High Income Skills You Can Teach Yourself

33 High Income Skills You Can Teach Yourself (Without College)

Earning a high income is one way to prepare for retirement and financially be on the right track. Although a degree is still essential in some cases, there are plenty of skills you can teach yourself, even if college isn’t an option.

Higher education can be time-consuming and quite costly, but there are plenty of ways to learn new things in your spare time and without spending too much.

Check out these 33 high-income skills to boost your resume and help you succeed.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist

Learn SEO to optimize websites for search engines to find. Many people look for this highly sought-after skill when hiring writers.

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You may also be brought on to work for a company specifically for SEO purposes. It is beneficial because it helps you get websites and blogs viewed by readers and increase traffic.

You can learn this skill in many ways, and a few courses should give you a good understanding of it. You can offer this service to others or use it to start your own money-making blog.

2. Coding

Coding is the basis for apps, websites, and computer software. It is a fantastic skill that many people don’t have, but it is constantly needed.

Learning to code may boost your income and give you many more job opportunities and chances to create. There are many courses available for coding.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting allows you to sell a product through writing. Many companies and website owners need this to get people to buy what they sell.

You can make good money copywriting, and it’s a good idea to know how to do this for any technology or online-based job.

4. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is getting the word out about a product or service using digital means, including SEO, videos, email, and more.

Social media is a massive part of this in many cases. So advertising basically, just online as opposed to old-school tactics.

5. Video Editing

Video editing is precisely what it sounds like. You get the chance to take a video that isn’t polished and turn it into something great for the audience.

Since this isn’t something everyone can do, it’s an excellent skill to develop, especially if you are very creative. 

6. Online Course Creation

When you create a course, you put together a lot of information in one accessible format for people to learn from. You may create your own system or help other people make theirs.

You can then market the product and get other people to buy it. If you make your own course, this can make you a good amount of money long-term as passive income

7. Graphic Design

Graphic designers create graphics for many different things. There are tons of options to use your graphic design skills, from websites to printable cards.

If you enjoy art, are creative, and are good at putting together various colors and styles, graphic design could be for you. This skill is also good because it’s so versatile. 

When building up your client base, diversifying is great. You can list your skills on Fiverr and even locally on the NextDoor app to target local small businesses.

8. Sales 

The skill of sales is highly underrated. It’s in every business and company. People may sell virtual or tangible products, but it’s still a sale.

The better your selling skills, the more money you can make, period. You may earn a commission, salary, or both when working in sales.

Knowing how to sell is almost guaranteed to advance your career and help you make more money. 

9. Professional Flipper 

You’ve probably heard of house flippers and furniture flippers before. But what about website flipper?

A flipper takes something that needs work, be it a house, a piece of furniture, or a website, improves it, and then resells it for more.

Websites can sell for up to 40x what it earns per month! So if your website earns $1,000/month you could potentially sell it for $40,000!

However, different factors determine selling prices. Find out how much your website could sell for here.

It’s a fun skill for people who like to work online with freedom, and enjoy being creative. Learn to be a professional flipper and enjoy a side income or make a career out of it.

10. Software Developer 

A software developer creates computer software. You will get the chance to develop computer programs.

This can be done in a freelance capacity, or you may work for a company. There are courses online to help you learn about software development.

It can be an excellent skill for anyone who enjoys working with computers. 

11. Affiliate Marketing

Making money through affiliate marketing is done through links. People click on links for products, and you can then earn a commission.

It can be a great way to make money if you have enough traffic and many people click on links and buy things. If you own a website or blog, this is the perfect secondary skill to help you make a good income. 

12. Content Creation

A content creator writes or creates content about many topics with the intent to reach the right audience. Content creators may write for websites or blogs, make videos, or social media posts.

They give information and draw the interest of those they are trying to reach. Content creation is a broad term, but it is beneficial for many jobs.

13. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is messages through emails about products or services or to give updates from a person or company.

Email marketers manage email lists to help advertise and develop relationships with clients, either potential or current ones. It can help businesses make a lot of money online and is a great skill. 

14. Web Design 

The process of designing websites is called web design. You might use platforms like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress, and some designers have a specialty in one of these.

Many people do not want to design their own website, so knowing how to do this can be very lucrative. This skill focuses more on aesthetics and how the website looks.

It may be helpful to pair it with graphic design. To try it out, you can offer your skills on Fiverr.

15. Web Developer

A web developer is a bit different than a designer because they design websites using coding.

This is an excellent skill and well worth the time and effort to learn it. It focuses on the creation of the website, not on aesthetics.

16. Podcasting 

Podcasting is a relatively recent skill that is fun and suitable for people who love to give information and are good speakers.

You can create a podcast with a topic and a target audience and then find things to discuss for each podcast or people to interview. The process also involves editing and then marketing your podcast.

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17. UX (User Experience) Design

This skill helps to make digital product interfaces as user-friendly as possible. It is a great way to ensure that any products are easy for people to use without any trouble.

It helps you gain feedback from customers in a practical way. If you enjoy helping people and are good with technology, this might be a great thing to learn. 

18. Video Production 

Video production is accomplished through producing and editing videos. It is a great skill for creatives who enjoy making excellent content for an audience.

Video production can be learned and applied in many ways including self-teaching. If there’s a certain aspect of video production you need help learning, there’s likely a free video or resource available online to teach you.

19. Data Analytics 

A lot of people need help understanding data analytics. This is when you analyze data for websites.

It gives businesses and website owners an idea of their audience’s perspective and who they reach with their product or services. 

20. Project Management And Organization 

This job is great for people who are detailed and good at juggling a lot of schedules at once. If that’s you, you might be a great project manager.

You will manage and organize projects for many different fields, depending on your preference and your interests. 

