check Ebates before booking a hotel, flight or rental car!

If you look on the Ebates site under “travel and vacations” you will see all the most popular travel sites.

You can book airfare, car rentals, cruises, events and activities, hotels, spas, and vacation packages.

save money cashback ebates travel deals
  • Orbitz (up to 7%)
  • Expedia (up to 10%)
  • Priceline (up to 7%)
  • City Sights (up to 7.5%)

Ebates Cashback Tip #7: Use In-Store Cash Back

Unfortunately, not all 2000+ retailers offer the in-store cashback.

I would make my life a whole lot sweeter if Target did (hint, hint Ebates).

However, there are a few that can make the in-store shopping worthwhile.

For example, PetCo. You can earn 4% cashback when shopping in-store. All you have to do is link a credit or debit card to your Ebates account.

how to get cashback ebates save money christmas shopping

Ebates Cashback Tip #8: Stack Coupon Codes

Another amazing thing about Ebates is that they allow you to stack coupon codes when you are shopping through an Ebates partner.

So you can save and make money at the same time!

It’s a no-brainer right?!

They even provide various coupon codes and info on deals so you can maximize your savings while earning cash back! Pretty cool! Just check under the “hot deals” tab to see the latest coupons for Ebates partners.

Just make sure you are applying the coupon codes at checkout because it doesn’t do it automatically.

How To Earn Cash Back Doing Christmas Shopping With Ebates – Conclusion

I hope you found these 8 ways to maximize your earning on Ebates helpful. You can use these tips to save money doing your Christmas shopping online, or any time of the year.

Not only will you earn a ton of cashback by shopping online via Ebates, but you will save money and time as well.

So to review, here’s how to save money Christmas shopping, by using Ebates:

  1. Sign up for Ebates
  2. Install the cash back button on your browser
  3. Refer your friends and earn even more. You’ll get $25 per qualified referral.
  4. Get the Ebates credit card and get an additional 3% back.
  5. Download the app so you will never miss a cash back opportunity
  6. Create a favorites list
  7. Use Ebates when booking travel plans
  8. Use the in-store cash back when available
  9. Stack coupons for even more savings

I hope this cashback app review post inspires you to start using Ebates today to make a few extra bucks online for doing something you already do.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to shop around the Holidays, or any time of year for that matter?

Make sure you share the love, savings, and extra earnings with your all your friends, and pin this for them to see!

8 Ways To Earn Cash Back Doing Christmas Shopping

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