21. Life Coaching

Everyone needs a cheerleader or a guide sometimes to help them navigate their way through the world. Life coaches encourage people to reach their life goals and accomplish more than they would on their own.

Life coaching can be done online, over the phone, or in person, and it’s best for those who are good with people and enjoy communicating and teaching. 

22. Business Coaching 

Business coaching is excellent for people who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder or otherwise succeeded in business. You can give business advice and encouragement to help entrepreneurs or those trying to become more successful in their careers.

You may communicate with clients via phone, video calls, email, or all three. It’s mostly about passing along your knowledge and experience to someone and helping them to achieve what they are working towards professionally.

23. Health Coaching 

Health coaching is a great profession or extra skill for people who want to help others live healthy lifestyles or manage stress.

You can coach and encourage people and give them ideas for living in the healthiest way possible. This might be a great side gig if you work in healthcare already and have credentials.

24. Nutrition Coaching 

Nutrition coaches advise their clients about how to eat a certain way, stick to a diet, and eat healthier. This is a great skill for chefs or healthcare professionals interested in nutrition.

Help people feel their best and stay focused on their goals. Make sure you check what your state’s requirements are since some restrict nutrition coaching to those with certain credentials.

25. App Creator 

An app creator makes their own app and sells it, or you might manage apps for other people.

It’s an important skill because apps are only becoming more essential in our world today, and you can really make a difference by creating something great that will help people in some way.

If you have an idea for an app, you may have luck finding a company that will pay you for your idea.

26. Programming 

Computer programming is writing computer programs. It can be learned through courses as opposed to college classes. Even at an entry-level job, you can make good money from this, so many people may find this skill a worthwhile investment of time.

27. Photographer 

Photography is a great skill that anyone can develop if they have a good camera and some knowledge. Fortunately, there are many courses available on photography.

Photography has a variety of niches, from real estate photography to weddings, and you can choose to specialize or generalize, depending on preference. In addition, it’s a fun way to make some money on the side once you become good at it. 

28. Real Estate 

Becoming a real estate agent does take time, and you need to get a license. But it can be a fun and lucrative skill once you master it.

You can make good money, meet interesting people, and have the chance to work as part of a team or on your own. Consider learning this skill if you are interested in home buying and property and are good at spotting a deal. 

29. Cyber Security

Cyber security is a great skill that many companies will pay for. Cyber security means keeping websites safe from hackers and protecting data.

Developing this skill may take some time, but you can help protect people’s websites, and it’s suitable for those interested in technology.

30. Translation

Are you bilingual, or do you know even more languages? If so, you can become a translator.

Being fluent in multiple languages can open the door for many job opportunities. If you enjoy communicating with people and know more than one language well, develop this skill further.

It is also possible to teach yourself languages, become fluent, and become a translator. Once you know a language well enough, you can work as a translator in medicine, at meetings, and more.

31. Blockchain 

Blockchain developers make it possible to have secure digital transactions. They build systems to log data and record it while making hacking and changes impossible.

This may not be a skill many people have, so it is worth learning. It has a lot of future uses as the technology grows.

32. Animation 

If you enjoy being creative and want to learn a versatile skill, this is it. Animators create animations to sell products.

The salary is typically very good, and you get the chance to be artistic and spend your day in an imaginative way.

33. Public Speaking 

Public speaking causes anxiety and dread for many people, but some are good at it and actually enjoy it. If this is you, consider becoming even better at this skill.

You can then make money from it by speaking for videos, presentations, and advertisements. Explaining things well and entertaining an audience through speaking is a great thing to learn.

How Can I Get High-Income Skills?

Sure, learning new things is great, especially if it comes with a higher paycheck. But where do you go to learn if it isn’t at college?

You can take courses online or classes from people who are experts in their field. You may also be able to teach yourself some skills. Check out these suggestions to begin.

1. Udemy 

Udemy is an excellent platform for learning many things. From personal development to business and coding, take advantage of the courses taught on this website.

It has a user-friendly approach and gives you access to classes for much less than a college course. 

2. Google

If you need to learn about basically any subject, you can find answers on Google. This is a great place to start if you want to know more about something, as you can find a lot of information and research from this. 

3. Youtube

YouTube creators are brilliant, and many are willing to share their knowledge. You can search the most popular videos and find helpful information about topics that are important to you.

Whether it’s fashion, graphic design, writing, or entrepreneurship, YouTube will likely have some videos on the subject. 

4. Skillshare

Skillsharskillshare is similar to Udemy but offers more classes related to creativity, such as writing and art. Check out what’s available and see what you can learn.

You can get a membership or even begin without paying anything. 

5. Books

It may be old-school, but there really is no substitute for book learning. Find books about anything and read when you have time.

You’ll likely get a very in-depth and detailed approach to whatever subject you choose with books. And there is a lot of free information, from e-books to libraries.

6. Hubspot

Hubspot offers courses, certificates, and more. Most of them are related to technology and business, and it’s a great resource.

Check it out and determine what is offered and whether it will help you. 

You Can Learn High Income Skills Without Going to College

All 33 of these skills can be learned without getting a degree, and many of them pay very well! With college prices rising and many people needing to begin working full-time right after high school, college isn’t always an immediately available option.

But with so many resources available, you don’t need to give up on higher education. If you feel stuck in your current job or want to earn more but don’t have a degree on your resume, this is excellent news.

Learning new skills and then utilizing them will get you far. Plus, when learning something new, you acquire other skills, like self-discipline and time management. 

In today’s job market, it’s best to be as versatile as possible and have a few different skill sets. It may make sense for them to relate to each other (such as graphic design and building websites), or they could be completely different.

Either way, the more you know, the easier it is to get a great job, and it may also afford you freelancing opportunities you would not otherwise have. I hope you found this list of high-income skills helpful so you can teach yourself and learn something new.

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